Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Warlords of New York Animated Short | Ubisoft [NA]

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Warlords of New York Animated Short | Ubisoft [NA]

their best agents. ROBOTIC VOICE: Division
drone activated. KEENER: The first
wave, when things turned ugly, they abandoned us. [CLICKING] [GUNFIRE] [BEEPING] I had to do something. [GUNFIRE] I had to take control. [GUNFIRE] Dammit. [BEEP] KEENER: I know you will help me. [GUNFIRE] You will lend me your
skills and in return I will get you the answers
you seek and deserve. [EXPLOSION] Go, go, go! [GUNFIRE] KEENER: The Division
betrayed you, Theo, just like when they
had your father killed. THEO: The system is
corrupt to its core. If we don’t do anything
about it, it’ll never end. We must take down the Division. KEENER: Don’t worry
we’ll get them. We’ll get the truth out. [GUNFIRE] DRAGOV: We’re in. [GUNFIRE] [INAUDIBLE] secured. Need a bit of a
clean up in here. Not too shabby. I think my Rikers and I
could call this place home. I’m sure you’ll make it work. I know family is everything
to you, now more than ever. But don’t forget your end
of the bargain, Dragov. Dude, we’ll get
you what you need. And we’ll keep Theo safe. Good. I knew you and I
would get along. Hey, where are you going? KEENER: Finish what you started. I need to catch a shadow. [CURTAIN SWOOSHES] KAJIKA: Give me one
reason not to kill you. You don’t want to kill me. We’re the same, Kajika. We were both betrayed
by the Division. Left to die like dogs. Except we don’t die easy. Do we? KAJIKA: What do
you want, Keener. MAN: I know who
you’re looking for. I will bring you everyone
who betrayed you. [GUNSHOT] And you can do to them– [GUNSHOTS] [WEAPON WHISTLES] [CLINK] VIVIAN: Are you serious, Keener? This was never going to
be solved by the Division. They didn’t have the guts
to do what was necessary. And we were the ones
who paid the price. The Cleaners, though? They had the right
idea all along. You’re right, Vivian,
and with you leading them they’re more powerful than ever. I will do what
needs to be done. [WHOOSH] And I will see this
to the very end. [WHOOSHES] Agent [INAUDIBLE],, we’re
closing in on Keener. Ready to breach. Flash out! Go, go! WOMAN (ON RADIO):
Agents, did you get him? No. He’s gone. WOMAN (ON RADIO):
We need backup. Command, patch me through to DC.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Warlords of New York Animated Short | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. Виктор Волков says:

    # Make Lore Stupid Agene !

  2. Yolpechara Lim says:

    Pvp isn't going to work, but pve will…

  3. AMRU 2002 says:

    It must be inspired by apex legends' animation
    Good job. It's beautiful.

  4. 叶泰龙 says:

    poorly written script tbh

  5. Vipul Gupta says:

    Honestly this is better than the cutscenes in game. Put more of this in the game Ubi.

  6. Cheng Largo says:

    How did the virus get from NYC to Washington and ONLY Washington? Like how? it should have went somwhere between the 2.

  7. Dankest Weeb says:

    The real question is
    Is it free tho

  8. William E says:

    never ever get something based on a cinematic, the developers for this game are so fucking bad the game is broken in so many aspects

  9. William E says:

    For anyone new to this game: the pvp is awful, it’s boring, the inventory system is a mess. Get the division 1 instead

  10. Edu says:

    The division on Netflix?

  11. Agent Washington says:

    Say your prayers, Keener. Your days are numbered.

  12. Jimmy valentino says:

    Wat rayman games

  13. Jimmy valentino says:

    Games rayman plis

  14. Jimmy valentino says:

    1995-2013 wat and rayman?

  15. What do I do now says:

    Their budget just went uphill since that 95% discount

  16. ECHO༄ says:

    oh yeah this game exists

  17. BleachRush says:

    I hope division 3 would be in this art style

  18. Jeremy Jackson says:

    Couldn't give us a second raid, fix the falling down the stairs still present since D1, or invisible walls….. but got time for this.

  19. Diesel Richardson says:

    Feeeeeels goooooood to be back in New York

  20. French Guy says:

    Let mee join Keener!!

