The Magic Stick – Akbar And Birbal In English – Animated / Cartoon Stories For Kids

The Magic Stick – Akbar And Birbal In English – Animated / Cartoon Stories For Kids

Majesty… My name is Naveen Badukar. I am a jewel merchant. The day before yesterday night, I kept all my money… in a leather bag and placed it in the almirah. Yesterday morning, I found it missing majesty! Yah, Allah! Then? There are four servants in my house majesty. I have a feeling that one of them has stolen it. When I enquired them, they told me that they don’t know. If I had to beat them to tell the truth, I may find out the culprit, but other three will leave. So please help me to enquire, and find the thief without hurting them, Your majesty! My friend, it’s very difficult to find the truth, without punishing anybody. But you want me to do it and find the truth I will try but it’s difficult. Okay… Tomorrow you bring your servants to the assembly, and I will try to put an end to this problem. Your majesty… Good morning. These are my servants. Here they are! Mmm… Birbal… Mmm… Your majesty… I will take up this case and solve it, by using the knowledge of my magical powers, which I have. Magical powers…? Yes, your majesty. Mmm… Majesty! These sticks have magical powers. Now, I will give one stick to each of them. The stick of the person who stole the money, will increase in length by 4 inches by tomorrow morning. I think by doing this, we can find the culprit your majesty. Hmm… Seems to be a very good idea. Hmm… Do as you wish Birbal. Take… Each one of you take one stick. Have it beside you while sleeping tonight. Tomorrow morning, bring the stick to the court. Yes huzoor… Are you a magical stick? Hm…m…m… Will you put me in trouble? How will Birbal know that, I am a culprit? He will find me only if you grow four inches tomorrow. Hm…m…m.. I will see to it Now Birbal cannot find me. I have escaped. I have escaped. Escaped…. Now let’s see how I’ll get caught. Give me the sticks, which I gave it to you yesterday. Mmm… You can leave. Thank you, huzoor Show me the stick which I have given to you Please take. Mm… you can leave. Thank you, huzoor. Show me the stick which I have given to you. Please… Can I leave you Huzoor? No, you can’t go wait. Huh…Huh… What’s your name? Burkand huzoor… Okay, Burkand return the merchants money, which you have stolen. Huzoor, what are you telling? I haven’t taken any money. If that is so then what does this mean? Mmm… I can’t escape, I think. Don’t try to cheat. Accept your fault. Birbal… What’s happening here? I can’t understand the magic in it. Your majesty… I have given them just ordinary sticks. They don’t possess any magical powers. They are just sticks majesty. But this man was afraid, that it will grow by four inches. So he broke the stick yesterday. If he hasn’t stolen, why should he break the stick? What Burkat? Do you accept that is enough? Your majesty! Forgive me. I was the one who stolen the money. I will return it today. Kindly forgive me. Please forgive me. I have a family. Ha…ha…ha… Brilliant Birbal… Brilliant…! I am at loss of words to praise your brilliance. Sabash Birbal! Minister Birbal… Long Live… Long Live… Minister Birbal… Long Live… Long live… Long live… Long live…

David Anderson

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