Top 10 Disney Fails & FUNNY Star Wars Jedi Training Academy Moments

Top 10 Disney Fails & FUNNY Star Wars Jedi Training Academy Moments

Welcome to the Disney Beat where we countdown all things disney today We’re counting down the top ten best moments online from the Jedi Training academy at the Disneyland Park in California and Walt Disney World Hollywood studios in Florida Number 10 the girl that turns to the dark side. If you will not pay for the dark side, right? Yes, she will. Activate… What’s happening Ohh it’s funny, isn’t it? Oohhohow it’s funny. Owh really? The difficulty anywhere over here. Number nine the excitement gets real with this little one Number eight this big kid busts to move at the academy holiday party wrong I knew love was a cabarrus dad here. I’m [only] on that ferry hold our activation our [shoulders] leg number Seven Darth Vader’s Lightsaber fail me and Number six when the dark side doesn’t go your way Knowing me this is the only way the only way to the dark side vader, and I’ll activate Okay Kipp academies, not europe you have two choices You can stay in fights or anything on the back of the line choose wisely it’s up here. Oh, why are you so angry? You’re at the happiest place on Earth [go] that’s my line, and think about it number five getting that right force push Your hand. [I] want to get them a fourth floor. Yeah Number four Darth Vader’s Lightsaber fail again, oh you monster want to say anything to natural? Number three Darth Vader Gets owned by [this] little one you are the legs number two Darth vader takes a saber to the head I don’t think so didn’t what up Eddie actually want to sit back a little bit? And the number one chop moment the Force is very [strong] with this one Well there you [have] it Those are the top [ten] moments from a Jedi training academy [if] you have a video or fail You like to share with us follow the link in the description below Thanks so much for watching Click the TPM icon on the screen to subscribe to this channel and check out some of [these] other videos which we’re sure you’ll like

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Disney Fails & FUNNY Star Wars Jedi Training Academy Moments

  1. TPMvids says:

    NEW VIDEO!– Top 10 Star Wars Jedi Training Disney Fails Part 2: May the force be with you to check it out!

  2. cichysamuraj . com says:

    The number 1 is it a combo!

  3. Super entertainment says:

    I did this

  4. Super entertainment says:

    1:58 my friend (dr who coolguy) did it

  5. philip smith says:

    99% comments: arrrgh that jerk from 2:00

    Me: dude the last number one when a Jedis on crack

  6. ArTKALI [FLOCK] says:

    Why does Vader seem like the good guy here because he’s loving this and the “Jedi masters” are just like stop kid that’s wrong

  7. eeeshkoy says:

    I remember when I did this, My lightsaber couldn’t come out

  8. Ma. Margarette Balbin says:

    1:33 that lightsaber became a light whip

  9. Rocco Playz says:

    5 and 1 were in California I know becuse I been there

  10. What The F- says:

    Number one is so precious 😀

  11. Brandon H says:

    Obi wan telling anakin to go back to the light side 2:00

  12. REAPER2705 says:

    2:56 imagine if that was a real lightsaber

  13. BLH says:

    I did this and said this to darth Vader “screw you loser I have the high ground”.

  14. Berkay Kurt says:


  15. Jesse Waddle says:

    I don't blame him for wanting to be with Darth Vader

  16. FAILSAFE says:

    Just in case this happens they should have extra red lightsabers incase they decide to join vader and they can duel the jedi instead think about it Disney

  17. Laval 101 says:

    0:27 Vader: …………..

  18. Vinny Latoria says:

    This is wholesome on so many levels.

  19. Josh Dionne says:

    1:38 Darth Vader: Obi-Wan, may I?
    Obi-Wan: Sure thing, here ya go.