  21. Fry Filip says:

    When ubi will make Tom clancy game about space invasion

    I just want a shooter in x – com universe

  22. Viva Zapata says:

    This could be a cool series

  23. Brainchild Kubrick says:

    The Division 3 on next-gen systems is going to be epic!!!!!!

  24. Mehmet Bekir Birden says:

    Me want!

  25. な6IXLXRD says:

    Can't lie, this looks like it'd make a perfect anime.

  26. Hani Tablet says:

    The JTF looks more like the LMB.

  27. IVPixel says:

    I like how the characters in this look just as disgusting as the "people" in the game.

  28. King Larry says:

    Great opportunity to run an animated miniseries. Hope the optics / feedback is positive enough from this short to make it happen.

  29. Nikolay Ignatov says:


  30. MarkOW says:

    Yeah i dont care about the division at all but massive props to the animators, they did an amazing job

  31. Fajar Ponco says:

    Spiderverse really did put an Impact on the Animation industry

  32. Lil Cumstain says:

    this apex legends style is kinda cool too i guess

  33. Robert Johnson says:

    With this animation I’m starting to feel a little bad for the LMB seeing them get slaughtered by Rikers.

  34. Ochil Otter says:

    I swear this is in the same style as apex legends trailers

  35. Nini The Master says:

    Ffs ubi why is it the outcast island again thats invaded? It was that 1 week ago, like bruh i want the exotic sniper but cant 🙁

  36. Yazoon Boss says:

    ((Division Cartoon characters Move )) i hope in 2020

  37. Auston Solomon says:

    Little like apex animation's

  38. Templarspartan says:

    I'm going to hate killing these people because in 3 min 40 seconds these guys have showed more depth as characters, than the entire supporting cast over the course of 2 games. Every "good" character is just a giant cliche. Meanwhile someone like Kelleher still hasn't made an in game appearance.

  39. R-Evan W says:

    Hunter lore!?

  40. Kryptid Shadow says:

    So as a new division player idek what's going on. I thought the devision were the good guys here

  41. Bat Oh Man says:

    Sonic forces is just bad. I already have SotC but glad others could enjoy that 😊

  42. John Ulloa says:

    Can this be a new graphic option please!!!!?

  43. Alexandru Alexandru says:

    Ubisoft makes cartoons now, i tresting…

  44. 『Mistaroni』 says:

    Those aren’t the rabbids

  45. Donsuu says:

    The new Corona Dlc gettin more realistic…

  46. sheung kingsley says:

    Tom Clancy’s The Division 3: battle against corona

  47. Wesley porter says:

    2:55 as the people are running away there is a yell. That yell is the first part of scp 096s scream when he is spotted in the heavy containment “cutscene”

  48. Ryan Reaves says:

    All this to distract you from the fact that the new gear overhaul will make this game trash

  49. GOD OF W4RF4R3 says:

    Tbh division agents are like the Assassins, biased af. I wish there was an option to stay rogue

  50. Battled Gaming says:

    This reminds me of apex animations! I like it

  51. David P says:

    Calm down, I've already pre-ordered.

  52. Thomas Stewart says:

    I can't wait to kill em all in the name of the Second Wave

  53. Kevin Geremia says:

    Reminds me of that Tron: Legacy animation. Similar style, different material.

  54. Bruno Tarantelli says:

    Now I want a Division animated series

  55. Ahmad Alassi says:

    This game i still alive??

  56. XDarkComeback says:

    👏 👏👏

  57. CIICCI says:

    Naruto ? Street fighter ? 😂😂😂 when u want do good things always u broke it !! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  58. Daddy Dagoth says:

    Well that was weird

  59. Polar turtle13 says:

    Agent Kelso at the end tried to get Keener

  60. Enmanuel says:

    I haven’t even beaten the main story smh

  61. Not_A_ kiwi says:

    New York in a few weeks

  62. Umbral says:

    Me never having played division 1: "parry this casual"

  63. Chris Arnsperger says:


  64. Branin Dietz says:

    If only they treated the franchise this way…

  65. Bear says:

    Lol boring old New York City again, re skin

  66. David’s Prod says:

    Nice try, still not buying it for $5 tho

  67. The Centrist Gamer says:

    Great trailer and all, but that's some truly good awful shaving on the part of the characters, like DAMN do they not know how to use a razor?

