Top 10 Comic Book Anti-Heroes

Top 10 Comic Book Anti-Heroes

sometimes comic-book heroes aren’t so black and white where’s my faith welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten comic book anti heroes of all time for this list we’ve looked at Tomica characters whose deeds are meant to do right in the world but their motives or past may be suspect what are you some kind of psycho I’m just protecting myself we’re also considering characters that are in it for themselves but ultimately find themselves battling against villains more often than not just doing my job number 10 Judge Dredd in a dystopian future where crime has gotten out of hand the position of law enforcer has been given to specific men who are simultaneously judge jury and executioner save me a lot of paperwork if you just confess right now the most famous and deadly of them all Dredd is incredibly effective at killing and takes great pleasure in his work though you’d never see it from his face Dredd may appear more super villain than antihero at times but then we remember how effective a deterrent he is and how great he is at destroying those foolish enough to cross the law law number 9v however this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of listener one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter V exists in a London that is under the thumb of a corrupt government and he’s had enough remember remember the 5th of November as such he tried to launch a revolution for the hearts and thoughts of the general public once held in what can only be described as a concentration camp he bides his time before healing those who held him blowing up landmarks and goading the public into overthrowing the government you really think the blowing up Parliament’s going to make this country a better place there’s no certainty only opportunity while the fights for what he believes is the common good his methods are highly questionable number eight the red foot the red hood when red hood debuted in the under the hood comic book storyline his identity was shrouded in mystery he’s calling himself the red hood that is until it was ultimately revealed that the man beneath the mask was Jason Todd who’d at one time been robbing taking control of Gotham City’s gangs he strives to destroy the drug trade and violence of the land but resorts to criminal acts in order to do so that’s pretty cryptic but interesting tell me more he commits murder again and again against those he deems worthy of it justifying his actions with a calling card on which is written let the punishment fit the crime it’s him or me you have to decide decide now doing hem on me design number seven John Constantine an occult figure who fights against the forces of Lucifer if you find yourself in John’s protection then some things have gone seriously wrong in your life and he’s truly the only thing standing between you and hell I just pulled a soldier demon a little girl look like he was trying to come through fraught with cancer and destined for the underworld upon his death Constantine sold his soul to stay on earth and was born with this curse he has since spent his newly acquired years saving the tormented in hopes of permanently freeing his soul from eternal damnation welcome to my life number six venom the Eddie Brock version of this character often referred to himself as wheat because he considered himself a combination of the alien symbiote and a man getting his life as a villain denim was consumed with hatred for spider-man and Peter Parker before they began to desire something different in life little hatreds not going to help you have so much potential and together we’re going to get you through this calling themselves a lethal protector venom does not fight crime in a traditional sense but would not allow bad things to happen to people in his area either you’ve got your power back are you still going to fight injustice venom is never gonna set out to be just the good guy but as his character has evolved he’s no longer as bad as he started out oh my spider-sense is tingling if you know what I’m talking about number five another character originally created as a straight-up villain Catwoman is a thief who has a moral code all of her own and if you cross it you’ll probably pay the price yeah at times smitten with Batman and others not so much which is understandable considering he’s the man who has thwarted her criminal schemes over and over again Catwoman’s MO is not to go out into the night to fight crime like Bruce rather she’ll save lives when she can along the way but that’s it no guns number four Rorschach the Sun I’m an abusive mother who was also a prostitute Walter Kovacs is throwing disgust towards the criminal element it seems natural but it was after tangling with a man who killed a little girl that he was truly stripped of any empathy and became a ruthless vigilante spending the rest of his life fighting criminals never considering that he had become one himself Rorschach soon became the scourge of the criminal underworld why does one death matter against so many because there is good and evil and evil must be punished so when he himself was sent to prison he seemed to be at great risk instead he continued to destroy criminals while behind bars in short everyone should fear him as he’s always watching and he’s very uncompromising politicians will look up and shout save us Oh whisper no number three spawn Alan Simmons is dead let him go I am Simmons old man when a government operative makes the mistake of questioning his superiors they send his friend and partner to kill him in the Risley fashion once dead Al Simmons finds himself in hell because of the innocence he killed before his death he makes a deal to rejoin the living in order to see his wife and comes back in the form of spawn I still look at what what had in the past the only way you can defeat she’s dealing here once back on earth he turns his attention to the wicket and he brutally kills those he thinks deserved to be killed as well as anyone else who crosses him you don’t want to do that number two Deadpool call me Deadpool it rise with no school never has a nickname been more apt for someone than the Merc with the mouth as Deadpool is as likely to kill you as he is to mock you and everything you stand for whatever you say burn it down originally a villain when he began to take part in the Heroes for Hire comic titles Deadpool also began to take jobs to kill and steal for good which subsequently began a change in the characters behavior and goals despite this he still has zero issues killing when needed okay people are dead before we reveal our top pick here are a few honorable mentions my name is Elektra noxious shoot your mouth off now shot why would you think I know that because I know who you aren’t him you’re the guy who escaped and you’re the guy who’s gonna take me back there number one the Punisher call me The Punisher when Frank castles family was killed he was reborn as The Punisher a man consumed by the desire to punish criminals and the corrupt with extreme prejudice using his military training to dispatch anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in his crosshairs The Punisher may be a force for good as he destroys the wicked but he is no choirboy arguably one of the most violent characters to come out of mainstream comics in the heart of this predator there is no sympathy left for anyone no not vengeance punishment do you agree with our list I expected more of you which comic book antihero do you think is the best time for more comic book top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to