  20. Quartz Cabbit says:

    At 2:05 that guy needs to learn how to talk to children you could hear the aggressiveness in his voice

  21. the Australian idot says:

    call him a Burent apricot

  22. Kean Nino says:

    1:00 he doesnt look like a big kid to me. He looks like an Adult

  23. J S says:

    I thought Disney have a lot of cash?! This looks so cheap

  24. muerte g. says:


  25. CARIBBIAN says:

    Everyone here talking about the 2:00 one which is yeah a jerk, but that last one hahaha ooh man darth vader looked pissed

  26. Sparton Leonidas says:

    The fact the dudes got upset with the kids for "joining the dark side" is just sad.

  27. Bill Cable says:

    They were amazing lol

  28. sOdyody 69 says:

    Why are every Jedi Master so Toxic?

  29. Irgendjemand von Youtube says:

    The Vaders at 3, 2 and 1: Looks like they are angry and dont like their jobs.

  30. Cod mobile Grinder says:

    Disney has self defense classes now that lead to punishments??

  31. Sikgimuko [sênsei] S Costa says:

    number one the best Darth Vader he went into play

  32. Meme Central says:

    I’ve pledged to kilo ren when I did this in Florida lmao

  33. UltRraRageous says:

    I did that academy 8 years ago. It was awesome! But being 7 at the time I didn't think much about combat and stances and stuff. So I just stood there with the toy saber swinging it at Darth Maul who looks ready for war.

  34. Edgar Sandoval says:

    I like how the workers are trying to act for the kids

  35. AniMara says:

    The truth: It not was a lightsaber fail… it was a new unoficial invention from Vader…

  36. Camyboy 10833 Ide says:

    1:35 I find this lack of a working lightsaber disturbing

  37. Zach Brewer says:

    2:56 well Vader got someone XD

  38. Funnybunnys P. says:

    Vader really looks like he is getting pissed off?

  39. Nate the snake says:

    The darth vader lightsaber fail reminds me of the family guy star wars episode

  40. Roderick Labuen says:

    2:00 imagine genuinely liking the sith/ dark side and getting rejected of that role 🙁

  41. Yeezy Slayz says:

    Number 6th has no balls

  42. God says:

    Bro…..That’s Kinda Cringe

  43. วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์ says:

    Anakin Flash Back that was I did in The Temple with Childrens (Disney Just Forgot about it)

  44. FEDEL89 says:

    If they only knew the power of the dark side

  45. Rÿžę ツ says:

    2:00 Why is he so mean to that kid he is probably only 4 if he wants to be on an opposing side let him

  46. Galaxy master says:

    When I was little they did the same thing to me bow down and they did not allow me I was such a little kid I was so small But that Jedi master was mean but I am going to get revenge one day

  47. Alex Rotger says:

    1 was like you are not my father!

  48. Nicholas Bourgeois says:

    Why does that instructor get so angry at 2:00

  49. Cnerf55 says:

    In the beginning i think vader is hinting to the jedi master to role with it

  50. twisted_ewok135 #turkeyfam says:

    Did any notice the daurth maul at number 5?

  51. Hail Satan says:

    The "back of the line guy" was a real prick. Seems like he should've been Darth Vader.

  52. Briell The hedgehog says:

    Es la canción del fedevergas

  53. Pravda Vítězí says:

    Vader: Join me! It is the only way!

    Youngling: I will be your apprentice!

    Jedi Master: You’re supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them! ?

  54. Charlie Nash says:

    Everyone’s talking about 2:00 but I’m here think about 3:15 how Darth Vader looks so annoyed I mean the kid has to be like 5-6

  55. Mr post man 87 says:

    2:00 you mad bro

  56. MilitaryBronyforlife says:

    #7 at 1:33, what a real plasma light saber looks like irl.


    Omg that guy at the 2:00 hell noooo me: Disney guess what a Jedi guy pass to the darkside????

  58. Necrometalfist says:

    Oh, haha it's so funny I paid a bunch of money so my kid could ignore what they're told.

  59. Hedgy Spiker says:

    "Who sabotaged my saber??"

