The Most Inappropriate Disney Kids Products

The Most Inappropriate Disney Kids Products

One of the biggest children’s entertainment empires of the world is also one of the most inappropriate! [Disney] has had a lot of mishaps [and] certainly has cost a few childhoods 10 most inappropriate Disney Products, huh Buzz lightyear sippy cup You want me to put my mouth… where? This buzz [lightyear] sippy cup is pretty innocent by itself however the position and placement of the straw Perverts this drinking product to the point where it belongs in an adult entertainment store [Concert Candy] This Hannah Montana concert candy is full of guitar and microphone shaped gummies, it all seems innocent but the shape of the pink gummies look especially Phallic the picture of Miley Cyrus on the front of the package also doesn’t help with any innuendos that one may have in their minds [Rad Repeatin’ Tarzan] This toy came out in 1999 around the same time Disney released the movie the Tarzan action figure seems innocent enough But the hit of a button makes us toy do some rather primal actions granted You can’t see Tarzan’s little vine with the upward movement of his hand with this classic Cry makes it seem like Tarzan is giving himself a good time in the jungle [Mickey Mouse microphone] The computer animated Disney show ”Mickey mouse Clubhouse” is a huge hit among little kids and their [parents] so Disney Manufacturers decided to create a product with her fans could sing along with [the] hit show with a themed microphone But the problem is that the microphone was created with Mickey’s characteristics in mind and that leads to a very phallic looking toy? That’s used very close to children’s mouths [Lion King toy] This gem of a toy was found at a special edition box of smarties, the toy is supposed to emulate the scenes in the Disney Movie [the] Lion King where the Baboon Rafiki shows the Newborn prince? Simba to the Animal Kingdom [however] the problem with this toy is that it doesn’t really lift Simba up and it looks more like he’s doing something [very] inappropriate to the lion cub [Donald Duck Ride] We are all familiar with the kid rides outside of the grocery and convenience Stores where you can put a quarter in a slot and just ride for a few minutes Companies have made these rides out of characters boats and other modes of transportation Disney seeing the success of these coin slot rise decided to jump on the Bandwagon Their Donald duck ride has the famous duck on his backside with his arms behind his head [the] rider sits in his lap this looks This looks wildly wrong unless you’re into cartoon characters Princess toilet seat Nothing says cultivate your dreams and wishes like sitting on the toilet and taking care of business [this] product seems to say Flush your wishes and dreams right down that toilet [besides] the fact that you’re [sitting] on the face of Disney Princesses with your bare bottom, it does seem to help with potty training especially in public restrooms [Dip Sea Dooz] There are a few things wrong with this product one since when does [ariel] enjoy fried fish And when was it [appropriate] to put her on a box for dead fish and two, what are Dip Sea Dooz? Some people have interpreted this food item as aerial cutting up her psychic flounder and selling the Goods or That dip sea-dooz is actually fish poop Hmm [Singham a jig mini], the Singham a jig Minnie mouse sings songs from the Mickey mouse clubhouse and is exceptionally inappropriate for a few reasons Minnie’s mouth is plush and it looks like a special toy that primarily men might use also the mouth moves in a weird way with a Lifelike inside of a human mouth kind of feeling [the] Hey citizens of the richest Rob Bliss here from screen rant You should check out our latest video entitled weirdest movie merchandise ever made, [you] won’t believe some of the items that were manufactured from your favorite movies, make sure you click on the link and Why not subscribe if you want the best videos about movies and TV shows? [thanks] [outro]

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    Straw inappropriate for buzz it's like u drinking his… I dont wanna say it

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    Bro why you humping a baby

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    This is not nice I didn't know my child hood has this nasty ass crap

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    Why dose miny s lips look big?😑

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    Thetarzan toy and the Donald duck ride

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    Tarzan having a good time in the house with girls lol

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    Sing ma jig minnie..
    I hade one.
    Welll. …. i would feed it xD

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    I Saw the Tarzan at an antique shop

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    All these toys are mostly innocent. Y’all just making a big deal out of them for no reason.

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    Oh yeah when me my mom and mom's friend came back from my sister's wedding dress fitting place we saw a restaurant called doo dees seafood

    Doo dees means poo

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    0:26 one of my teachers drank out of this

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    2:05 Omg the new Mc Donald’s lion king toys

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    I don't get the candy

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    Y'all dirty minded 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    What about the evil stick?

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    And i oop-

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    Now my childhood has been ruined

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    The most dirty minded people ruin kids childhoods

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    Poor Simba w

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    Then remove "u"
    And replace letter "i"

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    I don’t have a problem with sucking of buzz light year

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    Y'all know where I uh……. can find uh, one of those Minnie dolls? Asking for mys… I mean asking for a friend 😅😅

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    I should be mad at my mom cuz she got me that buzz light year sippy cup.

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    Dip sea dooz are fish nuggets that are put into sauces

  78. Gessa PANGCOBILA says:

    I found on google

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    Watch til 2:05

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    Category: education

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    I had that seat with spongbob…😂😤

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    YouTube: Family Friendly!

    Also YouTube: most inappropriate Disney toys for kids

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    Like or when u walk u will step on a lego

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    Ok at first it's reasonable,but then it gets ridicules at the middle like the princess tolet like really it's NOT inapropiate and the dip zee doos like really it's just fish that LOOKS like chicken so it's not inapropiate ok

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