The Problem with Modern Superhero Movies

The Problem with Modern Superhero Movies

I was watching a superhero movie the other
day, and after witnessing villains destroying entire cities and heroes saving the world,
after all of that spectacle, I sat back and went “meh I guess that film was alright”. Now, I am open to superhero films – sure they
may not be high brow works of art, and that’s totally fine – they’re not trying to be. But when the studios are providing such huge
budgets, and making so many of these movies – I think we’re allowed to have high expectations. So I started looking back at my favourite
and least favourite superhero films to try and see what separates them. And let’s just say, it’s been an enlightening
experience. For me, it all comes down to the phrase “let’s
raise the stakes” – here’s what I mean: This is Max and he’s trying to head out
the house to meet a friend, but he can’t find his keys. Will he find his keys in time, or will he
have to cancel his brunch? Kinda boring right – so let’s raise the
stakes: This is Max and he’s running late for his
big job interview, but he can’t find his keys. This time the consequences are more severe,
so there’s more of a motivation for the character. Without there being a lot at stake, it’s
hard for the audience to care about what’s happening – but what if your characters are
superheroes? Saving one person’s life would far too easy
for the Avengers, they need a much bigger danger to tackle. And so by the end of the first Avengers film,
there are thousands of giant aliens wreaking havoc in New York, as well as a nuclear missile
that’s heading straight for the city. Now I reckon there are three problems for
the audience when so much is at risk in the story:
Firstly it’s can be very familiar – there are only so many times we can see a city being
smashed up before we start thinking “yeah, it’s happening again”. And secondly it’s really anonymous – when
we see a building getting smashed up, we should be shocked, presumably, hundreds of people
have just died, but the filmmakers don’t give us a chance to care – we don’t see
anyone inside, and it all happens so quickly. So there’s a disconnect between what we’re
seeing, and how we’re feeling. But it’s not just superhero movies, most
of the blockbusters seem to be competing to up the ante:
Jurassic World has huge crowds in danger, giant creatures fighting each other and destroying
stuff, whereas in the first one basically ALL of the danger was focused around the few
characters that we’d got to know throughout the film. And for me, that makes more of an impact. I think it takes a lot more to get the audience
to care about a large faceless group than individual characters. And thirdly when the stakes are so high, I
reckon it becomes un-relatable. Like take Pixar – they consistently write
stories that are centred around relational, emotional conflicts – the characters have
relatable problems like rejection, defying against your parents, and saying goodbye. So how would Pixar handle a superhero film? Well in The Incredibles, they do give us the
big fight scene in the third act, and yeah some buildings get smashed and lots of people
are in danger, but they really don’t dwell on that. The big showdown and battle is actually pretty
short, and the true climax of the film comes straight afterwards, when Jack Jack is kidnapped
by the villain. They’ve reduced the number of lives at stake,
but it actually feels like a bigger problem, because it isn’t anonymous anymore, and
it’s relatable to every parent and every child. That’s they’re big finale, a smaller danger
that feels so much bigger. And this actually reminded me a study where
some people were shown statistics about how many kids grow up in poverty, and others were
told instead about one individual child who was living in poverty. Then they were all asked if they wanted to
make a donation. The people who had heard the story about the
kid donated more than twice as much as the ones who had heard the statistics. They even had a third group who had been told
about the individual as well as the wider statistics, and they still donated less. So forgive me for using statistics to show
how no-one really cares about statistics, but it really does demonstrate the power of
empathy. I think that’s where a lot of these superhero
films are lacking – they’re telling us the stats of how many lives are at risk, but they’re
forgetting to really get closer and give us the relatable, humanised stories. And I don’t know about you, but those are
the stories that I want to hear.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “The Problem with Modern Superhero Movies

  1. Balder says:

    to quote Stalin: "A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic".

  2. Tech Library TV says:

    Fantastic dissection of superhero films. BTW, loved the background music too – subtle and merges with this video. Wonder which one it is.

  3. Péter Becz says:

    Just watched this right after this Rare Earth episode. Together they make even a better argument:

  4. cosmicASIAN says:

    I'm fine with big cgi movies and all superheroes movies. So u can't say "The" problem with modern superhero movies. Try putting "My" problem with modern superhero movies. And just because a lot of great films are mostly plot-strong, it doesn't mean superhero movies have to be too. I disagree with 100% of what u said.

