The Roots | Gumball | Cartoon Network

The Roots | Gumball | Cartoon Network

Right. According to this book,
“Connecting with Your Roots,” step one is to provide the
appropriate amount of sunlight for your loved one, which means they shouldn’t
be kept in your bedroom. So that’s why I threw
Darwin out last night. I’m pretty sure
that book’s about plants. That makes sense, ’cause part
two is “Cover with Fertilizer.” [ Muffled shouting ] Anyway, step three
is “Dress Appropriately.” So what kind of fishwear
have we got going on? Mom, what’s that? Treasure chest. What are you wearing? Mermaid outfit.
Why do you ask? Because it looks very wrong. Mm, you’re right. Maybe we need
to rethink this and take a long, hard look at
ourselves in the mirror. Nah, we’re nailing this. Okay!
I’m gonna take a walk! Away from
all this craziness. -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
-Wait. Wait. No.
Just no. [ All sighing ] It’s great we’re going
for ice cream, Darwin, but what’s up with them? Apparently, we now swim
as a school. Why? All I got
for an answer was… [ Lips popping ] Okay. There you go —
a banana split to share. [ Sighs ] Right. See you later. ♪♪ Could you please
stop that? So you’re not digging
the whole shoal thing? No! [ All sighing ] [ Grunting ] And I don’t like the
“suckerfish cleaning
my gills” thing either! I’ll be in my bowl. [ Door slams ]

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “The Roots | Gumball | Cartoon Network

  1. Ish-Tahr says:

    mermaide gumball

  2. 666900 subscribers no videos challenge says:

    I saw this episode yesterday

  3. Paraps says:

    0:44 – 0:46 Everyone's reaction to Jacob Sartorious making "Hit or Miss".

  4. Superndew Savage says:


  5. Zip-Doom says:

    The closest that Darwin will ever get to
    the S U C C

  6. Recardo Penn says:

    this show is stupid and not funny

  7. Roman Masalimov says:

    а где на русском

  8. Angrymctaffy253 -Games, Challenges and more!- says:

    "So that's why I threw Darwin outside last night"

    "I'm pretty sure that book's about plants"

    "Yeah that makes sense, since part two says cover with fertilizer"

    Shows Darwin buried in the ground


  9. Angelica Perez says:

    I liked the mermaid outfit but I think it would be great if it was pink♥;-)

  10. Stikbot EL1T3 raps says:

    Why gumball so funny

  11. Kaarina Polly says:

    Are we not going to talk about the fact banana is eating a banana split?!?!

  12. Cartoon Legends - اساطير الكرتون says:

    i don't Understand any thing !
    What's this video talking about ?

  13. Warrior Owl Animations says:

    All I want is to see the anime episode of this?

  14. Adam B says:

    wait banana split gasp BANANA JOE IS A CANNIBAL although he probably ate the ice cream

  15. med walid mazhour says:


  16. Saber Squid says:

    What episode number is this??? Plz tell me

  17. Talice Boyd says:

    ɨ ʟɨҡɛ ʏօʊʀ ռaʍɛ Mʀ

  18. brooke t.m says:


  19. I'm secretly a Taco says:

    They need to make rule 34 of gumball in that mermaid costume

  20. CommandoKnight200 says:

    I was right. : D

  21. Melodic Bottle says:

    I died at the school of fish part XD

  22. Andrae Walker II says:

    0:26 gumball looks very pretty and cute in that mermaid outfit.

  23. Open Salami says:

    Serving a banana split to a banana ?

  24. NightHawk92 says:

    Nicole should have worn that Ariel costume. Facts.

  25. Yahia Amr says:


  26. Yahia Amr says:


  27. q q says:

    Wait… Were Darwin and Joe on a date?

  28. unknown guy says:

    I havent watched the whole of this if someone tells me what the episode is about if anybody knows reply to me

  29. no1reallycaresabout2 says:

    The Wattersons look cute with their sad eyes and when they swim like fish.

  30. Brittany Quallo says:

    So cool

  31. Maria Greenberg says:


  32. Lavinia Dogaru says:


  33. Savannah Holton says:

    0:39–0:41 Me: OK DARWIN!

  34. Rainbow Star says:

    Banana Joe was going to eat a banana split! Isn't that canabalism!?

  35. ?Chirovitrieri? says:

    Being the POC or black sheep in general of your family. Annoying, maybe silly, borderline offensive but they just wanna make you feel welcome. :") Just step off lol.

