The (NOT DISNEY) Collection – The Search For The Worst – IHE (8 MOVIES!)

The (NOT DISNEY) Collection – The Search For The Worst – IHE (8 MOVIES!)

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “The (NOT DISNEY) Collection – The Search For The Worst – IHE (8 MOVIES!)

  1. Gnagg Wadschn says:

    Only like thw first two seasons of clone wars looks bad
    After that it gets really good and actually better as it continues
    so dont insult it grrr

  2. Drawde_064 says:


    Same from me 🙁

  3. somesatisfaction says:

    I’m pretty sure that sound is a metal gear solid 2 sound

  4. Reese Walker says:

    I thought that tangled up intro looked like a video you would watch at school

  5. Immortal Sloth says:

    Did they think kids would know what a "expired registration" was?

  6. Kings Sorrow says:

    Frozen land was on Netflix under the original name. I watched it. I fucking regretted it .

  7. David Aston says:


  8. DOMKQ says:

    Robot Schneider

  9. Xeno says:

    You have guts to give a negative review on Disney and also try to get monitization

  10. Nom du Clavier says:

    As was everything else on the screen you showed
    All in 2012
    How many fucking movies

  11. Miss Moxie says:

    You not only bought those movies but you watched them
    You are a spartan

  12. Speedinator Gamez says:

    You didnt include Ratatoing

  13. Crown Force says:

    They completely forgot the RACISM?! Like, that's the main thing to remember in What's Up

  14. Leyenwolf says:

    I always found it funny when movie producers would make kids seem like Navy Seal ninjas.

  15. David The Zetta Nerd says:

    Wait. The cars who are people need a licence and registery. So they need a licence to walk?

  16. Sonya Colon says:

    43:04 excuse me wtf

  17. Tmccreight25Gaming says:

    I would rather commit suicide than watch any of these movies…

  18. L1TTLEW1NSTON 1 says:

    You forgot Izzy’s way home which is an awful ripoff of finding Nemo

  19. Max power Fan says:

    Your British?

  20. Jorge Adrián Cantú Vázquez MTY says:

    10:33 Fantastic Force, A.K.A. "The Protegent Movie".

  21. tea bean! says:

    The first one looks like a coloring book come to life…

  22. Tavarnia Glenn says:

    These movies are fuck fuck shitty shitty fuck shit

  23. Levi Ackerman says:

    Fantastic 4 orce title card looks like the 7 up logo

  24. NicroJits Studio says:

    I had to watch Frozen land in school multiple times, I HATE IT

  25. Singular Mouth says:

    My thoughts:


  26. TwoCentReview says:

    Rob-ot Schneider

  27. TwoCentReview says:

    “Driving without a liscence”?!

    How do people exist in that world? You have to registered essentially to walk anywhere? How do you get to the DMV to get your license in the first place? I guess tow trucks own everything…

  28. Splatoon is the worst game of all time. says:

    Why do fanart of anthro planes even exist?

  29. StanFLDgaming Stuff n Things says:

    A N T H R O P L A N E S

  30. Picolo Chelsea says:

    OMFG I interviewed at brightspark 🤣 it's in Brighton, it's commission based work they said so I decided the offer. I had no idea they done this shit !

  31. Slavic Terbine guy says:

    What does FKMK mean again


  32. AmaZing PurpleGirl says:

    I think I did a good deed today. I caught this video on holiday last week (it came up in recommended).
    I actually found Sky Force for sale in a charity shop. I told them they may as well bin it as it really shouldn't sell it to anyone, being so poorly made and awful.
    I hope they chuck it

  33. Evan Maldonado says:

    1:49 Well not anymore!

  34. Meme Garbage says:

    Is anybody gonna talk about 18:33?

  35. MogwaiToboggan says:

    the title card to The Legend of Sarila is in the Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra font. Double knock off!!

  36. UóᴥòU says:

    WAIT isn't Braver actually a real movie though??? with a red haired princess that is only on screen for like five minutes of the entire movie? I think someone swapped the DvDs, my dude!

  37. Jeff Debiler says:

    how is tangled up intro music still not a meme

  38. Aniemaniac says:

    I was shocked how the blatant racism in What's Up wasn't mentioned.

  39. West Ortega says:

    This video was great and made me laugh alot…but I choked at that dude's face when he was "talking" to that bird in the last one. God help us all.

  40. DaRealKing says:

    Fantastic 4 Orce lmao

  41. Ben Wood says:

    I didn't understand that left-handed bit from fantastic 4orce at all.

  42. Lord Gollum says:

    I now have gay

  43. Brie N. says:

    Btw, that tower in Tangled Up, with the two bushes on either side…what's up with that?

  44. retrodoggins says:

    you are one dedicated bastard for finding all that plane hentai

  45. danner253 says:

    The anthro plane pron is making me get upset lel

  46. Julian Gonzales7 says:

    I remember that I actually watched fantastic 4orce

  47. Sutoraiku says:

    The animation was so bad I didn’t notice I was watch at the lowest quality I could

  48. SillyBillyBeanBoyJack says:

    Wait… Could Dragostea Din Tei be in Anthro Planes the Movie as a reference to the music video for Dragostea Din Tei which heavily involves a plane? Or am I thinking too hard?