  5. Nana says:

    While I do like comic book superheroes and the culture surrounding them, I must say their movies don't deliver much. Other than choppy editing and similar scripts, they are rather predictable and just too cheesy. The only ones I can take seriously are Dark Knight and Logan. Rest is repetitive, overly dependent on hype and in many ways, just a way for production companies to earn $$$

  6. Russ Young says:

    That's what made X Men 2 so good, right?

  7. David Macias says:

    I think similar thoughts every time I watch a superhero movie. It's also a mistake to consider superhero movies as their own genre, which for some reason is still happening. Take a superhero and throw him into a comedy, a romance, a thriller, that's the way to do it. Some writers are finally starting to get it. Same exact thing goes for guns and explosions, a single gunshot in a film has or can have a much greater impact, than thousands of bullets and explosions. They really got it right with The Incredibles. How many more movies are they going to end with an invasion or a war?

  8. PaperBagBoy says:

    This was so logical holy crap. definitely gonna make sure to keep this in mind when writing a storyline for anything

  9. High Ground Productions says:

    Basically: LESS IS MORE

  10. High Ground Productions says:

    Maybe you should meet Kai Wong

  11. Leon Reaper says:

    Enemies come , Good guys win the day > End = YAWN

  12. Paul Reacts says:

    Okay you make good videos, but your voice is really grating. I'm sorry but can't you just speak louder without that darth Vader speaking into the fan tone? And the whisps and S's at the end of each word are like scratches against a chalk board. Just some constructive criticism, either get a mic not SO clear (ditch the soundproof room that catches every breathe you take in your speech), or speak up. I would watch more of your content if this could be changed. Thanks if you consider.

  13. idkwuisp 76 says:

    Wow. This makes me realize how bad superhero movies are, and also respect good films.

  14. 1234 says:

    Ugh so many people overanalizing movies it's just entertainment don't like it don't watch it and don't judge people for liking a certain movie. Yes there is always room for improvement but let's be real a few people complaining can't change the mind of big companys so all you have left is to not watch it as that will both please you and send out the biggest signal to the makers that there is something wrong.

  15. Jaytal says:

    you talk way too fucking quiet its weird

  16. ASIM Bj says:


  17. I AM Ability says:

    Straight Up Genius Bro!

  18. Mglaighton says:

    This is why I've been enjoying smaller films recently. Logan is a great character driven comic book movie with high stakes and emotion. Probably my favorite superhero movie ever. Spider-Man Homecoming was just another bland superhero movie that perfectly fits the point of this video.

  19. Nathaniel Portillo says:

    I would love to work with you in the future. Brilliant content

  20. ALI BIN ESHAQ says:

    You've done a great work bro 👍

  21. Choco Silfo says:

    Such a great video. Didnt realize the importance of how they tell the stories until watched the video. Thank you, it was really interesting and useful

  22. sushanth kumar says:

    I think u forgot to watch civil war

  23. ARCHAN RAY says:

    best explanation

  24. Rick Riot says:

    I got a few good titles
    Spiderman 2

  25. Uhfgood says:

    This is a really good analysis. But there is also another factor you didn't consider concerning over the top action sequences and big budget visual effects. And that's the fact we've seen almost everything. When one can create anything then it becomes tired. I'm sure back in the 70's The Towering Inferno was really thrilling. They had not seen that much big screen destruction up until that point. Since then we've had movies like Die Hard and Independence Day and even real life disaster on 911. We're so desensitized that it doesn't make much of an impression anymore. Superman the movie was such a huge success because nobody had seen a "serious" superhero movie before. So with each subsequent blockbuster we get more accustomed to it and then they become total borefests

  26. Billderbeerg S says:

    You are talking about Yankee superheroes, not all superhero movies are Shit, learn the difference.

  27. LutaLivre Sarnoso says:

    saitama watching superhero films: that was cool, i guess.

  28. Dowlphwin says:

    This is interesting in connection to Man Of Steel, where the fans of Superman did remember the core values and were appalled at the casual mass endangerment of human life. Buildings got smashed and people DID care, because they applied that heart-based connection and weren't numbed by Hollywood grandiosity.
    Isn't it all supposed to be exploration of the human experience? Looking at ourselves. Those big unpersonal movie spectacles are basically representing the dehumanization forces of that experience.

