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What now? You don’t know,
do you? Yeah, he doesn’t know. [ Gasps ] How about
we set up a situation that tempts him
to commit a crime? That’s what
I was gonna say! Hmm! -No, I wasn’t.
-Hmm! Wait, what if
we’re wrong about him and he’s genuinely
a nice guy? Yeah!
What would that make us? Yeah,
we’re in too deep now. We may as well keep digging
and hope we find some dirt. Can’t you find
a better hiding place? Hold on, I’ve got this. [ Grunting ] Oh, good job. That doesn’t
look suspicious at all. Shh, here he comes! He didn’t see it.
-Draw his attention to it! Make a wallet sound! [ Inhales ] Wallet! That’s not the sound
a wallet makes! You do it then
if you’re so… [ Crinkles, jingles ] Actually,
that was really good. Anais: Uh, guys? Was that a trap?
Are you trying to set me up? This is what you’ve been doing
all week, isn’t it — trying to make me look bad,
testing me. And you passed! [ Imitates trombone ] Anais,
did you know about this? [ Chuckles ]
The real question is this — when you think about it,
can you ever truly know anyth– Yes,
I asked them to do it. Well,
it was nice knowing you. Meh,
we’ve had worse goodbyes. Not you.
It was nice knowing her. It was horrible
knowing you two. Well, at least it can’t
get any worse, right? [ Squawks ]

David Anderson

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