The Stories | Gumball | Cartoon Network

The Stories | Gumball | Cartoon Network

That was ironic. Wait.
What are doing at school? No! That journey was so boring, I thought
the whole day had passed, but it’s still morning! Hey, did I tell you about
when my brown crayon ran out? Don’t worry, though,
this story has a happy ending. Does it involve
the main character being slowly
run over by a bus? No! I used felt-tipped pens
instead — true story. Which reminds me
of another stor– [ Rings ]
-And the thing is, it was my favorite pencil
as well. [ Sighs ] Feels like we’ve been
walking down this corridor for half an hour now. It’s like a–
a superpower. She can distort time and space
using only boredom. No,
I just buffed the floor. Somebody’s gotta man up
and put an end to this! [ Inhales deeply ] -I mean, I guess they’re —
-Thank you. All right, girl, listen up,
because, uh… D-D-Darwin has something
he wants to say to you. -Wait, what?
-Tell her, dude. You know, how you think
her stories are… You know. Straight-up awful! [ Gasps ] I thought we were both
chickening out. That was like
head-butting a kitten. Uh, he meant awful
as in they… fill us with awe. [ Laughs ] I thought I was
boring you for a second. No,
your stories are great. It’s just maybe
they could be, um — Shorter, better, over. He means they just need
a little editing. Come with us. [ Blowing ] Okay, so, Gumball
used this editing software to make your stories
more… uh, to the point. Uh, so yesterday,
um, uh, I… True story. [ Laughs ] Yeah, just kidding. Your stories are perfect
the way they are. Oh, good! I hope you would tell me
if I was boring. [ Grunts ] Bless you.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “The Stories | Gumball | Cartoon Network

  1. bosscoolaid 101 says:


  2. Kalvin TMG123 says:

    season 5 episode…. yeah!!!

  3. beh sleep says:

    Lol tf how did i got here

  4. 4 cousin's Channel says:


  5. Savage Actions says:

    gumball looked just like Garfield at the end

  6. adrian says:

    I love the animation in this show

  7. siannette louissaint says:

    Why did you guys stop incredible crew

  8. Jack Steven says:

    not dislike woow one record

  9. blue loser says:

    Dang season 5 already, time just runs fast.

  10. Midnight says:

    what happen to the disater

  11. JeoyTehFex9001 says:

    0:40 noobs trying to do a 360 noscope be like

  12. Bill Tomasko says:

    1:46 gumballs face😅😅

  13. علي عبد says:


  14. Crystals Cartoonz says:

    I see that Molly's back 😂😂 XD

  15. Agustin Drabble says:

    season 5!!!

  16. CommandoKnight200 says:

    Gumball sneezes and explodes
    Darwin: Bless you.
    lol : D

  17. Bill Zypher says:

    Remind me again why we saved her instead of Rob?

  18. trey flow says:

    them facial expressions were on point!

  19. yoshimickster says:

    Oh poor Molly, the world is gonna try to erase her again isn't it?

  20. Justin Cross says:

    Pls renew this show

  21. Cordell Lane says:

    gumball face through our the whole scene were hilarouse

  22. Enera Wilson says:

    if she was a spice, she'd be flour

  23. Titus Lee says:

    Which episode is this?

  24. vdr vcr says:

    Wouldn't that be the scam?

  25. Jacob Hutchinson says:

    Here I thought Gumball is the dumbest person in the history of this TV show. XD

  26. Fusarcie says:

    renew this show and su or im quiting and we bear bears

  27. CatFox says:

    1:32 more "UH's" than Jeff Goldbloom

  28. PlayerMatu says:

    you monster canceling steven universe you monster your gona turn likers to haters you monsters think what your doing

  29. Nick Sullivan says:

    OMG! I Love that Molly, and this show should be labeled as, "Animated Comedy"! #I'mCN'!

  30. eon star says:

    I remember watching the amazing world of gumball in 5th grade … I'm not going to 11th grade … I still love the show :DDD!!!

  31. Ivy Huang says:

    Did anyone notice that gumball was making the grumpy cat face when ever he says something mean

  32. Aazaad Gass says:

    We still don't know who Gumball is crossover with

  33. koaljo ani_mations says:

    what is the actual title of the episode

  34. mh35 says:

    1:50 Molly looked horrified XD

  35. Psrj1748-2446ad says:

    Gumball invented A for Azma.

  36. Long Haired Lioness says:

    Darwin: it's like head butting a kitten!
    Me: I really doubt that Gumball would do that…

  37. pokeXXXfan says:

    No wonder the world thought she was a mistake and sent her into the void

  38. Kit Rocks says:

    I'm telling you right now if this show isn't renewed Cartoon Network will loose another viewer cause this is the only show keeping me on this crappy channel my family as well

  39. johnnymanize says:

    Well it's no wonder the void took Molly, she's about as exiting as a drying paint on a picket fence

  40. Diamond Blue Book says:

    Gumballs face through the whole video tho!

    "Does it involve the main character getting slowly run over by a bus?" says Gumball to Molly standing next to the school bus.

