The Simpsons Panel At Comic-Con 2019 | THE SIMPSONS

The Simpsons Panel At Comic-Con 2019 | THE SIMPSONS

(SINGING) I love
every ape I see, from chimpan-ay to chimpanzee. [audience laughs and applauds] (NORMALLY) My personal. [music playing] So here’s the
educational portion of– of my part of this panel. If– try to make yourself laugh. I tried to make other people
laugh, and that never worked. But when I started to
turn my humor on myself and make myself laugh,
that’s when people started to resonate with what I did. That’s– uh, advice number one. Number two is whatever
you all are working on– your novel, your
comic book, your– your graphic design,
whatever it is, finish it. The world is full of drawers
of half-finished projects. I have a few of my own, and I
will never show them to any– body, because they’re
half finished. So whatever it is, no matter
how self-critical you are, finish it. Then you at least have
something to show. Mike Anderson, back to you. You have been with us so long–
you actually– so you were there from the
transition from when we went from regular animation
to computer animation. And when I was
preparing this panel, I actually had no
idea that that meant, for instance, you had
to redraw or redo things like the opening credits. What was that transition like? The digital tools were
fantastic in that we could see immediate results. You could draw things, and you
could test it and refine it, so the animation got
more sophisticated. And it was a big transition
because we went from drawing on paper to hand drawing
on a computer screen that you draw on. So it’s still drawing–
it’s still hand drawn, we don’t do it by computer. But what we do use computer
for is sophisticated vehicles and– because in the old
days, you might know– the old episodes, when a car
went and turned a corner, it would squash and stretch, and– and boil, and now we can
control that a little bit. And so it’s– it’s more
sophisticated on that level, and certainly digital
ink and paint. After the movie we added
from, I think, 55 colors to five million colors. So that’s why it looks
so lush and beautiful, and I really like it. I think people who think when
you go to computer animation, that you don’t actually
draw it anymore. That somehow–
– Oh– – –it’s taken over–
– Completely– –automatic. –hand drawn, but it’s
drawn onto a computer, and then you can manipulate
it from there, like– like drawing into Photoshop. You can size things and
change compositions, and– and hopefully it’s
made it more dynamic. It’s made it faster,
too, and the writers can throw more stuff
at it the last minute, because we can draw it, see it,
paint it, put it in the show very quickly where it
used to have to get sent off to an animation house. And they’d have to paint it by
hand, and then dry the cels, and shoot them, and
then send it to us. And if the retake
didn’t work, we’d have to do it a bunch of times. Now they can do retakes
relentlessly, day and night, up to the last minute. So now we are– we’re gonna
take audience questions. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Will we ever
get another Simpsons movie? [gasping and applause] Will we? It opens next Friday. Big surprise. [laughter] YEARDLEY SMITH: Tom
Cruise is coming– Well, you know– YEARDLEY SMITH: –to promote. We– we keep on– So this is– this
is the true answer. The first Simpsons
movie killed us. We didn’t have a B team waiting
to do “The Simpsons Movie,” so the same people who wrote,
and animated, and voiced, and did the music for
“The Simpsons” TV show also did the movie, and
that– what was that, 2007? 2007. 2007. We’re almost recovered. Almost. [chuckling] But no doubt,
there will be a Simpsons movie one of these days. AUDIENCE MEMBER: What’s
your favorite song from any of the episodes? Oh. The– Springfield? That’s my– Yeah. I wrote an episode called “Once
Upon A Time In Springfield,” and Anne Hathaway
and Dan Castellaneta did some beautiful
songs in it, and I– About a Disney princess. Yeah, about a Disney princess. [chuckling] It was– yeah, a little
ahead of its time. Um– And she won an Emmy for that. She did. She won an Emmy for that. I also like “It’s A Vest.” – “See My Vest.”
– “See My Vest,” sorry. “See My Vest.” [CHUCKLING AND SCATTERED
love every ape I see, from chimpan-ay to chimpanzee. [audience laughs and applauds] My personal. AUDIENCE MEMBER: I want
to know what– what’s been your favorite
guests to have on, and are there any guests
that you got turned down for, and that you’re really excited
about having in the future if you could? Good question. Oh, me? You? Carry on. I love John Waters. [audience cheering] Oh, that’s a good one. From “Homer’s Phobia,” which
Bill Oakley executive produced, so there’s a thread there. I mentioned this
a little before, but I love Anne Hathaway. She came in at 10:00 AM,
and she sang so beautifully. And she was just a
doll to work with. She sang at the table read– At the table read! And you– once you
looked away from her, every single person in the
room was– looked like this. Yes. She was mesmerizing. And as Matt said that
to Amber– she does look like a Disney princess. Like, she really does. And– but anyway, she
was– she was great. We’ve had so many great guest
stars, like, this year alone. John Mulaney was– Oh, I should mention– upcoming, we have John
Mulaney next season. Yeah. He was great. We have Dr. Jane Goodall. We have Jason Momoa, Aquaman. And the kid– kids’ favorite, German film
director Werner Herzog.