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61 thoughts on “Top 10 Comic Book Anti-Heroes

  1. Kamsi Mgbojirikwe says:

    Elektra. I thought she was a villian. Gambit. The dude joins the xmen and makes out with rouge. He has to be good. Right?

  2. Primal Defender says:

    1. Rorschach
    2. V
    3. Crow
    4. Spawn
    5. Wolverine
    6. John Constantine
    7. Punisher
    8. Azrael
    9. Deadshot
    10. Batman

  3. Dreamy memes says:

    Who else is here for JASON TODD!

  4. Dreamy memes says:

    Technically Jason Todd (red hood) isn’t a anti hero. Because if you think about it he doesn’t fuck around beating up random people. He saves the weak and innocent in any way means necessary even killing. [Superman kills and he is still considered a “good guy” so that is my point. Anyone who can prove me wrong will get a shoutout.

  5. MegaMidget Xtreme says:

    I wouldn’t even say Deadpool is an anti-hero, or a bad guy either, he’s just Deadpool

  6. Undead Ban says:

    3.Ghost Rider

  7. Jar Jar Binks says:

    1. The Punisher
    2. Deadpool
    3. Rorschach
    4. John Constantine
    5. Venom
    6. Wolverine
    7. Red Hood
    8. Batman
    9. Captain Cold

  8. Joseph_goat 67 says:

    Where ghost rider man

  9. Matthew Mamaril says:


  10. Brees Goat says:

    Deadpool is so fucking overrated and punisher is much better because he actually cares about saving lives and doesn’t wink at the audience every 5 fucking seconds

  11. Gary Duncan says:

    What about Jackie Estacado? The Darkness?

  12. TK Fire says:

    Raphael should’ve been on here

  13. b_c.21 says:

    Nah red hood should be number 2

  14. wade willson says:

    I like deadpool he is my favorite

  15. Super Sentai Digimon Power Pokemon Rangers says:

    Not Judge Dredd

  16. Super Sentai Digimon Power Pokemon Rangers says:

    Deadpool the worst superhero in all time

  17. Arrow Production says:


  18. Victor Manohar says:


  19. Sound of Madness says:

    Red Hood should have been higher

  20. abominable yeti 56 says:

    soemtimes when i think about the punisher I think of that cartoon where he's complaining about brussel sprouts

  21. Rishabh Patel says:


  22. Lord Libra says:

    where the fuck is deathstroke

  23. the punisher 42803 says:

    Im between deadpool,the punisher, or venom

  24. Leo Lundgren says:

    Loki and deadpool and superman

  25. Alucard Tiverton says:

    Where the fuck is Amanda Waller😂?

  26. Thor says:

    3. Deadpool
    4. Rorschach
    5. Red hood
    6. Venom
    8. spawn
    9. Elektra
    10. Edward Blake

  27. Juan Pablo Sanchez says:

    Rorschach should be number one, and Loki should be somewhere on this list too

  28. Master says:

    How is Punisher higher than Rorschach? Punisher is the least most interesting individual on this list. He's like a character Tom Cruise might play. Deadpool should be #1.