  29. FizzedReborn says:

    Welcome to New York…
    Disasters Happen all the time

  30. Tales Of Color says:

    Why Dunkirk is so amazing

  31. Falfieri says:

    Lol you are only thinking of DC films

  32. akvalues says:


  33. Jennifer Milford says:

    The problem with high stakes is definitely part of this. But I also think there's a wider problem. Superhero movies have become incredibly popular for studios because they're a safer investment: they have an established audience, if you throw enough money at them they're usually successful, you can reboot them quite easily, there's a huge wealth of source material to draw on for new films, and they have a degree of credibility even if you drain every last dollar out of them because so many people have love for the original stories.

    But for all those reasons they also lack innovation. A film like Back to the Future likely wouldn't get made today because if someone came along with that idea in isolation it would have none of the things I just listed above. It would be a risk and studios wouldn't touch it. If it were made, it would be a completely different film with a lower budget and aimed at a different audience. For that reason we've seen something of a schism between big blockbuster style films, which are increasingly bland and uninteresting marketing vehicles, and lower budget/independent films, which are thriving. Superhero movies aren't the only cause of this but they're the figurehead for it.

  34. melany momsen says:

    You say the director doesn't give you enough to care that about 100 people just died when the building was destroyed. In BvS during the battle for Metropolis we see people in the Wayne building, who are preparing to die, we also see the little girl that Bruce tries to console, who has just lost her mother when the building blew up, a reporter who got stuck under the ruined building who is about to die. Isn't it enough for you to care?

  35. Et Cogito Ergo Sum says:

    some bullshit in this video

  36. Julio Víctor Manuel Schaeffer Manrique says:

    Saitama watching and reviewing superhero films?
    Oh, sweet irony!

  37. M. Shambho says:

    Well said. I was thinking exactly this smaller number larger stake thing yesterday. These superhero movies nowadays are too dumb to do those things.

  38. Vito Corleone says:

    I just watch infinity war and it was fuckin bullshit

  39. Jobs mine says:

    Finally someone with sensible idea. I don’t understand why people get angry at me when I say Marvel (generally superhero) movies suck. I mean am not a comic fan, but I can safely say The Dark Knight is sublime perfect movie that I can watch it any day and I’ll never hate it. It has story, character, action but most of all that thrilling feeling u get. I get bored 😐 Marvel movies after Iron Man. Take a looks at civil war, all thor movies, all guardians of … , they all suck. They look like clown 🤡 movies man. They got shit day by day…

  40. Julio Cesar Eiras Melanda says:

    For me this is one of the reasons I prefere Spiderman homecoming over all the MCU so far… and Logan, it's just fantastic, Logan is a whole new level.

  41. UchihaItachi1986 says:

    The problem is that they exist.


    Exactly the old superhero movies were far better than these modern shit….. Like the dark knight triology, Spiderman 1 and 2 , and the first three movies of X-men…
    These movies are evergreen ❤❤

  43. nigratruo says:

    You raise very valid points, I think that is why many movies are boring now. Over powerful heros without any weaknesses, plus that neither them nor their nemesis could ever die, thus removing all tension.

  44. Rebss // says:

    who gave u the right to include that scene from Monster Inc.? I'm crying

  45. Mike R says:

    Yeah, I've been feeling the same way for a while. The earlier Marvel movies had more story and deeper character development. But the more recent movies have less of that in favor of more fight scenes and special effects. I saw the first X-Men movie three times, Batman Begins twice, The Dark Knight Returns three times, Avengers twice, and X-Men First Class twice. But now I've actually passed over some Marvel movies and the others I've seen in the theaters only once. Because the newer movies have less to take in, less to dwell on afterward. I had a greater appreciation for the Wonder Woman and Logan films, which focused on just a few key characters. Now the Marvel movies just have crowds of characters in the same movie so there's less time on any one in particular. Infinity War had some compelling scenes, but I don't need to go see it twice.

  46. kai liepins says:

    Hey Simon how did you make the animations at the begining? I loved it!

  47. Chocolate Milkshake says:

    In independence day Russell looks at a photo of his children before flying into the alien's laser beam. He didn't sacrifice himself to save the Earth, he sacrificed himself to save his children. So his death has more impact for the audience.

  48. Sanju Singh Mma says:

    I left Infinity wars Midway…..too cringey for me.

