THE PRINCESS ACADEMY – Happily Ever After (A Disney Princess Musical) (Mulan)

THE PRINCESS ACADEMY – Happily Ever After (A Disney Princess Musical) (Mulan)

JUST HERE FOR THE PRINCESSES? SKIP TO 2:27 Welcome back to the show. Today I’m joined by Ted Pessiminsky a New york Times Best selling author Mr Pessiminsky, I read your.. Call me Ted. Ok, Ted, I read your book Happily Never After and I think you take these children’s stories a little too seriously. I think parents should take anything involving their children seriously reading these fairy tales to kids especially young impressionable girls does real psychological harm. They’re falsehoods Children need truth and that is what my book Happily Never After is all about. oh, ‘cmon Ted These are just stories that parents read their kids at night. It gives them comfort makes them happy. Happy? How happy is your child going to be when they realized you’ve lied to them? That true love doesn’t happen overnight and that there’s no genie or fairy godmother to solve all of their problems for them Well, doesn’t it teach them about goodness and kindness? kindness Goodness, is it kind to set up your child with unrealistic expectations of their future ? What is good about teaching young girls that women are only capable of being Appealing to men and having nothing else to offer in this world. Oh, come on Ted oh ‘cmon Ted These princesses have shown that they are much more than that. And I think it’s the princes that have a lack of character development Exactly. So why are these women so desperate to have these vapid men fall in love with them? Oh because everyone wants to find their special someone I’m still looking for mine. Where’s my Happily Ever After? I guess I could just walk into the woods and find a dead girl in a glass coffin and stick my tongue down her throat Well, there’s an idea Ted. I bet she’d wake up and slap me across the face Just like millions out there. I still haven’t found my happily ever after well. I hope that you do Ted. All right well. I hope that you do Ted. Alright. Thank you. Mister Pessiminsky. The book is “Happily Never After” We’ll be right back Hey Bill good interview, right? Yeah, I thought so too Can’t wait to see what those fairytale wackos are saying on Twitter. Listen, you got to grow up sometime You can’t just find love walking down the street.. (angrily) Excuse me! (female voice) I think he’s waking up. Hello?.Are you All right?, I think so (female voice) Can we get you anything? What do you wish for? Something to eat? some water? A song? A song?I think I just bumped my head (female voice) I know that’s why I’m applying ice to it. I just need to sit up Is this a joke? Oh We never joke. We leave all the joke to our adorable sidekicks. I have a talking candlestick. Mice are mine. A raccoon Lightning bug chameleon. dragon snowman I have a crab a fish a seagull… Ok Ladies! I get it What am I at a cosplay convention for delusional women Is this D23? No Ted! We’re all princesses, from different kingdoms of course! I’m supposed to believe that you’re the actual Princesses from the actual fairy tales. Oh yes. because we are! I..I …I What’s wrong? You got a frog in your throat? We princesses have come together to form The Princess Academy! And we’re here to teach you a lesson! You’re going to teach me a lesson Yes! We heard what you said about no being able to find your Happily Ever After! We can help! No, you can’t it doesn’t exist. I wrote an entire book about it (Belle) Happily Never After Just read it. I found it to be one-sided, absurd mean-spirited, repetitive and juvenile Really? What do you know about books? Would you like to see my library? Now we won’t have time for that now sit down right over here my fellow princesses and I have come together to create The Princess Academy. a place where anyone and Everyone can discover their inner royal self. I Am out of here Please take your seat Ted. Okay I get the point you certainly will if you don’t sit back down. some princess you are threatening me with a bow and arrow. We’re not all fairy tale stereotypes, you know (Snow White vocalizing with Bird) well, Some of us more than others Great. I’ve been kidnapped. Did someone say nap? Not again! I said KIDNAPPED! Calm down laides! Everything is fine. Are you ladies suffering from some kind of PTSD? Yes, we are. We all have some sort of PTSD Princess traumatic stress disorder. It’s a very real thing I still have a fear of snakes Fear of snakes is pretty common How about 90-foot snakes who