  49. Kaneki Ken says:

    This music from tangled up makes me really uncomfortable

  50. Master Aron says:

    Shut the fuck up Alex, I'm trying to listen to the stories told around the world >:o

  51. jonathan preziose says:

    ok let me tell you whats going on here, the reason why these movies also movies like them exist is what your see in disbelief. yes they are trying to trick ppl but it is sooo out in the open and why its so common now is because over some time ago there was a time were are government actually cared about free speech and there actually was a supreme court ruling on this and they ruled in favor for these movies. so u think Disney would be so hard to beat with there lawyers but the supreme court has presidency

  52. Sidd % says:

    the 4 are back with marvel (and essentially disney) now, so yeah they are disney properties

  53. mária boráros says:

    Your min

  54. _xXChoco PawzXx_ says:

    A 50 minute video with only a few adds…

    … gee that’s less than a lot of channels for twelve minutes

  55. Ashton. F. says:

    If you’re wondering why their are two car life movies. My bad.

  56. Oliver Sanderson says:

    oh… good… a whole HOUR of FUN

  57. KJN 2000 says:

    Aint that a kick in the head


  58. BILLRAZ3R says:

    I dunno why I find 43:03 funny.

  59. JUECE18 TM says:

    What’s next a movie called N-Word?

  60. John Jones says:

    Fuck dude it's free on YouTube

  61. 50 subs with 1 video challenge says:

    When someone wants to copy your homework so you tell them to change it up a bit

  62. AshBurn66 says:

    It doesn’t help that this video is the same length as one of the films in the video

  63. Logan G. says:

    Wait… A cars life (i know the right grammar but fuck it im too lazy) is a father son story and youre telling me that green abomination is the slut car and not the father? What in the everliving fuck?


  64. Silk&Milk says:

    29:39 So are we just gonna, like… NOT talk about this?

  65. Silk&Milk says:

    It's only been an hour and I ALREADY forgot the entire plot of Braver.

  66. Szymon Sołtys says:

    14:32 I used to love these films when I was a kid

  67. Yuli Ban says:

    The Legend of Sarila could've been a decent movie, but I think the problem is that— because it was written and made by guilty-ass White People— it was trying too hard to be respectful to Inuit culture and, as a result, refused to do anything actually funny or interesting and thus was Frozen Land. Can you blame them? You do a single goddamn thing wrong in a cross-demographic production, and the Twitter mob comes after you for cultural appropriation.

    Actual Inuit would've probably had a lot more fun making the Legend of Sarila. Nor would they have been limited by fears of backlash. Too bad it was just so Frozen Land. However maybe someone could do something like it better in the future. Really understand the culture and quirks. Otherwise, it's definitely one of the most boring movies I've seen in a while. Painfully Frozen Land, I mean boring. Like, it was Frozen Land. And there was no sense of fun either. No sense of adventure despite that literally being the premise. Every Inuit alive should be offended, and I mean rightfully offended. So whatever.

  68. Spencerriffic says:

    At first I saluted you but by the end I just felt bad

  69. James Stone says:

    The fact that those movies exists just proves how powerful money is and what some people will do to achieve getting some lol. Its sad and amazing at the same time lol

  70. KC Infinity says:

    this is gonna be fun

  71. Colin Schwartz says:

    (puts a gun to his head)

  72. LethalLe0n says:


    he predicted it

  73. Audrey Lemay says:

    The video came out in 2016 and he said sub 2 pewdiepie did he predict the future ?!?!

  74. Karissa Rei says:

    My dad bought frozen land by accident

  75. Alexander McBain says:

    The clips of the movies made me suddenly laughed really loud at a family dinner because of how fucking disappointed you sound and how terrible the movies were if I can even call them movies

  76. Alexander McBain says:

    And I actually watched a cars life as a child I have trauma my hands just shake for no reason when I watched the part of the video where it was in I hate it why did you remind me of it it’s cancer in a solid form i had nightmares of sparky

  77. gemma2101 says:

    i’m in love with this entire video

  78. ShutterBug says:

    Fun fact, you can buy frozen land on the PS4. Except its called "The legend of Sarilla."

  79. Johan Mize says:

    37:06 guys if you want to show your kids a short funny movie here ha go

  80. Clement Poon says:

    21:12 oh that almost distributed as a Legend Of Zelda ripoff!!

  81. Clement Poon says:

    44:0 look snes graphics!!

  82. Your Lord and Savior says:

    I tried finding Brightspark's website and it looks like it's been dismantled, looooooool.

  83. Tim McBride says:

    When the tangled up intro happened I though to myself, “wow this is kinda like one of the intros to those Boring info movies your 3rd grade teacher would put on…” and would ya look at that

  84. Vegas Spencer says:

    Michael schelp made ratoing Wich is copy of the rat movie by Disney a ants life but in real life was ants Michael Schelp is Walt Disney brother

  85. Giantrobot23423 says:

    Y O U R E A D I C K

  86. Bill Billy says:

    this is the first video of yours I have seen, very well done and quite amusing, I like very few things but I gave you one!

  87. Lordkey says:

    congratulations on 6M views!

  88. dkjsbiavrubdhd says:

    Were you just throwing the movies hoping they were broken?

  89. Mr Orc Shaman says:


  90. Please Help Me says:

    Cars was my childhood tbh

  91. darceun says:

    i feel like iv'e seen fantastic 4orce, because this looks so familiar 13:48

  92. F.B.I - Wall Breaker says:

    Do you hate Disney, IHE??.

  93. Catherine Taylor Stinson says:

    The legend of sarila? More like the legend of salmonella.

  94. kate Topous says:

    You sound like the guy from smash bits

  95. VulKus says:

    Still my biggest problem with this video is you called the first Cars the worst Pixar film, howww daer u
    For some reason I can watch this over and over

  96. Evan Rinesmith says:

    Fantastic 4orce: If Sid The Science Kid had a better budget.

  97. Wing Nut says:

    43:03 WTF

  98. DKM_Gaming says:

    When the bit with what’s up what is that weird white face thing on his desk I seen that on a cursed image I want it

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