  29. Kailyssia Pym says:

    Red Hood I the best anti-hero.

  30. Afropuff 300 says:

    No Lobo?

  31. Mody Osman says:

    10: Rorschach
    9: Black Cat
    8: Daredevil
    7: Punisher
    6: Ghost Rider
    5: Spider-man 2099 (12th favorite fictional character)
    4: Moon Knight (9th favorite fictional character)
    3: Wolverine (7th favorite fictional character)
    2: Deadpool (3rd favorite fictional character)
    1: Venom (My favorite fictional character from anything ever.)

  32. Mody Osman says:

    Where the hell is Wolverine and Ghost Rider? I mean, sure, you can neglect Ghost Rider I guess, but what about Logan?!

  33. THE KILLER says:

    So many Deadpool fanboys.. so what?

  34. THE KILLER says:

    Corn by the way Deadpool should have been number one and the Punisher he's not an anti-hero he's a vigilante much like Batman except he punishes evil!

  35. Nightmare 98 says:

    In my opinion Ghost Rider is the best Anti hero

  36. Jonathan tyson says:

    Spawn actually says Wakanda!! Not Wanda.

  37. ahwoofe says:

    I don't consider red hood an anti hero even though most people consider that if you kill someone (mainly villains) you're in the wrong even though they are trying to kill you if that's the case police officer are anti heroes

  38. Joseph_goat 67 says:

    Spawn movie sucked

  39. Honza Soudce says:


  40. Waylon Brassfield says:

    Where is ghost Rider

  41. MrCrazyGameGuy says:

    Oh okay… guess we will just forget about Morpheus from the Neil Gaiman Sandman series… You know… the anti-hero god who literally trapped someone in an endless nightmare… but no that's fine…

  42. Bobby Bharti says:


  43. Dr. Richtofen says:

    Yeah, I think ghost rider should have been at least an honorable mention instead of deadshot

  44. Dr. Richtofen says:

    Best anti hero on here. Both Venom and Deadpool.

  45. Eric Meilander says:

    Deadpool was my favorite ☠️

  46. K Saunders says:

    Yeah, I think you got No. 1 and No. 2 mixed up. Otherwise, you really need to update this video. The footage is all too dated, especially given the more comic accurate adaptations of both Constantine and Deadpool that exist now.

  47. Wick Stu says:

    Constantine should be nr 1 dont @ me he is the best character ever

  48. Rafael Arianto says:

    If Constantine's in this list cause he's fighting demons. Then I think Blade also deserves a spot cause he actually kills vampire.

    P.S please don't judge my little knowledge of comics.

  49. Akram Ali says:

    Deadpool is best

  50. The God of Mischief says:

    What about me?? I'm the most typical Antihero of all time.

  51. ShutUpMichael says:

    moon knight? ghost rider? blade?

  52. Kaledrone / says:

    Glad to see that Rorschach made the list.

  53. Wesley Leonard says:

    Where's The Rider?

  54. NiggurCowJewPigKiller says:

    V is the best anti hero of all eternity…

  55. TheFerBoi 1 says:

    1.rorschach hood
    3.V for Vendetta

  56. Bookworm 707 says:

    I knew Deadpool or the Punisher would be No. 1. Marvel is full of badasses!

  57. Danith says:

    How can you ever say V and Dredd aren't heroes. They might not be the pom pom waiving church choir boys from the 40s but they don't stand by and let good people get hurt near them and have to think about it like spawn. Dredd punishes people in a place so overcrowded that the legal system we have now would cause the collapse of society he helps everyone he can, but he is 1 person V helps any innocent he runs into getting attacked and even is trying to stop the regime that makes it possible….Do your research

  58. Scorpion says:

    Dislike for the worst list ever

  59. Giuseppe Napolano says:

    My Top 10 Comic Book Anti-Heroes:
    6)Ghost Rider
    9)Red Hood
    10)Judge Dredd
    HM: Spectre; John Constantine; Catwoman; Gambit

  60. Marcus Santos says:

    Casey Jones should’ve been in here

  61. Rishabh Rockstar says:

    Marvel has the best Antiheroes

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