The Number Adventure at the Train Factory with Shawn and Team! – Full Cartoon

The Number Adventure at the Train Factory with Shawn and Team! – Full Cartoon

(Speedy) Hi, I’m Speedy! We’re here to take you to the train factory. (Rusty) Hi, and I am Rusty the robot. We are very glad you are coming along. Look, here’s Shawn on the monitor. (Shawn) Hi, how are you? I’m very happy that you’re coming to the factory! (Dexter) OK, Shawn, I am moving out ten containers. (Shawn) Thank you, Dexter. You can help us build the trains and learn about the numbers. On the way to the factory Rusty the Robot will show you what we do here. I suppose you’ve met Speedy, too. He’s a quick little train but I think Rusty will keep him in check. (Rusty) OK. You can operate this train. Push this lever forward to accelerate. We cannot travel faster than ten miles per hour. We want everybody to be safe at the factory. (Speedy) I can go a lot faster than ten miles per hour, but the robot won’t let me. (Rusty) We’re going a little too fast. Pull this lever to slow down to ten miles per hour. Thank you. Here we test different trains. We use numbers a lot. We count train parts when we build trains. We count how many objects a train can carry. (Dexter) Hello everyone. (Rusty) Hello. (Dexter) Hey, Robot, don’t close the gate yet. Thanks. (Rusty) We also measure the weight of the objects using numbers. We calculate how much weight each train car can hold from a light ONE (1) ton to a heavy ONE HUNDRED (100) tons. We also measure distance and speed using numbers. We have slow trains like Donald and fast trains like Benny. (Benny) Okay Donald, Are you ready to race again? (Donald) Bring it on, Benny. (Rusty) By the time Donald travels THREE (3) sections Benny has traveled TEN (10). (Donald) Oh, no. Not again! (Rusty) When you go to school they will teach you about numbers and measuring. We’re arriving at the facility. (Shawn) Hi. I’m so glad you’re here. Let me introduce you to the team. You already know Speedy and Rusty and this is Donald. (Donald) Hi. It is very nice to meet you again. (Benny) I don’t know how you got here first. (Donald) I told you I would win this time. (Benny) I am very glad to see you again. Shawn, we might have to replace my two headlights. I don’t see well at night anymore. (Shawn) No problem, Benny. Dexter is coming back. (Dexter) It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for coming over to help us. (Shawn) Okay, it’s time to go to work. (Chief) Don’t forget about me.
How are you doing. I am Dan but everybody calls me Chief. Okay, guys, I am not going to delay you. I have to go clean the test tracks. (Shawn) See you later Chief. Oh, wait! Let’s all take a picture. ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3). Okay, it’s time to go to work. We are at the Assembly and Repair Stations. The first number you will learn is the number 1 (ONE). We have one big container we have to lower. Go ahead and push the button. (Computer) Greetings! ONE (1), ZERO (0). (Shawn) Oops, right now we have ZERO (0) containers. (Computer) ONE (1) (Shawn) Okay, Donald, you can move it out. (Donald) No problem! Moving out ONE (1) container! (Shawn) Look, Benny is at Station Number 2 (TWO). He needs TWO (2) headlights replaced. (Benny) Okay, I am ready for my TWO (2) new headlights. (Computer) TWO (2) (Shawn) ONE (1) TWO (2) (Computer) ONE (1) TWO (2) (Shawn) Well done! (Benny) Thank you very much. Now I can see a lot better! (Shawn) This electric train needs THREE (3) doors. Thank you. (Computer) THREE (3) ONE (1) TWO (2) THREE (3) (Shawn) At Station Number 4 (FOUR) we install wheels. Release FOUR (4) wheels for this passenger car. (Computer) FOUR (4) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4) (Shawn) At Station 5 (FIVE) we weld steps. Do you want to help me weld steps? We’ve already welded FOUR (4) steps. We still need the step number 5 (FIVE). (Computer) FIVE (5) FIVE (5) (Shawn) Well done! This wooden train car needs 6 planks. (Computer) SIX (6) (Shawn) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6) We install glass windows at Station 7 (SEVEN). Okay, let’s install them. (Computer) SEVEN (7) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7) (Shawn) It’s okay. I have another one. (Computer) SEVEN (7) (Shawn) At Station 8 (EIGHT) we install bolts. We need EIGHT (8) of them. (Computer) EIGHT (8) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8) (Shawn) The next TWO (2) stations are different. Instead of counting objects we will measure distance and count the amount. (Speedy) Can I go with you? (Shawn) Of course! At Station Number 9 (NINE) we install engines. Instead of counting objects we will count distance. We have to lift the train NINE (9) feet to fit the engine. (Computer) NINE (9) (Shawn) ZERO (0), ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), NINE (9) At the last station we are going to fill the engine with TEN (10) gallons of oil. Instead of counting objects we will measure liquid using numbers. We are going to count backwards! (Speedy) I can count backwards. (Computer) TEN (10) (Speedy) TEN (10), NINE (9), EIGHT (8), SEVEN (7), SIX (6), FIVE (5), FOUR (4), THREE (3), TWO (2), ONE (1), ZERO (0) The engine is filled up! (Shawn) Thank you both for your help. Let me show you our secret station, Station Number 5 (FIVE). Can you help me type the password? (Computer) Please enter your password. (Shawn) The password is THREE (3), FOUR (4), ONE (1), FIVE (5), TWO (2). (Computer) I am sorry, try again. (Shawn) ZERO (0), NINE (9), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), SIX (6). (Computer) Access granted. (Shawn) Well done. This is our prototype train. He is a jet train. We call him J-1000. He can go up to 1,000 miles per hour. He is the fastest train ever built! (Speedy) Even faster than Benny? (Shawn) Yes! (Speedy) Wow! (Shawn) Do you want to see how the engine blades spin? Push the green button, number 1 (ONE). (Computer) ONE (1). Program activated. (Shawn) Now push the yellow button number 2 (TWO). (Computer) TWO (2). (Shawn) And now the orange button, number 3 (THREE). Do not push the red button or the jet train will launch. (Computer) THREE (3). (Speedy) This is so cool! (Shawn) Okay, let’s turn the engines off. Push… Oh, no! I got connected to the jet train. Help me get unstuck. (Speedy) We will! (Rusty) I will help you. Do you want me to push the red button? (Computer) Four (4). Data transfer complete. All phases complete. Autopilot activated. (Shawn) No! That button is not for that! (Speedy) Come on! Let’s help Shawn. Look there is another set of engines. (Computer) All phases complete. Autopilot activated. (Chief) My mustache! (Shawn) Can you help me disable the engines? You will have to climb onto the J-1000 and type the code. Okay! Jump on the count of THREE (3). ONE (1)… (Speedy) Look out! (Shawn) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3) (Shawn) Be careful! The code is ZERO (0), ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), NINE (9) (Speedy) Look out! (Computer) Activation code denied. (Shawn) No! (Rusty) Hold on! (Rusty) ZERO (0), ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), NINE (9), TEN (10) (Computer) Data transfer complete. Shutting down. TEN (10), NINE (9), EIGHT (8), SEVEN (7), SIX (6), FIVE (5), FOUR (4), THREE (3), TWO (2), ONE (1), ZERO (0). Program terminated. (Speedy) Wow! This was faster than 10 (TEN) miles per hour! (Shawn) Thank you all for your help. If you did not know the numbers we would not have stopped the jet train. It’s nice to have good friends who can help you when you need them.

David Anderson

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