The ULTIMATE Disney Challenge (ft. Zoella) | Tyler Oakley

The ULTIMATE Disney Challenge (ft. Zoella) | Tyler Oakley

♫ The circle of life ♫ (chanting) – Hello. – Hello, welcome to the video. – Hello and welcome to today! You may know her as Zoe Sugg, or– – Bob? – Bob? Who calls you Bob? (laughs) Somebody probably knows her as Bob. Zoe, we’ve done something
for the last two years that, what is it? – What did we do for three years? Wait, two years? – What is it? – The Disney challenge. – I won the first year, or did I lose? – You lost the first year. – I lost the first year and then– – You won! – I won the second year! So this is the rematch! This is the final countdown! So me and Zoe are going to be presented with a series of songs played
by the one and only, oh geez. Alfie Deyes. What was the last Disney movie you saw? Did you see Inside Out? – I haven’t seen it yet,
but I really want to see it. – Oh my god, we’re watching it tonight. No no no no. – We’re wearing Disney themed items. – Mm, this is Bambi. (laughs) And who’s this? – It’s Snow White, but she looks a bit more creepy ’cause she’s got no… – It’s like a, feel it,
it’s hard as a rock! Those are my abs, all the way up here. (laughs) Whoever’s turn it is has a
chance to get two points. – Yeah. – One for the title of the song, one for the title of the movie. – Yep. – If you don’t get one of
those, or either of those, either point can go to the other person after ten seconds and
then you don’t get those. So the other person can guess. – [Ursula] The only way
to get what you want is to become more human yourself. – Little Mermaid, uh… Part of Your Soul. (buzzer noise) I’m like– – Poor Unfortunate Soul! – Ah, point each. – In pain, in need. I wasn’t allowed to see that scene ’cause it was too suggestive. Especially when she goes, and
don’t forget body language! My parents, well just
my stepmom was like… – [Thomas] We’ve got to save him. – Shave him? – [Thomas] He’d do the same for any of us. – [Man] Thomas is right,
we’ve got to do something. – [Man] And so we shall,
I told you those savages– – Savages, Pocahontas! – Savages, savages. – Barely even human. Rotten at the core. (upbeat music) ♫ We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig ♫ – Snow White and the
Seven Dwarves, Heigh Ho. – Is that it? Oh my god, I wouldn’t have gotten that. I really wouldn’t have gotten that. – [Scar] And you couldn’t
even dispose of them. – [Shenzi] Well you know, it wasn’t like they was alone, Scar. – It’s Lion King. And it’s, Be Prepared. Oh, oh!
– Oh my god! Goodness gracious, I was so close! ♫ Ah ah ah ah ♫ – Me and you are like
those hyenas, aren’t we? – Uh-huh. – When we’re together,
we’re like the hyenas. – Yeah, we’re the–
(cackles) I was gonna say we’re the smart ones, but I think you’re the
one, you’re the one. You know which one I’m talking about. – With one eye this way! – [Terk] So, whatcha gonna call it? – [Kala] I’m gonna call him… – It’s from Tarzan. – Tarzan? – [Terk] Okay, he’s your baby. – I don’t know the song. I don’t know songs from Tarzan, though. I dunno, Jungle King. – [Alfie] You’ll Be in My Heart. – Ooh. – I didn’t have a chance to guess. – Oh, you didn’t. – I wouldn’t have guessed that. – Your turn Tyler. (gasps) – Shh. – [Doc] Was the princess you? – [Snow White] And she fell in love. – [Sneezy] Was it hard to do? – [Snow White] Oh it was very– – Is it, who’s that little dumpy? (laughs) Uh, Cinderella? – [Alfie] No. – What is it? – Snow White, Some Day
My Prince Will Come. – [Alfie] Yes. – Oh my god, is this Snow White shit? – Have you not seen Snow White? – Nobody has! It wasn’t hard to do. – It was really magic. – Oh my god. (laughs) Is that what she sounds like? (laughs) – (sings) Someday my prince will come. – Wow! You should definitely go back in time and fuck over whoever auditioned for that. Get that spot! – Move the fuck over.
– Live that dream! – (creepy voice) Some
day my prince will come. – [Alfie] I’m gonna disown
you if you don’t get this one. – Oh god. – Why does she get the easy ones? – You are so competitive. – I’m not competitive
with anything except this. Everything else in my life
I’m not, I don’t even care. – All year ’round, you do not care. – All year ’round I’m just sleeping, and then I wake up for
August just for this. – [Hercules] Sometimes I feel like, like I really don’t belong here. Like I’m supposed to be– (hums) – Toy Story! (screaming, laughing) – It’s Hercules, Go the Distance! – Oooooh! – Oh my god, I needed those two points. I got those two points. – Like Toy Story, then. – No! – Your turn now. – Oh my god, another two points? Okay, fine. (music swells) Mm, Aladdin. – I know what it is. – Uh… Oh, oh it’s on the tip of my tongue! It’s right here, what is it? – I can see it! Are you giving up? Arabian Nights! – Oh, dang it. – Yes! – Well we each got a
point, we each got a point. ♫ Arabian Nights ♫ – Don’t do this to me, Alfie. – This is you. (gasps) – Winnie the Pooh! It’s just Winnie the
Pooh, Winnie the Pooh! – [Alfie] It is! – Yeah, two points! – You needed those, it’s fine. ♫ Winnie the Pooh, boo ♫ Winnie the pooh, boo ♫ What is it? Tubby little chubby