David Anderson

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29 thoughts on “The Simpsons Panel At Comic-Con 2019 | THE SIMPSONS

  1. Koral Davis says:

    What about "Disenchantment" and the second Simpsons movie

  2. monkey face says:

    Stop making the simpsons. It used to be great now is just there.

  3. Waheed Abdullah says:

    2:45 It would've been funny if almost all of them left just like that Q&A Couch Gag when Comic Book Guy asked the same question

  4. IAmVenom says:

    You know it's kinda sad how The Simpsons used to be the talk of primetime cartoons, and I give the guys behind the show credit for continuing what they do… But man how long can they can continue

  5. CNFunnyJon says:

    Thanks Mr. G. I will take the advice and try.Awwww… but Mr. G I like it when you answered the question with a gun.

    Bender, Bender, Bender!

  6. Alyver Revyla says:

    I can actually imagine Lisa literally asking them questions. Hahaha

  7. Jacob Wilkes says:

    “Watch, as the cast & crew of “The Simpsons” answer some fab questions at the “2019 Comic-Con”.”

  8. Tim Bartsch says:

    Comic Con Notification Squad?

  9. Brayan Masquez says:

    Cómic On

  10. ITs NUKE3110 says:

    I love the simpsons but when comic con is in the US it's hard because I always wanted to go but it is expensive to get tickets for comic con and to take a plane there

  11. Sergio Avila says:

    Saquen la temporada 18 y 19 en dvd en México):

  12. icecream hero says:

    3:30 they should have said you go to family guy for songs not us

  13. JoshKeatonFan says:

    Let'st get FOX to start posting the full episodes on this Youtube channel

  14. Ethan Aleman says:

    Try to make myself laugh 1. Finish work 2.

  15. garconesia garcon says:

    I want orville simpsons to be in homer flashback and plz fox reused orville Simpsons to be in homer flashback like bart get hit by car where he is old

  16. Paul Wilson says:

    I still prefer the paper animation

  17. starlocket says:

    Ugh i wanted to ask to Groening for the Italian Voices that he chose himself 32 years ago,and in the 23th season they changed them for a budget change,but sadly i can’t go to the Comic Con

  18. sbo597 says:

    Nobody asked about apu?

  19. Randy Torres says:

    Long live The Simpsons

  20. Randy Torres says:

    The Simpsons will never end

  21. Randy Torres says:

    The Simpsons are my favorite show

  22. Tommy Nightmare aka Dreamer says:

    If they do a live action Simpsons your thoughts on

    Karl Urban as Lionel Hutz

    Jack Black as Troy McClure

    Adam Sandler as Cletus Spuckler

    Eddie Murphy as Dr. Hibbert

    Anthony Hopkins as Mr. Burns

    Jesse Eisenberg as Frank Grimes

    robert de niro as Moe

    Shiney Ahuja as Apu

    Seth Rogen as Homer

    Which actors can play as characters from the Simpsons?

  23. Praveen Kumar says:

    I love Simpsons in my childhood …. Even now

  24. StephenCartoonBoy says:

    I hope this years simpsons Halloween special has tale parody of Goosebumps 2015 for the third tale of the episode get it because Danny elfman did the Simpsons theme music and the music score for Goosebumps as long as they permission from Sony pictures that is.

  25. Peter Stoate says:

    Long live The Simpsons

  26. Brett Weisbrot says:

    I think they still use Hand drawing besides the cars.

  27. brolly says:

    Trying to cover for their creator being on the lolita express

  28. Jefferton Alive says:

    I had to dislike this video because I could only dislike The West Wing Story once.
    Consider it collateral damage.

  29. Something Odd says:

    Yet the current Simpson's make nobody laugh.

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