The Powerpuff Girls | What’s Scarier than a Spaghetti Squash? | Cartoon Network

Well, according to my list, we’ve been to every house
in the neighborhood except that one. [ Thunder crashes, wolf howls ] I don’t know.
It looks kind of scary. Eh, what could go wrong? [ All screaming ] How dare you
steal all my candy. Buttercup, the sign said,
“Take one.” What? Oh, I thought it meant
take one basket. Oh, don’t even try
pulling that one. You knew very well
what it meant. Please, Mr. Very Strong
Yellow Pumpkin Monster. Excuse you?!
I am not a pumpkin monster. I’m a spaghetti squash, the most neglected squash
of Halloween. Oh, I hate those pumpkins
so much. It’s always pumpkin pie,
pumpkin latte, take your pumpkin to prom! Wait,
so you’re not a pumpkin? Of course I’m not! You three
are about to find out just how scary
a spaghetti squash can be. I’m going to crush you into
next year’s Halloween candy. [ Laughs evilly ] Yeah right.
You’re not that scary. What? Yes, I am. No one is scarier than me. Okay. Well, then if that’s true,
nothing should scare you — not even the scariest story
on the planet, which we happen to know,
right girls? Uh, yeah. We do? Shh. Look, if we can scare you
with one of our stories, will you let us go? Hmm, okay. But if it’s not scary,
it’s crush city. ♪ [CN MNEMONIC] ♪

David Anderson

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