want to kill your boyfriend and father so they can marry you and take over your whole kingdom?! That’s oddly specific. Ladies, let’s begin today’s lesson Ted judging by your book we have decided to help you find your happily ever after After and to show you that true love does exist I feel like I’m on “The Bachelor” you sound crazy. Oh I’m not crazy Just ask my friends Jaq and Gus Jaq and Gus? They’re two of my best friends That happen to be mice You’re right. You’re not crazy As I was saying we all voted to help you believe in love because finding your better half is very important I disagree with that statement and let it be known the vote to find his better half was not unanimous Some of us are just fine being independent but since we were outnumbered.. They had to “let it go” That’s my line so Ted, here we are and it’s time to have a little talk. a Ted- talk so you’re my teachers I should have brought you an apple (gasps) I’m sorry Today’s lesson, finding your happily ever after (music starts) Oh no. Are you gonna sing? Is it too late to be taken out by the girl with a bow and arrow? For a happy ending first you need a shoe that fits you perfectly a gown that’s sewn by birds and mice and a curfew set for midnight for a happy ending first you find a house of dwarfs, No they won’t mind! cook and clean, sing through the day and soon a prince will come your way! When clouds fill the sky and hope seems to stray a smile and a song will brighten your day! Everybody say “Hey! Oh! Happily Ever After! Love finds a way It’s not always a disaster whistle a happy song! find out where you belong! even when you get it wrong! find your way to Happily Ever After! okay! The song’s kinda catchy! Who wrote this Taylor Swift? (Snow White) Is she a princess? For a happy ending make the choice to be with him you trade your voice a whole new world waits just for you you shouldn’t need a man to rescue you to find the one just look within Beauty lies beneath the skin The Shadow Man can make it worse! but True Love’s Kiss can break a curse! A wish on a star with follow where you are But once upon a time is all up to you Everybody say “Hey” Oh! Happily Ever After! Love finds a way It’s not always a disaster discover how far you’ll go go where the wind may blow Believe and just let it go! find your way to Happily Ever After into a world full of fantasies discover your dreams and set them free Hey! OH! Happily Ever after! love finds a way it’s not always a disaste….WOAHH The wishes inside of you Ones that you never knew! Believe and they can come true! You’re on your way! to Happily Ever.. (vocalizing) After (princesses chattering) Learn anything today Ted? Okay, I get it truth and love sacrifice and faith hardwork and goodness. It doesn’t work in the real world I’m digging the song girls, but I’m not drinking the princess kool-aid. There’s no such thing as happily ever after I know some people think we’re very naive but what’s the harm in believing in love and goodness in the world? It’s no use snow we failed.. Merida.. No wait (female voice) Are you ok? hello? Can you hear me? what.. what happened? Well, um, I ran into you you fell and then your book flew up in the air and knocked you out So you’re okay. do you need an ambulance? no, no I’m ok okay! Least your phone didn’t break I guess its a happily never after all! what? The name of the book, yeah, I never really believed in all that fairytale stuff either. Oh! It’s my book. I’m the author Really? Oh my gosh. I’ve always thought fairy tales were so silly (laughs) C’mon! Like a prince randomly going around kissing dead girls in the glass coffins in the middle of the forest. Really? Guess what’s the harm in believing in love and goodness in the world? You Could be right. Listen. Can I get you a coffee? I mean, I feel terrible for knocking you over. Sounds good! Yeah? Well there’s this place….. Hey, I’m Layne and I’m Tony and we are pattycake productions and we’re here with our favorite princess Oh please call me Snow White we are friends after all! Okay Snow White. Thanks so much for watching episode 1 of the princess Academy Don’t forget you can check out our patreon to get exclusive BTS Q&A sessions. And also karaoke tracks Oh they can sing with their forest friends! Their forest friend.. right? You can also get the track happily-ever-after on iTunes or Spotify But how will they know when there’s more? A bird? A bird or you could subscribe Oh! Like an invitation! Sure, like an invitation. We’ll see you guys soon. Thanks again