old stuffed with fluff. – That size shaming! – [Mother Gothel] You want to go outside? Why Rapunzel. – Tangled, Mother Knows Best. (sighs) (giggles) She does! – [Tiana] Mama, I don’t
have time for dancing. – Love it. ♫ That’s just gonna have to wait a while ♫ Ain’t got time for messing around ♫ – I honestly have no idea. Tangled? – [Alfie] Nope. – I don’t know if I know the name of the song, but it’s
Princess and the Frog. – I’ve never seen that! – Almost There. – [Alfie] Yeah! – Killin’ it! Killin’ it, you’ve never
seen Princess and the Frog? – No! – We’re watching it tonight. – With, what was the other one? – Inside Out. And Hercules, we have
so much to do tonight. Wow, you suck this year. – I know. – [Alfie] Are you ready? – I’ve never been more ready. – [Lumiere] Monsieur and
Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure– – Beauty and the Beast. – Don’t get it, don’t get it,
don’t get it, don’t get it! You don’t know it, clear
your head, clear your head. – Stop, you can’t do that! Uh, Be Our Guest. – Fuck! – Bam! – Alfie’s giving you all the easy ones because you started moaning. – You’ll know moaning when I’m moaning. He’ll know moaning ’cause
he knows my moaning. – [Sultan] Jafar, you must come see this. – Oh my god. That’s like, it, that’s my jam. – Aladdin. – Mhmm. – It’s not One Jump Ahead, is it? – Are those five seconds up? – [Alfie] They’re up. – Bam, Prince Ali! – Oooh! Prince Ali (mumbles). Point each though, high five. (laughs) Oh! – Got the big old hard, hard. – Hard hand woman, I love it about you. (laughs) My hard hands. – I feel like that’s the
most unattractive compliment. (jazzy music) – Uh, um, Princess and the Frog. Down in New Orleans. – [Alfie] Yeah! – Killed it, killing it! (music swells) – Bippity Boppity Boo, Cinderella! See, I’m all about like– (growls) Oh, what the– – [Anna] It’s Coronation Day! – Coronation Day? Tangled. I (mumbles) Frozen, Frozen! – No you did not, you did not! (yelling) – Wait, but I still have
time to name the title. – Name the title. – I can’t! (laughing) Oh, it’s something, it’s the
morning time coronation day. What’s it called? What is it, guess, you’re– – You have five seconds! – You only have five seconds! – It’s Frozen, First Time in Forever. – [Alfie] Yeah. – Can we just make our own Disney song? For the next video? – I just choked on my own
spit I got so excited! And whoever wins is the lead. – Okay. – Oh my god. My chance to be a princess. ♫ Love is an open door – Oh, we both went for it. ♫ Door ♫ Love is an open pore. Got it! – Squeeze my spot. (gasps) – It’s not recording. – Yes it is. – Made you think! Wait, it really stopped recording! I predict the future, I’m a witch! (music swells) – I don’t know this! – Easy. – Princess and the Frog. – Mulan. – [Alfie] Yeah. – Reflection? – [Alfie] Yeah! – Nailed it! – I don’t remember Mulan,
so if there’s anymore Mulan. – Oh my god, we have to watch it tonight. (laughing) – So this is Tyler’s. (music swells) – [Giselle] Oh, it’s very dizzy. ♫ Come my little friends we all si– ♫ – Oh, Happy Working Song. From, oh, what’s it called? Oh, goodness me, what is it called? Oh I forget. I know what it is, I know what it is. – You know? – Yeah! – Say it then. – I forgot what the movie called. It’s what me and Korey, we clean
our apartment singing that. – [Alfie] Enchanted. – Enchanted! Have you ever seen Enchanted? – Yes. – Okay, good. We don’t have enough time tonight! (rock music) – Is this a live version… – I think I know what it is. ♫ Together, together, together ♫ – High School Musical. ♫ Together, together ♫ (hums) I have never seen it. I don’t think so. It’s… – How did you love Zac Efron, then? How did you grow up? ♫ We’re all in this together ♫ – What’s the title? – [Alfie] She gets that. (screaming) – No, no! No, nooo! Oh, so that was the last question? – [Alfie] That was it. – Oh my god. It’s come down to this. Two years of winning and losing. – And Disney. – And Disney, and love,
and loss, and villains and heroes and princesses and princes! – And body language! (laughs) Moment of truth? – [Alfie] So the winner. (gasps) Of the third Disney challenge. – And the final! – [Alfie] And the final
to guarantee the slot of Disney princess in the new Disney musical coming next year is Tyler Oakley! (screams) – Thank you, thank you! – Who do you want to thank? – You! (laughing) For sucking! If you guys liked this
video, give it a thumbs up. How many thumbs up should it get? – 200,000. – Yeah. (laughing) I was like, hmm, actually, yeah. 200,000, I wonder if they can. And let us know, I want to know, what’s your favorite Disney movie ever? Put it in the comments below. – And the favorite song from that movie. – Yes! What did we do over on your channel? – Over on my channel
I made you a princess. – Oh my god! Click her face or click the
link below and subscribe to Zoe. She’s almost at ten million subscribers! – Not quite, not yet! – Uh, close in my heart. – Oh. – I may have rounded up a couple million. Just go subscribe! If you want to see the
first and the second year of the Disney challenge
that we did, I’ll put ’em here. Oh wow, look at those, click ’em! Bye! – [Alfie] The mic wasn’t even on. – Yes it was. (laughs)

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