  68. RynoDragon 23 says:

    The animation reminds me of Gen:Lock, though I I’ll admit that if they decide to make an anime season it would be worth watching.

  69. facu fang says:

    Que pasa UBI estas mas seco que lengua de loro, puros dibujito los triler, que pasó con los triler de verdad

  70. Black Bear says:

    Wait is this relevant now? With the first game rouge agents wasn't much of a faction but literally lmb but more bullet sponge.

  71. Decius Murdius Maximus says:

    Did the LMB combine with JTF?

  72. An Average Gaming Channel says:

    This could’ve been avoided had JTF made active attempts to cooperate with LMB

  73. M4A1 says:

    I really hope Ubisoft makes this an anime series.

  74. Ottoban says:

    I’m getting some mtv Spider-Man vibes from the animation

  75. Justin Borgmann says:

    Nice, lose your father so you take everyone elses

  76. James Bailey says:

    I don’t even play this games I just like animated trailers

  77. Ratiwat Watthanaphuti says:

    If you never played division 2, it's $3 on Xbox

  78. invalidname43 says:

    Do you really think any deaf person on the planet (that was born deaf) knows what a whirring sound sounds like or a curtain whooshing or gunshots …..who ever let this go out to the public like this with ….that in it,
    should be fired and you should be ashamed for allowing it to go out to the public.

  79. Johnny Five says:

    The game is so bad you had to create a cartoon to try and sell your expansion. How laughable lol!!!!

  80. Dewandaru Loc 1.4.5 says:

    The JTF using LMB style? What?

  81. King 98 says:

    Well it feels like The Division might as well call in the Ghosts or Rainbow 6. if its that bad in New York

  82. SqpS TeRRoR says:

    When you tryna steal apex legends trailer style….

  83. The Jackal says:

    Why cant the JTF in the game have these kind of outfits? In game , JTF which consists of national guard and first responders looks like they've been severely under funded and have no gear whatsoever. Pathetic.

  84. VotreChansonz says:

    -29.99 US$

  85. Kyl Ced D says:

    1:13 is that the Last Man Battalions

  86. Ryan _ says:

    Very cool Ubisoft!

  87. Adrian Orr says:

    MORE OF THIS PLEASE. The biggest lacking this far from the Division is Character Depth. Like the only NPC I can name is FAYE LAU and not for good reasons.

  88. Kioni Sua says:

    0:27 huh. Ex-LMB working for the JTF now, thats pretty darn cool 😮

    Thanks goes to the folks at the Division Fandom website for pointing this out to me, i had to come and see for myself.

    Damn thats interesting x3 wonder if we'll get audio logs explaining this? I do love stories

  89. Mr. J says:

    “We need back up”

    Division 2 player search:………….
    3 hours later ……….

  90. E G G says:

    Interesting hentai plot.

  91. udit fartyal says:

    Love this anime-esque animation style.

  92. CounterStriker013009 says:

    use mine to make the story line.

    use heart to make animation

    AND use potato to make the server

  93. PsychedSE says:

    Man, Ubisoft sure can make nice animations.. WHY CANT YOU MAKE BETTER GAMES? 🙁

  94. dknight xs says:

    I wish division 3 on next gen consoles get cel shaded visuals like this

  95. William Legate says:

    All this, because Keener had Tchinco, and the SHD Network was down due to True Sons and Black Tusk.

  96. William Legate says:

    But its worse. Because after reactivating the SHD network. Ellis saw the location of every SHD agent in the country. And Black Tusk has a huge supply of assets.

  97. TitanOfFire 04 says:

    Shout out to the animators on this on, looks beautiful 👌

  98. j k says:

    that vid was awesome they need to make a division cartoon

  99. Daniel Dakmiakura says:

    Keener: Ima destroy the Division
    D1 and D2 Characters, Now you see, I'm gonna do what's called a Pro gamer move

  100. D S says:

    No Steam, no deal.

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