  49. M Chaney says:

    All of them are …cheesy? they are garbage………………………………. the only good ones are the batman movies, spiderman 1, a few xmen movies, ironman1 and 2 , the rest of them SUCK DICK in all aspects(cheesiness, plot, development, too much fan pleasing, too much advertising, too many dumb ass cameos,
    its a FUCKING MESS)

  50. occamsrazr91 says:

    No to mention that the fanbases are absolute cancer, and have contributed to the demise of marvel comics

  51. Shaikh Sajib says:

    Avatar is better than marvel

  52. Mr Temporal says:

    Watch the DCAU cartoons. They are incredibly well written, well animated (especially the older Batman TAS episodes) and voice acted just right. (Especially the older Batman TAS episodes)

  53. Alvin Csunderlik says:

    I wonder where Star Wars, especially the original first three films, are placed in this context.

    It has mostly medium-sized conflicts/battles, but the focus is heavily put on exploring the characters feelings, especially Lukes. Along with the story and narrative of a book, which can be nicely and cleanly-cut followed, rather than the clusterfuck that happens in todays blockbusters.

  54. Jack Ridge says:


  55. runbei says:

    Yes! Simon, thanks for advocating a more human scale. Thor because it's about an individual who learns a hard lesson and changes by becoming more expansive in his heart – we recognize it, know that there's joy in it because of the way we're made. The first half of the first Iron Man because it's on a human scale.

  56. Maximus Gigantos says:

    Story telling is very important in everything

  57. Piero Minaya Rojas says:

    That's why Spider-Man 2 is my favorite superhero movie

  58. Nikhil Mhatre says:

    I don't disagree to what u said, but I feel these larger than life stories are nthng but metaphors for our day to day problem, for example spider homecoming, in that movie a high school kid had to choose between his high school crush and something else which is very important to him, which is relatable to me as I had to make a similar decision ( obviously not of that scale ) . Iron man 3 wasn't the best movie but it had a theme that no matter how rich or resourceful u are the only thing that matters is UA attitude and intelligence and probably the best example is the captain America trilogy, cap who was so into the American dream in the first movie but after that movie we saw that he was stood for what was right even if means going against the thing u adore the most, similar thing was seen in civil war. I agree that most of these movies are straight up cash garbs but their are few movie which really resonate well with some of the day to day stuff, TDK trilogy or the captain America trilogy are an example of what this genre can be. Yes we are nt their yet but I'm sure with time we will get much better movies which are nt just explosions and heavy CGI

  59. Guilshad Joseph says:

    Black panther changed all of this………

  60. Team SMSD says:

    Good villain.

  61. Morgue Original Music says:

    Also, grown men wearing their underpants on the outside… Just can't take that shit seriously.

  62. MidnightEkaki says:

    Finally someone has said it! I used to loooove superhero movies. Batman, Spiderman, Xmen movies. It was unique, emotional, epic and badass. Then post Avengers it started going crazy. Though I still liked some films after that, they stopped exciting me, and theres some superhero movies from the past few years I havent even bothered seeing. What made the movies special to me just isnt really there anymore. I dont want to see them vs a billion flying space monkeys using their new super kamehameha web shooting laser or whatever. I want to see a personal story about someone dealing with their hero responsibilities, self identity and sense of justice to defeat their enemies whatever form they take. Maybe that story has been overdone at this point, but thats the appeal of superhero movies to me. Also trying something new in the film doesnt hurt either.

  63. japascho says:

    This is why I realy like the MCU yea sure there are big battles but they also realy care about other story's.

  64. Sean OBrien says:

    And stop making frigging origins as a person who reads comics i know who the justice league are and who the avengers are. This is why every movies an origin because the mainstream audience dont read comics. Look at the tick amazom tv show that depicted the superheroes already being the hereos. The superhero team was already the superhero team but retired years later and The ticks already the tick. The bad guy killed arthurs dad. Arthur then goes on an arc to find the terror and stop him and becomes a hero. Not every bad guy wants to take over the world but because the mainstream audience only watch the movies and dont read comics they think that every stories cliqued and every villain is cliqued and they dont even read comics.