  36. Lone Cowboy says:

    How many times is Banana Joe going to walk away from seemingly mortal injuries?

  37. Shasta Gwrrett says:

    Love it

  38. As Melhores says:

    Meio chato #odeio episódios incompletos #que porcaria

  39. Zaza& Kaka says:

    why are you a mermaid Gumball

  40. Zaza& Kaka says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  41. Tier 3rd says:

    Did anyone else notice the electrical outlet error behind Darwin?

  42. Misty Johnson says:

    HB junk ugh in

  43. Sarahsariah09_emil Sariah2009_pw says:

    on Wed Jan to get to know

  44. Mohamed Badre says:

    I love this show hahaha

  45. Hanaa Zouri says:


  46. ReTrIfY Streams says:

    i hate gumball

  47. Mohamed Emad says:

    banana joe eating bababa split isn't that cannablism

  48. canadavatar says:

    I gotta admit, Gumball looks absolutly adorable in that mermaid ourfit!!!!! I wish there was an episode were he actually turns into a merfolk!!!!

  49. Imperial Sentinel says:

    Unlike other CN shows, this one is still well.

  50. crystal crawfish says:

    i tried downloading the app. but something is always wrong. just like in the past i tried to register on your sight ????. and also im already 17

  51. حارث العبيدي says:


  52. أحمد منعم says:

    ترجمه باللغة العربية

  53. ATK Mythical says:

    am I the only one here who actually thinks Gumball looks kinda good as a mermaid… sigh, oh well (leaves)

  54. Nafisa Alam says:

    what episode is this

  55. Alice B says:

    I can't download the Cartoon Network app, because it's not available in Sweden! ???

  56. cakegamer 8000 says:


  57. cakegamer 8000 says:


  58. cakegamer 8000 says:


  59. cakegamer 8000 says:


  60. cakegamer 8000 says:

    make gumball to a horse man

  61. cakegamer 8000 says:

    centaur gumball



  63. Mohamed Aledany says:

    Hassan aledany

  64. Mohamed Aledany says:

    Hassan aledany

  65. Mohamed Aledany says:

    Hassan aledany
    Hassan aledany

  66. maxwell says:

    no piranhas

  67. Mahdi Hamlaoui says:

    الخطأ هو اختفاء شارب نيكول

  68. hlilaf zineddine says:


  69. nguyen lien says:


  70. The funtube guy And blue fin says:

    Gumball is AwSoMe!!

  71. محمد ساجد بجاوي says:

    gumball goooooooooooooodd

  72. Wells Family says:

    Banana joe canablism

  73. Bunny Bun says:


  74. Moh Wolf says:

    my deck

  75. Moh Wolf says:

    it's not nice cn

  76. Can we get 500 subs With bad content ? says:

    So banana joe and the donut cop are canaballists

  77. Ru Animates says:


  78. Ru Animates says:


  79. NemoFan2004 IsBack says:

    I Got My Amazon PackAge My Darwin WatterSon Plush In My Bed At Night Turns My Tablet Gravity Falls Gorney I've Been Traumatized I Pee On Darwin WatterSon's Legs

  80. adi hermawan says:

    soo uummmm banana joe loves eating banana split? wow that's cannibalism

  81. Laibah Mahmood says:

    a banana split for BANANA Joe? canabalism

  82. j2H Neonz says:


  83. neon The legend says:

    Banana joe eating a banana split ? Really this makes no sens

  84. Agnieszka Modrzyńska says:

    So, if they just wanted, they could fly?

  85. Jacob Rosati says:

    The Roots Look

  86. iraqi.gamers عراقي جيمرز says:


  87. THYP-3R says:

    0:14 I think he's drowning in dirt. Poor Darwin

  88. Olivia Styles says:

    Gumball looks fabulous in that mermaid outfit!

  89. olufemi babatunde Adeleke says:


  90. Tania Li says:

    0:24 Treasure Chest XD

  91. K. Laile says:

    why only short we all came here to watch the hole thing

  92. Charlotte Destine says:


  93. Moo Girl says:

    0:26 lol he's a girl

  94. Kelsey Follett says:

    OMG!!! Gumball's dressed up as Ariel, except he has no wig.

  95. michelle dailing says:

    Banana Joe is about to a banana split… How is he NOT terrified

  96. Hoan Hot Ho says:

    Creepy when's they all turn piranha

  97. Jeffrey Enriquez says:

    Cute mermaid the mermaid

  98. Sheh Ling Foo says:

    Where they get those comstue from? ????

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