The post 1964 Pochta Russian Animation English subtitles

Soyuzmultfilm The mail This film is dedicated to
the memory of Samuil Ya. Marshak Scenario S. Marshak
M & V Tsekhanovsky Direction
Michael & Vera Tsekhanovsky Art direction
M. Tsekhanovsky, B. Korneyev Music
V Deshevov Camera Elena Petrova
sound Boris Filchikov
cutter V. Turubiner animators Elena Khludova, V. Maximovich,
T Taranovich, V Balashov, N. Avstryiskaya,
V Kushnerev, V Shevkov, A Davydov voice artists: Erast Garin, M. Shchukin
Clara Rumyanova, Maria Vinogradova, Musical consultant & director
V. Smirnov Registered & urgent Boris Zhitkov
Left side
Kalinina street 2 apartment 26 (Picture of Lenin)grad postman do not put a stamp here. because of caterpillar (Mail) (Mail) Leningrad Post office Who’s that knocking on my door
With the large shoulder bag With the number 5 on a copper plaque,
ln a blue uniform with a cap? lt’s him. lt’s him
The Leningrad postman He has today, a lot of letters
in the bag on his side. From Tashkent, Taganrog,
From Tambov and Baku. My darling poodle, faithful Tom,
l told you before that… on the master’s bed
you do not lie down to rest. Do not chase, dear Tom,
our tomcat and our puss. Behave like an adult dog,
and not like a childish puppy. pugnacious dogs will not
be aloud to go on the staircase. this morning.
And remember about the morning exercises. First on your hind legs and
after that on your front legs. Also with loud barking beware not wake
the inhabitants of the neighboring apartments You brought my boots?
Now get me my hat! So goodbye, you loyal dog,
give me your paw! A custom from Rostov
For comrade Zhitkov! A custom for Zhitkov?
l’m Sorry, he is off. Where did the citizen go?
– He left this morning for Berlin While Zhitkov goes abroad, rushing through the air,
with the land all green beneath him, After Zhitkov
ln the postal train
the registered letter follows. The packages are spread out
stably on the shelves A long way lies before them. so the two postman on the wagon
benches rock the night away. A postcard to Dubrovka
A parcel to Pokrovka, A paper to Stanza-Uklin. But the custom will travel
over the borders to the citizen in Berlin Boris Zhitkov went to the hotel.
He read a German magazine. Stripped off his boots, went to bed… And was at once dead asleep. l do not know how much he slept
but enough to sleep gloriously. Then he discovered that
his right shoe had disappeared. Zhitkov looked around
under linen, bedding and clothes. Suddenly with the boot, faithful Tom
crawls out from under the bed! Oh, darling Tom, my dear Tom,
How did you come to be in the room with me,
abroad? ln Berlin? lt all seems like a dream to me,
or would this be a delirium? Well, get ready, good Tom,
We’re going now to England! This is the Berlin postman,
he has the last mail loaded. He is dressed like a dandy:
A cap with red piping. A dark-bluejacket
with azure buttonholes. He’s going and keeping in his hand
a letter from abroad Around him passersby in a hurry
with car tires rustling, One goes faster then the other
on the linden avenue. Leading the postman to his door
the postman bows for an old porter. A letter for Herr Zhitkov
staying in number six! – Yesterday, at eleven o’clock
Zhitkov departed for England! A letter itself doesn’t go anywhere,
but dropped in a postal box lt will run. lt will run
lt will fly. lt will fly and swim and swim
Thousands of miles away. lt is easy for a letter
To see the world: He does not need a ticket. for a copper coin
he goes around the world. A sealed passenger. On the road it does not drink or eat
and only says: – Urgent.
West, 1 4 Bobkin Street. Running, throwing cargo
From bus to bus. Swaying on the roof
Banners and posters. The conductor on the ladder shouts
– The end of the route. Bobkin Street! Through Bobkin Street, through Bobkin Street
Mr. Smith walks quickly Through Bobkin Street, through Bobkin Street
Mr. Smith walks quickly ln the postal blue cap;
And a kind of cape. And at the house at no. fourteen,
he bangs the hanging hammer And then, he said, quit sternly:
– For Mr. Zhitkov. The doorman looks and points
to the first name and the last name And then he says
”Boris Zhitkov went further to Brazil” The steamer will depart in two minutes.
Suitcases and people are brought to all cabins. But to one of the cabins
are not carried suitcases. ln that one goes this:
the postman with the mail. Under the palm trees of Brazil, Weary from the heat,
Wanders a brown Basilio, The Brazilian postman. ln his hand he holds a strange,
crumpled letter. The stamp is foreign
The post mark… And the inscription of the surname also butt the addressee left Brazil.
He is back to Leningrad. Thus Zhitkov flew over Leningrad.
that did not happen since a long time. with his faithful poodle by his side,
he’s staring out the window. Finally they are back home! Before going to bed, Zhitkov took Tom
under his arm and threw him in the bath. Who’s that knocking at my door
With that large shoulder bag With the number 5 on a copper plaque,
in the blue uniform cap? lt is him,
lt is him,
the Leningrad postman! He brings again
the custom for Zhitkov! For Zhitkov? Hey, Boris,
Receive this and sign for it! My neighborjumped out of bed: – That’s a miracle indeed! Look,
that mail to me traveled around the globe. lt raced across the sea in pursuit,
has rushed into the Amazon. ln pursuit of me it was driven
by trains and by ships. Over seas and mountain slopes
lt bravely followed me. Honor and glory to the postmen,
Weary and dusty. Glory to the honest postmen
With their large bags on the belt! Honor and glory to the postmen,
Weary and dusty. Glory to the honest postmen
With their large bags on the belt! Glory to the honest postmen
With their large bags on the belt! The End
Subs by Eus and nfdfneq

David Anderson

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