Thief of Dholakpur – Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Hindi

Thief of Dholakpur – Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Hindi

wow…today is a lucky day…i must steal as much as i can …hahahaha Landlord Dharamseen’s house..there must be a lot steal here everyone must be sleeping…il start my work now keep sleeping my friend..he will get the shock of his life when he gets up… listen…listen…listen…..people of Dholakpur listen our King is very upset with the robbery happened last night at landloard’s house whoever has done that, our King is ready to forgive the thief for his acts if he surrenders…or else he will be punished mercilessly and whoever helps to catch the thief and get him to the King will be rewarded with 100 gold coins 100 gold coins but how will know who the thief is? i dont know but one thing for sure..he is smart and intelligent absolutely right…how can someone do so many robberies in one night hey Bheem…this time i will catch the thief ofcourse..he is all your my friend..good luck Kalia are you sure you will be able to catch the thief? because you didn’t win a single reward till date shut up….always you speak nonsense now just do according to how I say..ok? ok boss I am confused how to catch the thief Bheem…will visit all the houses in the village and see who is still sleeping in the mornings yesss…this is a brilliant idea! the one who steals all night will be sleepingin the morning absolutely oh yeahh…hey thief beware now…you will be trapped now I must get some sleep now…tonight I should rob as much as I can and run far away from this village Is this the same hut outside the village where no one stays here …right? yeahhh…but i think someone must have been staying there can you hear someone snoring? yeah your right listen Chutki i think this place is dangerous you go and warn Jaggu and Raju about this and ask them to be prepared…till then il guard here ok hey this man looks like a stranger.. he has got so much gold with him? i think he is the robber need to plan carefully Now i think i have to leave Raju, Jaggu did you find anything no nothing but we have some news i think we know who that robber is…but we still need to be sure about it what to do hey guys…the most surprising thing is…how come the robber doesn’t know that there is a lot of gold in village garden such a big thief and he doesnt know about this treasure? i think he is a fool yes yes he is mad for sure he must be thinking people will keep their treasures in lockers for robbers to steal? in fact smart people keep their treasures in garden and not in the lockers really? ok guys let it be, why are we even talking about that stupid thief come..lets go n play something God bless you kids…you thought me so much today I have been hunting for treasure for so long and now you made it very easy for me no wonder people have a golden heart and i say kids only lead you to Gold..hahahahaha Jaggu is that him coming? no..he didnt come yet Raju, chukti are you guys alert yes yes you dont worry But i wonder y cant we see him Oh so this is Dholakpur garden..lets have a look how much treasure is in here but this is a very huge gate hey jaggu is he coming …can u see him No Bheem nobody has come yet…wait wait its him..he is coming! Raju Chtki be ready yeah yeah so this is the house kids where talking about the hidden treasure hmm..there must be a secret place where the treasure is hidden oh oh..hey whats this! this is a very old house i hope someone is not trying to make a fool out of me first let me see what is there is this huge trunk there is nothing in here? Its empty! somebody is trying to trap me did you find anything hey,who are you I am your father I am your mother in law i am your brother in law what a surprise..I didnt knew i had so many relatives is that all or is there anyone still on the way who are you? me?..who am i?…yeah i remember..I am Spider-Man So all this was your trap..right? kids take my advice..go home have milk and sleep Bheem have a Laddoo and show this thief your magic looks like this kid is intelligent and strong as well..but i am not an ordinary robber too my friend It hurtss Bheem and his friends have proved once again their braveness by catching this theif and Im very pleased with it Come and take your reward Bheem

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