  65. Pelias Peligro says:

    Superhero movies are interesting but I'm agree that these movies are stupid, I was watching Ant Man yesterday and they just don't care about people, or like when Nick Fury is being chased by police officers in Captain America 2 he just doesn't give a fuck crashing innocent people, o Winter Soldier stealing a motorcycle like nothing in Civil War. Wanda Using the cars in the airport just to attack Iron Man who is gonna pay for that?
    Why Iron Man does not give a Iron Man suit to Black Widow and Hawkeye? Why Captain America uses only a shield, he can carry a pistol at least but no just a Shiel, why he does not ask Tony for a suit? With a suit Cap would have more chances to survive. If Doctor Strange can use portals to cut body parts why he did not use that when Thanos was being hold by the Avengers? Is Iron Man can fight against Thor how couldn't he get rid of Star Lord when he was messing up the plan against Thanos. I like the movies for entertaining. I'm waiting for End Game I'm exited even though I know some of the movies are stupid.

  66. Deadpool says:

    Honestly, I kinda agree with you. Not only are most of these movies predictable, but I feel like most of them are all the same. That's why The Dark Knight is the best comic book film ever made. I mean the film mainly focuses on more realistic things like crime and terrorism rather than having the superhero fighting a bunch of aliens and stuff.

  67. Pacco Ortiz says:

    I think also when the whole world/universe is in danger: A) you kind of know they're going to win and B) is harder to raise the stakes from there.

  68. Oh yeahh says:

    i know its late… but Do more vid like this…

  69. Kristian Kasmuller says:

    Well now the heroes fight each other and now the heroes are the guys that destroy the whole city

  70. BonzoDog67 Lizardking says:

    Those idiot filmmakers would also find following these points require lower budgets which afford greater creativity and higher profits.

  71. Phato. says:

    you got one this wrong. "Guess that marvel film was alright". Marvel movies aren't films. They are video sequences.

  72. Julian Beatty says:

    Logan, kickass, batman, first 2 spidermans. Only Hero movies I cared about.Firs

  73. Geert Matthys says:

    Movies are more and more made for Indian audiences and when you look at the retardation Bollywood produces it's easy to see why Hollywood becomes more retarded too.

  74. Jan Brady says:

    I hate it when movies can't just focus on a single hero. Why does every movie have to have multiple "cameos" of all the superheroes from that universe?

  75. Stanley Sallee says:

    … The heros movies sucks they keep going for knew york.

  76. Stanley Sallee says:

    I what somthing different for the hero's movies like the evil have to win.

  77. Sage The Salty says:

    Okay, this guy is amazing

  78. Jacob Keating says:

    I’ve been genuinely confused lately. Avengers Endgame comes out, the world goes crazy, everyone i know says it’s the best movie ever, critics say it’s the best movie ever. I go see it. It feels long, and shallow, and silly. It suffers from the same problems as the majority of the other marvel movies I’ve seen. Why is it that critics seem to view marvel superhero movies with rose-tinted glasses?

  79. Miszcz Fotela says:

    I know it's a bit late but maybe you'll read it. I kinda don't get why you don't like "Iron Man 3" but like "Iron Man". I think Tony Stark is most human (and interesting) in the third part. HE is the stake. Can he be superhero without his armor? Can a man be enough when facing supernatural? Those are the questions that this film asks and to me, that's a very personal stake. Sure, there is some international dangers going on in the background but it's not what I remember the most. In "Iron Man" the problem is just Tony Stark, his company and bigger, evil Iron Man that he needs to fight in order to be, who he decides to be (at the end of act I I believe, his character arc is very strange in the first film) but I remember it as a bit artificial and lazy. After all it's just two robots fighting each other and a guy that doesn't know if he should reveal his secret identity or not.

  80. sondre vatland says:

    1:48 civil war

  81. House Liska says:

    I have to agree. I like a bit of a fight, a big of spectacle, but it means nothing if I'm not invested in the characters. And I'm going to get more invested in a group of people having trouble on their own than some corporate or government sponsored team of pros.

  82. DJ 95 says:

    sounds like he's eating his mic

  83. Chi Bang says:

    Movies in General don't make sense and are a waste of time. Always about a guy, a woman, or a kid who has a code or something that will save the world. Ridiculous.

  84. Shivani says:

    Complaining about superhero movies is like going to a rock concert and complaining that the music is too loud. Most people just watch films for entertainment and escapism and superhero movies provide that. If you want a deep meaningful movie go and watch some pretentious art house flick or some Oscar bait crap.

