Tinder: The Superhero Movie | Rooster Teeth

Tinder: The Superhero Movie | Rooster Teeth

Sean, could you get some more tinder for the fire? Yeah! So, do you like me? Give me some sort of sign My life changed forever that day Drop the gun, no one gets hurt! Not a chance! What are you? We’ve got a 10-73 in progress I repeat; We’ve got a vigilante on our hands They call me Tinder When I swipe left, people die! We need your help! An army of bots is infiltrating the earth! Looking for a good time? Twenty-five; female, here They prey on the weak and pathetic Building them up just to cut them down! So how do we tell who’s a woman and who’s a bot? That’s the problem – you can’t But sometimes it helps to ask for their Snapchat or Instagram It’s not a robot! What? It’s a man! My god! We’ve been catfished! Well how do I know you’re not one of them? Because I’m one of you Spectacular I’m Bumble I’ve never heard of you before! Fairly derivative concept, just not as sleazy Where’s the fun in that? The robot women are not the problem, Sean It’s the human women you need to worry about I should’ve known you just liked me because of my looks! That’s not true! There’s a ton of stuff I like about you Like what? I think I was just basing our future off of a couple of pictures I saw We’re over! Oh god, what did I do? Damn you, left swipe! Think of what could’ve been! You can’t just throw these women away! Have you ever tried not sleeping with a girl on the first date? I don’t think I know how There’s a seat at the table, Sean You need to charge for your services like the rest of us There’s something I don’t trust about that old man Who do you think is funding all these bots? My god, you’re right! It’s the creepy old man from the commercials! He’s a cyborg in disguise! Tinder is spreading like a wildfire and he must be extinguished! I can’t get a clear shot! There’s three of them and only one of them is cute– what do I do? Whenever you see a group of girls, it’s never the cute one It’s never the cute one! Your fifteen minutes are up! Grindr Thanks! I owe you We could do dinner Or we could just bang Whatever Swipe right, Tinder! Swipe right, damn it now’s the time! Shoot on-site! I repeat, shoot on-site! Swipe right, Tinder! But what if she’s vegan? Who cares! We’re not so different, you and I You can’t give people what they want for free! How do you expect to make any money? Tinder! But she could be a bartender! I don’t date bartenders! Just swipe right! It’s not doing anything! Just give it time! I like you I like you, too Nothing’s happening! Start a conversation! Oh, right! She’s gone! I thought she was the one! I thought we’d start our lives together and have a family together I thought she– oh Oh, she’s cute! Hey! How’s it goin’! I’m Sean [Larger Screen’s Link]:
It’s just a slingshot Don’t you ever call it just a slingshot! Billions of dollars in R&D, this’ll change modern warfare as we know it… Good god… Blue for multiple…

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Tinder: The Superhero Movie | Rooster Teeth

  1. Firman Akhsanu says:

    can he fly?

  2. SovietOnion says:

    Let’s raise $50,000,000 on Indiegogo for a full-length movie of this.

  3. Temitayo Giwa says:

    Hilarious! I'd actually watch this

  4. King Ali says:

    3:30 Can someone help me out with the music please!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jonathan Araúz says:

    i would watch this

  6. Umar Azmat says:


  7. Ewan Noel says:

    Wait… Bumble=Bumblebee=Bumblby= Rwby Yang and Blake. Is it a tease or foreshadowing?

  8. what should we do says:

    So bad

  9. Tony kimbraley says:

    Next thing ya'll hear is that theres a superhero
    movie called instagram

  10. Jay Shani says:

    This is Funny….????

  11. Thomas Henderson says:

    Actually make this a film… I’d buy

  12. Prem's Writing says:


  13. ANDYSVQ says:

    When Badoo: The Superhero movie?

  14. titankenit says:

    Grindr haha

  15. Joseph Tuinukuafe says:

    I would actually watch this movie if it was made lmao

  16. Janmejay Singh says:

    I'd totally watch this

  17. Alex on point says:

    where do i find the release date? they didnt mentioned it

  18. Scott Rindal says:

    I am ashamed to say this fooled me. I thought it was a low budget movie.

  19. GOD EATER says:

    Thanos auto dead

  20. Ds Everything says:

    This is ridiculous ''from the producers who saw every avengers movie'' XD

  21. Dumbguygamer says:

    I wish this was a movie

  22. Fatih Kayı says:

    ne saçma bir film la bu

  23. Claudiu says:

    what if he swipes right?

