The Making of Ella Arcangel Animation

The Making of Ella Arcangel Animation

When I first read Julius’ Ella Arcangel, it was still in zine form. I was envious of Julius because
he came up with the idea first. When talking about comics, the first thing that comes to mind is “superheroes”. But Ella Arcangel is different. While the superheroes are usually
depicted at the top of buildings overlooking the whole city, Ella is at the bottom looking up from a dark corner. She does not distance
herself from the people. She’s part of the masses. Ella Arcangel is a comic about a girl witch who lives in a slum area. I created this because We have a tradition of creating
these kind of stories and characters. I thought of modernizing it a bit. Make it more “meaningful”. I set the story in a slum area because nowadays, you won’t be
afraid of engkantos and aswangs. The government is scarier. The police are scarier. It is scarier to be poor and there are a
lot of us who experience this daily. The name of Ella’s neighborhood is “Barangay Masikap”. Humans are not the only ones
trying to survive in that small community. There are sigbins who look
for food in the trash. And tiyanaks in its darkest corners. Ella Arcangel is the one keeping the
balance between the humans and “monsters”. About the creature design, I want to stay away from the traditional designs. For me sometimes it does not make sense organically, biologically. So I made them as if they exist in the real world. I got inspiration from prehistoric animals, insects, and sometimes from other artists as well like Guy Davis and H. R. Giger. What’s this? Where am I? Janice! Betbet! Ella! I made Ella look different. I do not like the usual mestiza protagonist. Usually if there’s a girl they should look appealing to everyone. In anime style. So I made sure that she has a very large nose and she isn’t very attractive. And she has messy hair. Come with me inside, Jepoy. When Mervin told me that he wants to animate it
I was overjoyed. I have full faith in Mervin Malonzo. He respects what’s in the page. As a child, it’s animation and comics that I enjoy the most. When I see them, I wanted to know how they are made. I studied doing animations by myself. I watched youtube tutorials on how to do 2D animation. You just need to persevere to be able to do it. It’s still hand-drawn animation.
Even if what I’m using is digital, the process is still traditional. There’s a certain charm with 2D animations. I always want to see those little imperfections. Maybe it’s because it reminds
me that it was drawn by hand. Each frame you see is drawn individually. And you can also get wild
with whatever you want to show. There’s no limit to animation. You are not my children! …Resurrection of the Dead! The sound that a Tigmama— ahhh…. Aaaaahhhhhhh!!! Music is always a key part of animation. My brother has a band. He makes mushik… MUSIC! I am Jepoi Malonzo. Vocalist and guitarist of SAbrAge Band. And Mervin Malonzo’s brother. I told him to make a music based on the
episode 1 title, “Oyayi sa Dilim”. So it’s a lullaby that’s a bit dark. When I was a child this is one of my dreams. There were instances that I hear a sound that’s keeps on repeating in my mind. It’s scary and it triggers a feeling
of eeriness because of the repetitive tones. So that’s the inspiration.
It’s the same repeating tones I used in “Ella”. Ella, are you okay? I do not have a budget for this.
I just want to actually make it by myself. I just want for this animation to exist. For now, it’s just me and Princess who do the voices. I only expected to inspect the equipment if it’s working and see the requirements for voice acting, etc. Then we realize that it works so we just continued on using
my voice because it somehow fits. It’s a struggle because I am not a professional voice actor. Reading the lines is very different to actually
acting out the emotions that’s needed on the scenes. Where’s Janice and Betbet? It went inside mama’s dress
and bit her. Mama cried in pain. We saw it on Mama’s breast, then she went
crazy and wanted to kill us. Janice! Stop it. Don’t tell that to random people! Jepoy? Aren’t you going to school today? Jepoy recognized the girl with the messy hair She’s Ella, his classmate. Ella the aswang (flesh-eating monster). What I am getting from Ella’s character is she’s has a very no-nonesense attitude. Because it looks like she witnesses things that is beyond the normal life that you and me experience everyday. So for me, she has this additional depth and maturity that you don’t usually see in a young child. What do I know? Do you really wanna see? Just don’t close your eyes. I’m glad that we have the support of the readers. Those who are fans of the comic. It’s really important for me to see that I am doing something that, I think, people would enjoy and people would support. So thank you to all that gave us support! For those who watched already, thank you! To those who have not seen it yet, what are you waiting for? This is really really beautiful and you will be proud of the fact
that there’s a Filipino animator/artist that almost singlehandedly created this all by himself. Watch Ella Arcangel! Now! What do I know? You really wanna see? Just don’t close your eyes. From Mervin Malonzo, creator of TABI PO Based on the comic by Julius Villanueva I am the reason why people are afraid of the dark.

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