The Story of FORTNITE In 3 MINUTES!! | Fortnite Animation

The Story of FORTNITE In 3 MINUTES!! | Fortnite Animation

– This game’s story changes so fast, the video that you are about to see is probably already outdated. I’m sure you’ll let us know about it in the comments, so why not slap that like button while you’re down there anyway and do something useful. This is the story of
Fortnite in 3 minutes. Dropping in THREE, TWO, ONE. Many seasons ago, it
starts on and island in the middle of the ocean
known as Fortnite Island. YES REALLY! It’s pretty peaceful,
you know, aside from 100 people gliding in and
battling to the death every once in awhile. One day a comet appears from the sky. The comet turns out to
be a meteor and crashes into the ground, leaving a giant hole in the middle of the island. Inside the meteor hides
a creepy alien guy named The Visitor. The Visitor builds a
rocket ship inside this secret lair, and then
launches it into the sky where it flies over the
island creating rifts. After bouncing around
rifts for a few minutes, the rocket disappears
into the ether leaving a giant crack in the sky. The crack is some kind of
dimensional rift causing items from Fortnite to
pop up in the real world. A giant Durr Burger appears
in the desert of California. While Loot Llamas swarm Europe. A little later, real world
objects find their way into Fort nite. Strange purple lightning
strikes with a crack, eventually forming a
giant purple cube that for some reason people dub Kevin. Kevin rolls around the
map destroying everything in its path, eventually
landing in Loot Lake. Loot Lake transforms
into a purple ooze filled trampoline. A week later the cube
emerges from the lake dripping in purple goo
before spinning rapidly. This causes a chain
reaction sending everyone on Fortnite Island into another dimension infested with crazy space butterflies. Now back in their own
dimension, players spot an iceberg crash landing
on the island, covering the lower third of the map in snow. The Ice King casts a
spell covering the entire island in snow. The Ice King’s rival, a weirdo known as the Prisoner, blessed
with lava powers emerges from underneath the frozen castle. He’s really the Ice King’s
brother, the Fire King who melts all the island’s snow. At the same time, pirates
arrive in Lazy Lagoon where a three-way battle
wages between pirates, the Fire King’s lava people,
and the Ice King’s army. Not long after, a vault
appears where Loot Lake used to be. A bunch of people jump
inside where they’re sent to another dimension
of translucent pillars. Each pillar contained a
thought-to-be lost item from Fortnite. The harvest freed the
legendary drum gun bringing it back into Fortnite World. Back on the island, Loot
Lake gets completely drained and becomes Leaky Lake. And a volcano rises in the Wailing Woods. The volcano immediately
irrupts covering the island in molten rock and
decimating Tilted Towers. Sometime later, a giant
monster emerges from under Polar Peak and swims
around the Fortnite Island. This causes the government
to replace the volcano with a power plant where they
construct a massive robot. Like something on the
Power Rangers, the monster and robot engage in an epic battle. The robot prevails then
blasts off the island leaving behind an enormous orb. The orb grows until is
explodes causing time and space to go all out of wack. The giant meteor returns,
frozen in time over the island. Old locations like Dusty Depot return. Tilted Towers comes back
as the time bending rift zone containing and old
western town instead of the modern city we were used to. Soon after the rift zone
morphs into Pandora from the Border Land’s
universe, then Gotham City. And despite all of these
absolutely insane events, people continue to drop into battle facing almost certain death. And that’s the story of Fortnite
so far in three minutes. Sure Thanos and John Wick
popped up at some point, and there was a Marshmello concert too. But come on! There’s a lot of random BS that happens. We did our best. What video game story would
you like us to animate next? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to like and subscribe.

David Anderson

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