  41. Tia Grant-Lasenberry says:

    Gumball looking like Garfield now…x3

  42. SnerpySam says:

    This is the only show on CN I consistently laugh at. Steven Universe is good at story telling, but one of the most unfunny shows I've ever seen. And we bare bears has some bad episodes and sometimes annoying characters but it's still good.

  43. The Potato Goddess says:

    gumball: traghte up awfull
    lizzy: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    lizzy head butts evreyone and the world ends 😀

  44. The Potato Goddess says:

    dare mouths do gumball: ugh explodes

  45. Alex McGillvrey says:

    Wonder if Clayton will play aa part in this episode because most of us should remember his stories. Also Remember when Molly was stuck in that void with Rob? I wonder if Tobias's sister got sent there too.

  46. Niexel 24 says:

    Shorter. Better! OVER.

  47. cosmic child says:

    People keep complaining about this show being bad, when I say it's one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. Just my opinion like the people that keep judging this show are most likely adults. IT'S A KID SHOW. T_T

  48. Karleetoh! says:

    0:58 holy crap dude…

  49. ShashankTheTank25 says:

    Cartoon network is not on the canadian app store

  50. Karleetoh! says:

    oh good! there's finally an episode about her

  51. lubelle_ 357 says:

    Hey new grumpy cat is here

  52. The Darkness Of Izzet says:

    what title is that plz?

  53. Wild man1314 says:

    gum balls story is just molly breathing

  54. Keith Redacted says:

    0:58 OH MY GOD XDDD That was the best joke twist to that trope ive ever seen

  55. Yato says:

    We need to add season 5 episode 4 "Valentine's Day"!

  56. Reflexxz says:

    Lol i just finished watching an hour ago

  57. Shy Girl says:

    Head butting a kitten XD

  58. Karleetoh! says:

    they should've left her in the void I: I

  59. morgan yu says:

    Pretty funny episode, just wished the ending was a little bitter.

  60. Bakphoon says:

    I ship Darwin and Molly after watching this episode.

  61. 568 Os says:

    ………………….STRAIGHT UP AWFUL 😀

  62. julia sandiford says:

    yes😀😀😀😀😀😃 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩

  63. Sharkguy 642 says:

    I'm dead

  64. anikin skywalker says:


  65. anikin skywalker says:

    it's so soo funny

  66. Marg Delos Reyes says:

    im gumball to my bestfriend

  67. Yerald makmule says:

    i think molly is just a total sweetheart.

  68. Joey Blackstock says:

    Haha, they are so wrong for this. 😁😁😁

  69. Spider Mean says:

    S T R A I G H T U P A W F U L

  70. Cat Santos says:

    For the longest time I didn't realize Molly was a sauropod 😵😬😲😧😯

  71. The Estevez Company says:

    1:00 What I think of Molly's stories LOL

  72. Kian says:

    Does it involve the main character being slowly run over by a bus?

  73. TheRedDeath says:

    So yesterday I breath ×12 true story!

  74. hazeeq razak says:

    The weird part is mrs small said molly is kinda boring and lame,but she nver talk soo much to people

  75. Oscar Allen says:

    0:15 lol the best part

  76. soccersprinkle says:

    :when your friend starts endlessly talking about her day:
    Friend: OH and did I tell you about the time I lost my favorite-
    me: 0:16

  77. ackbarfan5556 says:

    I like Molly, could do without all the stories but she seems nice.

  78. C.L. Cannon says:

    The super cut of all her inebetween her words killed me!

  79. Bendy Plush says:

    0:59 straight-up awful

  80. K.O. Kincaid says:


  81. Crystal Fujimori says:

    Basically Molly can be used as a torture tool for boring people

  82. MacK says:

    1:32 wasnt this a vine?

  83. Cool Girl says:

    Straight up awful 😂😂😂

  84. CrazyGamerMark says:

    1:32 LOL

  85. Shnobbs Studios says:

    0:15 one of the darkest jokes in the show. I love it!

  86. Harley Quinn says:


  87. Lydia Williams says:

    0;11 omg real like omg yes so relatable i have to get up at 5 in the morning thats me on mondays 0:11

  88. space boi says:

    t r u e s t o r ya

  89. Meme RichiE says:

    1:31 funniest part ever

  90. KittyCatz says:

    1:31 Is Anyone Going To Make A YTP About This? Because Gumball Already Did.

  91. 50k subs with no vids. lmao probably not says:

    Does it involve the main character being slowly run over by a bus?

  92. emma says:

    B L E S S Y O U

  93. Python47 says:

    They got deleted again

  94. ADC91802 [GD] says:

    0:09 We interrupt these Gumball scenes to bring you Spongebob

  95. Joseph Denby says:

    0:16 0:17 0:18 0:19

  96. Good Studd says:

    "She can distort time and space using only boredom."
    Was that foreshadowing to The Void??????

  97. Olivia And Friends says:


  98. Cryptic Goddess says:

    1:32 LOLL

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