  24. Antonio Amaral says:

    stupid movie… God help us.

  25. Adam Ido says:

    thats messed up……. I LOVE IT

  26. Diamond Ninja says:


  27. Moti channel says:

    Why does this movie look like a parody of superhero movies?

  28. prakash pk says:

    Who saw evry AVENGERS ?

  29. loluxx says:

    xD co to jest ???

  30. Pathkhet King says:

    that is a worst thing i saw

  31. Masudur Rahman Siam says:


  32. Omar Velasquez says:

    Shut up and take my money !


    A super power that wont need any special effect

  34. Arkham Knight says:

    Cool movie. DO IT. JUST DO IT.

  35. r choudhary says:

    Any one have link to download this movie?

  36. Joe Blazer says:

    If he swiped right could he be able to revive the person he swiped left on

  37. Mahesh Kumar says:

    Idiot it’s worst

  38. Aeoz Wave says:

    Lol video

  39. Ares Warr says:

    this movie kind a look boring

  40. shadowpandayt says:

    I love this

  41. Wiliams Sabedra says:

    Puede falta feo no of how are yuo

  42. joalis dutra da silva says:


  43. EDM 2018 EDM saved says:

    Nice video

  44. Clowdo says:

    ok ok i dont want to judge this trailer but like this is why aliens are not coming to this planet… im sorry aliens

  45. Chris Rioda says:

    What kind of power is that??

  46. vikas yadav says:

    Ridiculous ????

  47. Dust Quimada says:

    duude this movies is awessooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  48. Agus Setia Budi says:

    Gila ye

  49. Stephani Nzinga says:

    Débile cette série

  50. Coarnelius NN says:

    Faillll superhero

  51. Zul Zahya says:

    dont take it seriously

  52. Yuthyea chhat says:


  53. Wilson Mark says:

    What a funny movie trailer

  54. Antonio Vicente says:

    misericordia que coisa mais esquisita

  55. Yusep Ferdy says:


  56. sid wrestelmania says:

    not good

  57. Syahrudin Bastara says:


  58. Aris_ Farid_ says:


  59. atul somkuwar says:


  60. atul somkuwar says:


  61. Jubin Baishya says:


  62. Husain Ammar says:

    Make this into an actual movie

  63. M.B. Swamy says:

    Iam waiting for this movie

  64. Piston Games says:

    this is not superhero movie , this is funny movie ?. this is joke right

  65. RHINO Enterprise says:


  66. Hemapradhap N says:


  67. Kyle Hunter says:


  68. Bladez says:

    Tinder date


    This better be a real movie.

  70. Leah Warrington says:

    I would totally watch this movie xD

  71. Declan Corey says:

    Still better than the DCEU

  72. sadik 436 says:

    Movie name Kya hai

  73. m' lady says:


  74. Yeet teeY says:

    Where’s she
    The lesbians

  75. cloudneal says:


  76. sean ibarra says:

    I would watch this.

  77. karl ofrecio says:

    Hahaha this is so funny

  78. Icy Zero says:

    I wanna be in the movie ???

  79. RangerLeaf says:

    Poor Gus

  80. DistortedRebel says:

    Can this be the next rt feature film

  81. Coco Gamer says:

    Still a better trailer then sonic

  82. Michael-John Rothstein says:

    Having tinder power might be the worst power ever because of all the swiping ?

  83. Chimken Stirp says:

    I say no to mentos

  84. JODA9395 says:

    Is it me, or is there a big age difference?

  85. moneyman295 says:

    How do they even make money

  86. Patrick Kennedy says:

    Barbra as Bumble… Insert Yang and Bumblebee references here

  87. Crazy Waffles says:

    Not gonna lie I would see this

  88. 6-4 Hornet says:

    I would actually watch this.

  89. Rudy Rivera says:

    I thought he would have fire powers.

  90. Hydrate Plays says:

    Tinder and Bumble
    Dating Team-up movie

  91. Supa x warshow says:

    This trailer is so bad I have seen better

  92. Reign simons says:

    This was too funny. Why am I just seeing this video? Lmao.

  93. Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes says:

    That’s actually a really nice costume.

  94. Daniel Pruitt says:

    Please ROOSTER TEETH make this a actual thing on your first subcription

  95. classic cougar says:

    Make th EA's frickin movie

  96. Tyrant TITANIUM says:

    Love the grindr one

  97. Alice says:

    I'm so confused??

  98. The Mask of Nobody says:


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