Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Fired By Disney

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that celebrities were fired. Maybe you’ve been fired from a job. The reason could’ve been valid or just one
big misunderstanding, but either way, the company let you go. But can you imagine being fired from a company
like Disney? Probably not, but the people on our list can. Let’s jump into it with today’s list of 
Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Fired By Disney. 10) Starting off the list at number 10 is
Chloe Grace Moretz. The poor girl was forced out of Disney even
though she had a squeaky clean record. It was for a pretty simple reason; they found
someone better. Well, in their opinion that is. If you remember the 2008 Disney movie Bolt,
you will remember that Miley Cyrus was the voice of the main character named Penny. However, Miley wasn’t originally supposed
to have the role, it was actually given to Chloe first. She did all of her recordings for the entire
movie before Disney decided to replace her last minute. The reasoning was that Miley’s fame was
on the rise at that time and they wanted to use a bigger star. The only good news to this story is that even
though they fired her from her role, they kept some of her voice work to use as Younger
Penny, and still gave her a credit in the movie. But the majority of her hard work was wiped
out which she may still be holding a grudge towards because years later she was attached
to the new live-action Little Mermaid film, but left the project on her own because she
was too busy. Too busy? Or a little bitter? We may never know. 9) At number 9 is Jake Paul. You would know him as one of the most famous,
loudest, and most obnoxious youtubers in the whole world. He’s both loved and hated by many people,
it really just depends if you can handle his personality or not. Outside of his Youtube career he started to
get involved in other projects and one of them led him to starring on the Disney show:
Bizaardvark. The show actually helped him reach some legitimate
fame but some of his behaviour on Youtube led him to getting fired from the show. They simply couldn’t support the incidents
he was getting himself involved in. The thing is, Jake went on to say that leaving
the show was his decision, but I feel like we all know what’s up and what really went
down. However, i’ll let you guys decide the truth. Tell me down in the comments which story you
believe; was he fired? Or did he quit? 8) Up next at number 8 is Mitchel Musso. People fell in love with this Disney star
when he took on the role of Oliver in the Hannah Montana series; he was Miley Cyrus’
hilarious best friend. From there, he continued a successful career
with Disney doing voiceover work in the show Phineas and Ferb, and then went on to star
on another Disney show called Pair of Kings. He had a great reputation in the Disney universe
but things started to go south. He was forced to leave earlier than planned
after he was arrested for a DUI back in 2011. The arrest itself was bad enough but what
made everything worse was that his blood alcohol level was significantly over the limit and
he was only 20 years old at the time. So he wasn’t even old enough to be drinking. Turns out that he spent a few hours in the
drunk tank and was released when he was in a better state. He was fired from the show immediately and
hasn’t worked with them ever since. He hasn’t done much work in general ever
since. Which is a shame, I loved him on Hannah Montana. 7) Sliding into the number 7 spot is Megan
Mullally. Depending on how old you are, you might know
her from a few different TV shows. Younger fans probably know her as Tammy from
the show Parks and Recreation, and older fans know her as Karen Walker from Will & Grace. I am older fans. I only know her from Will & Grace. Most people don’t know that she was actually
attached to a Disney project during her time on that show. She was hired to do voiceover work for a character
in Finding Nemo. It’s been reported that the studio told
her she could use whatever voice she wanted with the character, so that’s what she did. She didn’t want to do that high pitched
annoying squeaky Karen voice, but that’s what they were hoping for. Turns out that she refused to do that voice
and they ended up firing her from the movie. She had already started recording for the
part and every time she would get in the recording booth, she was encouraged to raise her voice
higher. When speaking about it she said: that voice
was used for boozy, sharp-tongued Karen Walker on Will & Grace. So why would Disney want to be associated
with that? She raises a good point. 6) In at number 6 is Jake T Austin; he rose
to fame when he played Selena Gomez’ brother on the Disney series: Wizards of Waverly Place. From there his career continued with Disney
productions and he later starred on an ABC Family show called The Fosters. But he started making some headlines for some
bad behaviour. It all started at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards
when he approached the gifting suite backstage and security didn’t allow him in because
they didn’t recognize him. That’s never a humbling moment for an actor. Jake ended up throwing a big tantrum and he
started screaming, swearing, and throwing things. And yes, he pulled the classic line: don’t
you know who I am? But then he quickly answered his own question