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “THE PRINCESS ACADEMY – Happily Ever After (A Disney Princess Musical) (Mulan)

  1. Osazodemen Oaikhina says:

    Snow White kinda talks like Marilyn Monroe?

  2. Osazodemen Oaikhina says:

    Really nice though….already subscribed

  3. Aisaiah English says:


  4. ShingToMe says:

    For the most part, I enjoyed it!! I wish the Belle was more vibrant. But the song, lines, and the acting of the princesses were pretty good!

  5. ChessasWorld says:

    They look SO pretty! I love their costumes <3 🙂 And the song is just awesome and sweet

  6. vidah Paz says:

    Okay anyone else in LOOOOOOVEEE with Mulan's graceful beauty??

  7. monique johnson says:

    Tiana is my favorite I love her and mulan, Ariel and Belle

  8. Abigail Maturana says:

    oh my gosh this is cute

  9. npaujbais says:

    I guess…I'm a pessimist…

  10. Jasmine Liew says:

    The song is great

  11. apink hayoungie11 says:

    still waiting for another episodes of Princess Academy…I really love this!!!

  12. Hotaru Shidosha says:

    I really liked how they kept to their proper personalities even when singing lol

  13. Yui Cunanan says:

    let's count which princess saves the prince
    1. ariel save prince eric's life
    2. tianna kiss frog prince and turn herself into a frog
    3. Belle broke the curse spell on beast.
    4. pocahontas save john smith from her father.
    5. mulan save the china

    let's count which princess are fine being independent
    1. moana
    2. elsa
    3. mereda

    let's count prince saves the princess
    1. prince phillip save aurora
    2. prince ? save snow white
    3. alladin save jasmine
    4. Eugene shows rapunzel outside her tower just to see the floating lanturn. but rapunzel saves eugene's life when he was stab by gothel. (so guys don't know where should i put rapunzel. help me out.)

    the prince ? for cinderella, he didn't save her from her step mother while she was lock away. it was the mice that help her escape.
    anna choose hans first. that's why, first love is a disaster. second love have a happily ever after.
    pocahontas choose to live amoung her clan, rather going with john smith. (so guys help me out if i should put pocahontas on the princess are fine being independent.)

    i do believe in a happily ever after. but there is no magic that can help you in real life.

    true love kiss? i don't believe it.

  14. Hallo girls says:


  15. Zachary Wheeler says:

    Ted is a ass hole

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    Wait isn’t t he guy who plays ted the guy from the frozen thing at Disney world

  17. Mirus says:

    Awesome production!! Definitely love the song and their lines. Meridas' line I agree with.

  18. Leonardo Oliveira says:

    Não falo inglês

  19. Adam Bowman says:

    Well done folks. I enjoyed it.

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    Does the backing track for this song exist anywhere? Would love to sing it!

  21. Ashley Lynn R says:

    I hate buddies aittude I mean seriously not all the princesses are sterotype princesses.I mean these Disney princesses arent that way.

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    Aww~ this is adorable

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    Still waiting for the next episode. Huhu im a fan ❤

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    Tiana's face when Belle is talking about his book ??

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    Can't get this song out of my head

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    Plot twist: His love was the newscaster

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    Cinderella has the most beautiful actress. ❤❤

  28. Lose Uhila says:

    Princesses: Find your Happily Ever After
    Ted: NO
    Minutes later
    Princesses: ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU.

  29. Babysimmer says:

    Just saying what Ted was talking about is kinda true in this modern day society

  30. Babysimmer says:

    International Barbie R US

  31. Giovanna Lopez says:

    Tik tok got me here and am not upset I love it and Ted is a Disney actor and does tik tok as well…..overall love this

  32. altheeaa leignee says:

    Merida is such a mood LMAO

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    I want a part 2 of this gosshh super ganda!!! ❤❤❤

  34. Reese Gillian Racho says:

    elsa: but, since they were outnumbered
    anna: they had to let it go!
    elsa: thats MY line

  35. Kortni Caldwell says:

    4:15 belle is sitting on nothing ?

  36. L W says:

    Mulan wasn´t there when they originally filmed it…? Because she is only in the video for a few moments and never with anyone else.

  37. Rachel RoseLynn says:


  38. The Sentinel says:

    Anchor: I think it's the princes that have a lack of character development.

    Ted: Exactly!

    Me: There it is

  39. Danae Lum says:

    Cute.. But I still don't believe in happily ever after either. Lol

  40. Athena Ulanday says:


  41. JOEY NANTES says:

    Hmmm, i wonder when will be mine, MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER

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    Mr. Pessiminsky = Mr. pessimistic ?? nice name

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    What a Lovely video
    I love Disney Princesses so much
    They are So Beautiful!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Ugh. Worst scottish accent ever. Surely there must be SOME Scottish actors over there?

  45. nilo loria says:

    Ted:Like millions out there I still haven’t found my happily ever after.

    Me:Well maybe if you weren’t such a jerk than maybe you will find it someday

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    are we gonna get their princes?

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    Wow Tiana Voice is matched

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    Cinderella is so adorable

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    Love it! Merida rocks! All of them are almost like their characters!

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    "you certainly will if you dont sit back down"

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    Oh i love they so much and,i like thia video.
    วีดีโอนี้ดีมากเลยยย ทั้งการเเสดงหรือไม่ว่าจะอะไร

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    The only person I truly relate to here is ted, These princess Are nuts.?

  55. Sarah Craig says:

    The song starts at 6:22

  56. Mercedes Oliveira says:

    I mean I loved it but the song didn't quite make sense they are just putting famous Disney sentences in the lyrics but I reapet loved it!

