The Woodcutter – Chhota Bheem in English

The Woodcutter – Chhota Bheem in English

Please help us! We need help! We cannot continue suffering like this any longer! What happened, what’s wrong with you all? Have the rains been less again?? Do you want more water? Seeds? What is it? Please tell us… No, no, no…it’s not that! We have enough seeds and water … And the harvest too has been really good this year – infact better than last year, but… But, what? Every night our crops are destroyed by wild animals. We don’t know why the animals need to feed on our crops when they have the whole forest open to them! Hmmmm…. and what help do you need? It’s decided then! A few of us will guard your crops in the night and make sure that no wild animals destroy it! ok? Please don’t worry! Who amongst you is willing to… Sir! I, with my friends Bholu and Dholu, will be more than happy to help the farmers. Ah! There you are, Kaalia! You have always fancied a chance to prove that you are better than Bheem… Well, all the best! But my advice to you is that you better be careful and serious about guarding the crops… or else if you fail you will become the laughing stock of the whole village – again! see? Thats Kaalia, the sleeping tiger! He thinks that he is so much brave and stronger than Bheem, that even the wild animals are scarred of his snores. Brave my foot! Later he will tell everyone that we were sleeping while he kept guard the whole night! What that….!! Is it an earthquake? Earthquake, no no! It’s the elephants!. A whole herd of wild elephants! And – by all this noise and commotion I think, they are definitely coming this way! Kaalia! Bholu! Dholu!! Wake up! The elephants are coming!! Are you going to fight the elephants or not? NO!..NO!!! Let’s fight the elephants! Come on…. Hit the small elephants, you fools! Scare them away and the herd will follow. What was the need to attack the baby elephant? Hey Kaalia! Have you ever heard that elephants never forget? It’s easy to do nothing but just stand and laugh at others! If you all think you are so clever, go and solve the problem. What’s stopping you anyway? Nothing. This problem… Which one are you talking about? The elephants just ate a whole sugarcane field! Bheem, we must do something! Why do you smile? This is a serious matter! All right. But first answer my questions. Questions??? Huh. Okay!! Have the wild animals ever attacked our fields before? Never! They have the entire forest but they eat our crops, why? Think..Think We don’t know… Yes, we don’t know…but we will have to find out…and the reason is in the jungle…let’s go. Now! See…is this a forest? There are hardly any trees left! But, who has cut all the trees? A very greedy woodcutter has done this! Grrrr If I ever find him, I will – I will… You will do what ? You were saying something, little boy. If I ever meet the greedy, stupid woodcutter who has shamelessly cut so many trees, I will beat him! Oh ho ho ha ha ha …has anybody ever seen a pigeon fight a lion? Ha ha ha. Okay, fight me… Woodcutter! Because of the trees that you have been cutting, the animals are left with nothing to eat. So they are now eating the crops of Dholakpur and our farmers are suffering huge losses. We request you to please stop cutting any more trees, These trees do not belong to anyone. I am free to cut them. If you want, you too can cut them…ha ha ha… I will sell the wood and become a rich man soon… We request you… please stop cutting trees. Stop cutting trees! You should be ashamed of yourself! Get lost all of you! Or I will beat you up! So, how many more tress will you cut? You win! I will never even look at another tree again! Okay now half the problem is solved. Half the problem?? Yes, the elephants won’t stop coming…we will have to plant new trees… Hoorah! The wild animals have stopped coming!

David Anderson

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