and said, I quote: i’m a presenter. Who the f*** are you? Disney didn’t stand for his little freak
out moment and fired him not long after from his role on The Fosters. He also had legal issues on his record; he
was charged as an underage drinker and was also involved in a four-car hit and run crash. So they had more than 1 reason backing up
their decision to let him go. 5) Half way through the list at number 5 is
Lalaine. If you were a Lizzie McGuire fan you would
know Lalaine for playing her best friend Miranda. She was one of Disney’s biggest stars at
one time, starring alongside Hilary Duff on the wildly popular show. But out of nowhere Lalaine went MIA and we
didn’t see her character in the last few episodes of the series. Not only that, but when the Lizzie McGuire
Movie came out later on, everyone reprised their role except for her. In the movie they said that her character
was on vacation with her family in Mexico. Fans were wondering what actually was going
down behind the scenes and turns out she was let go by Disney. She was having some personal struggles and
was arrested for possession of meth in 2008, so it was serious. She hid her problems for a while until she
started to miss court dates and had a warrant out for her arrest. She was basically forced to plead guilty of
the possession no matter what because of all the times she was skipping out on court. However, we recently found out that there
is going to be a Lizzie McGuire reboot, so we’re going to have to wait and see if Miranda
will show up this time, or if she’s even invited. 4) Next up at number 4 is Steve Whitmire. His name might not sound familiar to you but
his voice would; he was the voice of Kermit the Frog for 27 years. He was known for being the green frog up until
he was fired in 2017 for reasons we weren’t sure of. It was in July that year that news hit the
internet saying Matt Vogel would be replacing him. Steve finally came forward and explained that
Disney actually fired him way back in October but was only making it public now because
they had a replacement. The studio said that he was fired due to,
I quote: unacceptable business conduct that they’d ask him to work on for months. Apparently he didn’t show up to set sometimes
and he sent emails in which he attacked the writers and director. However, Steve tells it differently and says
they had a disagreement on the new scripts they were creating for the new ABC series. One disagreement they had was the script said
Kermit lied to his nephew, Robin, about his breakup with Miss Piggy. Steve was firm on his beliefs that Kermit
wouldn’t lie to him. It just seems like they all weren’t getting
on the same page. About a lot of things. 3)Here we are at number 3 with Ryan Gosling. Remember when he was a Mousekeeper with Britney
Spears and Justin Timberlake all those years ago? Well apparently 12 year old Ryan had a bit
of an attitude problem while starring on the Mickey Mouse Club. His attitude was so bad; it’s the reason
he was fired. During an interview in 2008, he spoke about
it and said that he was considered to be such a bad influence on his other co-stars, that
their mothers actually complained to the studio about it. At that point, he was told by the studio that
he basically wasn’t Disney material because they needed someone mature enough to educate
a young audience about mature topics. I’m sure what they really expected from
a 12 year old- Disney would’ve never hired my 12 year old self. Despite being let go, it’s safe to say his
career didn’t suffer because of it. 2)Taking over spot number 2 is Pewdiepie,
he is the biggest youtube star pretty much of all time. He’s made a life for himself simply by his
Youtube channel, and because he was making so much money on the platform he was signed
Disney for some deals. They had him on their roster to have him involved
in promotions and any other line-ups they had in store. But only one month after signing a deal with
them, they decided to fire him and called off the deal. Why? Because one of his Youtube videos was completely
inappropriate to be under a name like Disney. He posted a video that showed 2 men laughing
together as they held up a sign reading: death to all Jews. The video caused tons of controversy and was
eventually removed. Pewdiepie admitted he had paid the two men
to do it and issued an apology saying that he was simply kidding. But, Disney quickly cut ties with him, joking
or not. 1) Taking the number 1 spot on our list is
Bella Thorne. The actress has been open about her time on
Disney and all the struggles she faced when it came to the pressure of having that Disney
image. She told the story of the time she was ALMOST
fired when she was 12 after she took a picture on a beach in a black bikini that her MOM
had bought her. They said it was too much skin and threatened
to kick her off Shake It Up, the tv series that she starred in. But more recently in 2016 she spoke about
how she left Disney and turns out that they terminated her contract as soon as her show
came to an end. The good news is, she was happy about it. She told Nylon: when I got off the Disney
channel, I stopped listening to people telling me what I needed to be this and that. I literally would talk with a higher voice
in interviews because that was the whole innocent Disney appeal. Needless to say, being let go was just a blessing
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