  57. Stacey Mural says:

    you know the only people who don't believe in happily ever after are those who stop believing in there dreams, but that doesn't mean you have to stop chasing your wishes will come true and true love does exist ??

  58. Gacha Galaxy Wolf says:

    1:09 I'm actually following the guy in Instagram. I also saw him playing his character in the Frozen Sing Along Celebration in Hollywood Studios in FL.

  59. janaaa says:

    I just want to commend this production for letting us enjoy these high quality videos for FREE! And as a return, I will always support you even by merely not skipping the ads hoping that I could help your amazing team just a little. Someday, I know you’ll be big. For now I wanna enjoy the entertainment you’re giving us and I like it lowkey ❤️ Keep the videos coming! Your efforts are all appreciated ??

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    I have prinsess in my heart and my life i do believe in true love

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    Julie Goodwin was so perfect as Snow White in OUAT. Her beauty matched the Disney character so well. Skin as white as snow. Lips pink as roses. Her voice was beautiful too.

    I love each how each of the women in this video portray my fave princesses. Makes me feel like a child again. Where's my pixie dust! I'm off to Neverland to play with Tinkerbell.

  63. curameng09 says:

    I'm applying ice to it -Elsa

  64. Alexi Gonzalez says:

    Great movie but it's too short u should at least put it like a hour and half 45 minutes but I do love the Disney's princesses

  65. gene tree says:

    Here for the princesses click 2:27

  66. Keeei says:

    I can feel Merida's sass so much that my phone's threatening to crack.

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    Here we have a big terrible mistake, Elsa is not a princess, She´s a Queen.

  68. candace harewood says:

    Thanks for have a few princess we never see Tiana, Mulan, Merida, pochantas, this was great! my 6 yr old enjoyed it. Getting the song

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  73. Baberaham Lincoln says:

    Ted: “ok, I get the point”

    Merida: “you will if you don’t sit back down”

    Big thumbs up to Merida for threatening Ted with the Bow ?

  74. Rock’s Little World says:

    Princesses: “But true love’s kiss can break the curse!”
    Merida: “Am I a joke to you?”

  75. Sophia LeclerqMikaelson says:

    I love how everyone have their own accents rigth

  76. Lara potocnik says:

    IMO That girl that he bumps into kinda looks like Giselle.

  77. aishart chxnnel says:

    “who wrote this? Taylor Swift?”
    “is she a princess?”


  78. AJLom5 says:

    I always see Merida as the Grumpy Bear of the Disney Princesss. That’s why I love her so much!

  79. Kawaii Unicorn says:

    Snow white sounds like Pinkie Pie

  80. Jean AAA says:

    I'm in love with Merida's constant look of disdain

  81. Disney Dude says:

    Excellent video can’t wait for the villains lair crossover when will that comes out?

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    And snow white she's no princess but a queen ?

  84. S M says:

    Pocahontas is perfection! I wanted to hear more from her 🙁

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  86. M says:

    I'm gonna be that one comment here that likes Ted aren't I? The one that says that the man has got a point. Well at the risk of the many dislikes I'm gonna say it.

    Deep breath

    I may be a tad clinical on the romance department here but seriously. He has a point on realism. Tell the stories but make them clear that they are fairly tales. That they are made up. That several of these things are not socially okay in society!

    The independent princesses here deserve a round of applause because guess what!

    Not everyone is freaking looking for a "happily ever after" or something!

    They may want to stay single. And that is fine.
    They may want to be jumping from partner to partner. And that is fine.
    They may want a relationship that is beneficial for both parties in a non-romantic way. And that is fine.
    They may want to spend an extended amount of time together before they make it official. And that is fine.
    They may want to find a new partner after one or several divorces. And that is fine.

    Not everyone wants the same thing from their lives or relationships. One person's "happily ever after" may be being a nun or a priest or a monk who swear to celibacy.

    So yes, go get your "happily ever after," whatever that means to you right now because it may change later. Just don't assume that everyone wants to find that one perfect person right now, because news flash, not everyone does.

    This is long and I probably sound like a troll but I just had to say my opinion.

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    the godmother was the last resort for Cinderella she (and her mice friends) tried making a dress themselves for Cinderella but the stepsisters ruined the dress so Cinderella couldn't go to the ball. It's not like the fairy godmother made a new household for Cinderella. Seriously neither TED NOR the unnamed girl not realize that SNOW WHITE WASN'T DEAD-she was ASLEEP. Both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were in a cursed SLEEPING STATE. ITS NOT LIKE THEY COULD WAKE THEMSELVES UP

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    Snow White: Seven Dwarves.

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