The World’s First Monster Truck Kids Team

The World’s First Monster Truck Kids Team

COMM: This is Team Kid KJ – the world’s
first ever monster trucks team made up entirely of pre-teens and teenagers. COMM: Formed in 2010, the team is the brainchild
of owner and founder Tod Weston and is named after his son, KJ, who was the first member
of the team at the tender age of five-and-a-half. WOMAN: Hey, KJ you got a minute for an interview?
Your fans want to know. KJ WESTON: So, it was lot of fun being able
to do all the jumps for you guys. But what happened is I was little unaligned with the
jumps. So, I came down sideways and it was the drive shaft, which went straight out,
and hopefully we’ll have it fixed for next year. WOMAN: Were those jumps were pretty exciting
though? You cut a lot of air. KJ WESTON: Yeah they were a lot of fun. COMM: Since then the team has gone from strength
to strength and now boasts more than 20 full-time members across the United States. Members
of the team as young as 6 years old are taught the essentials
of driving in monster trucks. And only the most talented and mature drivers are considered
for a place in the team. Another requirement of the team’s members is that the kids have
to have an average of more A grades than Bs in their score to keep their place. Collectively,
Team Kid KJ has more than 10 monster trucks worth more than 3.5 million dollars and on
average it spends 150,000 dollars a year to maintain their fleet of trucks. Capable of
reaching speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, the smaller more specialised monster trucks
can keep up with their larger counterparts but for the sake of safety are limited to
35 miles per hour during shows. Despite their smaller size trucks, these mini marvels are
proving they can keep up and perform at more than 60 shows a year.

David Anderson

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37 thoughts on “The World’s First Monster Truck Kids Team

  1. Abel Cadenas says:


  2. SuperSaiyan3985 says:

    That sounds like the coolest job a kid can have.

  3. Business Dude says:

    I need this job

  4. Ricky KnifeObsessed Dunivan says:

    This is what 4×4 Barbie does

  5. Haight the Great says:

    The things you didnt know existed

  6. Alex Parker says:

    Lola T70 monster truck anyone?

  7. bodipsypha says:


  8. K Marsh says:

    my nickname is KJ

  9. CASH_ces7899 says:

    Take my money please and sign us up.

  10. CASH_ces7899 says:

    Take my money please and sign us up.

  11. Oscar Elenes says:

    I was playing Nintendo 64 at 14 years old.

  12. Kendall Hopkins says:

    sssssssoooooooooooo cccccccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll

  13. Tato Batz says:

    were can i sign up i wanna pick girls up with this

  14. Miss Meg says:

    This is awesome. It not only gives these kids something to work towards, it builds confidence and team work.

  15. Chanda Moffett says:

    how Ligal is this

  16. Chanda Moffett says:


  17. MonsterJamFan0311 says:

    May I join

  18. IBERIA 004 says:

    they are only sons of rich persons this is not a real driver >:(

  19. Krysler says:

    Rich geezas

  20. IBERIA 004 says:

    The kids its not the drivers only do boring things >:(

  21. Tuning Street says:

    They can drive a monster truck before a real car

  22. Dubbcity Productions says:

    this is cool

  23. penguins rthick says:

    I think any kid would like this!

  24. JaxWeber 05 says:

    Lemme just join this team…..

  25. where's my rooptoff says:


  26. Van Arsdale Madrinan says:

    i want to have it

  27. Lmgamer mese says:

    I need one with miniguns so its demolition derby fortnite edition

  28. Javier Coronado says:

    I want to sign up

  29. guacamole says:

    are you kidding me rich little basters and i thought kids that had go karts growing up were lucky

  30. Cypress Partida says:

    I use to be a monster truck kid driver

  31. The Bestest Aussie out der says:

    theres kids doing this at my school theres kids dating and im just trying not to be a disappointment to me family

  32. RaceRenz Hotwheels says:

    I’m eleven and I don’t even have earnings from my parents

  33. C_P says:

    the monster trucks had babies.

  34. C_P says:

    i'd like to drive one of those.

  35. []G []ame[] []Statio[]n [] says:

    😂😂kJ do you have ipad in your 📲 monster truck

  36. ya boi beenbub says:

    At age 14 i didnt exist

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