  85. othman tayach says:

    in my opinion the real problem with superhore movies is that they don't do what are supposed to be which is show is what it would be like if super heroes exists but all they do is showing people talking to each other and when it comes to the action it only last for 30 seconds or 1or 2 minutes and is absolutely pathetic and it not exciting at all it happens either at night in an extremely dark place where you can't see what and everything is happens supers that you don't get to enjoy the action or it just regular fight of two or ordinary people and when the finally show something super natural it happens either fast that you can barely notice it or it occurs in the most pathetic way possible and hero wins super easily against villan there epic moments cool fight scenes or great special effects or animation none of that just people meeting or speaking to each that no one cares about or knows what is there importance in the movie just wasting time with useless scenes that have no meaning and when finally explain the story they don't even explain properly the characters just show some body language signals that they understand what going on and everyone who is watching is left confused superhero movie are not regular movies they show about the action and I don't normal boring lame fight scenes or bullets and shit tone of explosions no I want I want epic heroic scenes

  86. SolemnInterests says:

    Imo, solo movies without crossovers are the best. Bales Batman and Maguires Spider-Man are the 🐐s still.

  87. Monkey D. Ivan says:

    Suck my bollocks you cunt. Superhero movies is the most innovative and splendid genre. Alfred Hitchcock is like a little kid compared to the director of todays hero movies. Marbel Endgame alone is better than all that garbage in the early 80s. Fucking retart

  88. chane vazquez says:

    Thats so true! Wish more people realized this then they would make better films. But i dont think they care anyway. Directors no only care about breaking box office records and making profits as opposed to making good movies. They entice with action filled trailers and get people to want to see the film and by the time we go out and buy a ticket and realize how crappy and overated these films are i doesnt matter cause theyve made there money.

  89. TheJCghost says:

    This is what «The Boys» does well to set up its plot

  90. Bruno RUSSO says:

    "The Boys" … problem solved.

  91. Davis Denver says:

    I've been thinking about the problems that superhero movies have. The only MCU movies I can rewatch are Iron Man, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Spider-Man: Far from Home. I will try to explain this…

    I think the three movies I mentioned above are different than, let's say, The Avengers. They don't rely on explosions and high stakes. They rely on good storytelling and characters you can relate to. The Avengers and its sequel are dragged out and I barely remember anything from them, nor do I care to. I don't care to see overly-high stakes, mixed in with a lack of story, stupid villain, too much CGI destruction, and a two and a half hour runtime. That's bad filmmaking, and I'm sick of movies like that.

  92. Lee Johnstone says:

    You look at superhero movies like Blade and the X-Men. They are realise, dark and gritty

  93. Ryan Nixon says:

    Fortunately Infinity war did shake it up a bit. At least a year after this video came out

  94. The Misfits CREW says:

    character development, and empathy for the characters in the film. Along with companion ship makes a story relatable. A few too many 1 liners from Thor is not too relatable. Also let’s make the villains scary, what are their motives, why do they want to destroy and most importantly do I believe them. Too be real marvel has no relatable villains with a story I bye into. Most of the time they are just angry, butt hurt losers who decide to destroy shit like they are having a tantrum. “Not very scary” finally if a battle scene becomes larger than life then I won’t bye it” aliens smashing into buildings is just not relatable to the human experience but one guy who is on a mission with motives holding your hero at gun point. Now that will scare you because I care about the hero not the innocent people that I have never met or learned about. And that is where marvel fails, because I don’t even really care about the hero because their is not much development outside of cheesy one liners so even if their was a good villain, It wouldn’t be scary. PS if the good guys always win. I’m not going to doubt them or be fearful for them. Marvel movies suck…. period

  95. martijn games nl says:

    Things wrong with superheroe movies
    1. Most of the time superheroes are way to powerful indiviality so no threat will defeat them
    2. Plot armor there is alot of that in those movies , such as one heroe defeathing thens of villian minions
    3. Villians never win so you know part of the endinf of all superhero movies
    4. Boring villians with cliche dialoque

  96. Sherhan Mahmud says:

    Logan: Fuck the rest of the world, our 3 main heroes are all that matters.

  97. wodg23 says:

    this is why i love shazam!! it follows an older, “save the city” instead of “save the world” formula. and, it’s really unique in its comedy, too!

  98. FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin says:

    modern? they all suck huge balls

  99. Jesse Pinkman says:

    The best superhero movies were Dark Knight and Logan. They have a better story and not too much bullshit CGI fight scenes although Logan went a bit bad near the end.

  100. TheBattleNetwork says:

    Action is my favorite genre, I also am tired of super explosions and constant action. It needs a mix of drama, characters, and plot with that action as well.

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