  60. DE MAN HEMZELF says:

    2:25 really like that stormtrooper getting pushed he just keeps going haha

  61. Juandalato says:

    2:00 sounds like my math teacher on her period

  62. George Wan says:

    2:00 no one stood up for the kid

  63. Tadeo Pratolongo says:

    1:20 the stormtrooper was just like "what have i just witnessed"

  64. Tadeo Pratolongo says:

    3:12 hades like "damn it billy i said stop it!!!"

  65. My name isn’t Dave But call me Dave says:

    2:00 they need to learn to improvise in case kids to stuff like that like they could have had the kid fight the Jedi master instead

  66. Landon Thomas says:

    Gosh number 4

  67. Ghost Samuray says:

    Bro the last one is really fan or what

  68. Sebastian M says:

    What If you fight the instructor

  69. WW2 type of guy says:

    2:00 jeez he needs a chill pill

  70. AnbuProwess says:

    It’s either you find a new job or just end up homeless. Your choice.

  71. Mr Jotaro Kujo says:

    The kid at number 7 used the force to break his lightsaber.

  72. Music Laboratory says:

    That one guy was Perdy mean you could kinda tell this happens a lot with kids not going with the script but then if it's such a popular choice they should set up for that to have a playable route for the performers to play along with

  73. MattsLegoChannel says:

    One of those saber lose hit one of the people waking and I hard omg ow ow ow

  74. chucklehead says:

    I remember doing this, and a kid jumped off the stage because he was scared of Darth Vader.

  75. Gamersboss says:

    If I got the chance to say last words to Darth Vader I would say “It’s over Anakin, I have the high ground.”

  76. Waffle Lord says:

    1:58 and that's how the kid grew up to be a sith lord

  77. Anders Martin says:

    They need to make a storm trooper academy

  78. Davythegamer says:

    To be honest when i would be acting if a kid punched me i wouldent mind and if he used the force on me ama just jump on my back

  79. Tanner Maynard says:

    Bro some of these workers assholes?

  80. Slenderman Jr says:

    2:00 guy needs get kicked in balls by a kid ?

  81. にっくねーむの人 says:


  82. LeeFamilyGaming12 24 says:

    Vader,” Why am I doing this for a living??”

  83. Chris Romelus says:

    2:00 “OK BOOMER”

  84. Angel Valdez says:

    Oh never mind make a with academy come on it’s Star Wars people have fun just cause Disney is around doesn’t mean you can’t have fun

  85. Tower Defence Gameplay says:


  86. yea ok says:

    one time when i was six i got to fight darth maul, pretty nice dude

  87. Jordan Mc says:

    When the actors get a little to method and think they are real jedi instructors… smh

  88. Gabriel Moreno says:

    3:40 "you had some sugar" XD poor vader people treating him like a piñata

  89. sufo says:

    2:00 that guy must hate kids ?

  90. SkankHunt42 says:

    If those kids saw the movie where darth vader cuts up kids then they would be shitting their pants

  91. DogeGoesBork69 420 says:

    I remember when I was a kid, I got called up, I fought darth maul and I ran right up to him and tried beat him down and the instructor stopped me.

  92. the mask says:

    1:30 la spada di dart parte verso l'infinito ed oltre

  93. sick cows says:

    Not to be THAT guy but darth vader uses a one-handled light style

  94. Legionista Kałacha says:

    2:24 are we just gonna skip darth maul faild attempt to scare kids in backgroud?

  95. Durr Burger Gaming says:

    2:59 Guy: FINISH HIM!
    Kid: pokes Vader
    Darth Vader: I'm Out.

  96. Tunersmith says:

    I would think Disney land would be the most magical place on earth and seeing the ads and stuff i would think that but after this like really the guy on 2:00 should of been more nicer or at least let the kid have fun and use a red light saber fighting the jedi masters or something

  97. roxtarr73 says:


  98. Hector Preston says:

    Why are Disney imployes so pissy and mean are they that upset at their job like it's called quit and find something else

  99. crazy oops24 says:

    I hope That jerk instructor got order 66

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