The Flash VS Wonder Woman VS Superman Race! Super Hero Team Up To Get Super Powers Back!

The Flash VS Wonder Woman VS Superman Race! Super Hero Team Up To Get Super Powers Back!

[Dramatic music] [Yelling] It’s so nice of Ninja Kidz to
let us use their ninja gym. Yeah, this place is awesome for a workout. [Loud boom, ground shaking] [Groans] Superman… Such a show-off. [Fast punching] Yeah. [Dramatic music] Hi-ya! [Quick punching] [Whooshing] [Wind blowing] [More training] Did you see the report about Doctor Bad Guy getting loose again? Which one is he again? He’s the mad scientist that
keeps inventing devices that try to steal super powers. Yeah, I heard he was spotted
in the area last week! [Whooshing] You know you aren’t the only
one with super speed. Riiight? Yeah, but I’m the fastest
one with super speed. [Laughs] Yeah right, you wish! I also have super speed, and
I bet I’m faster than you. Why do you think they
call me “The Flash,” huh? I’m faster than you. [Both] I’m the fastest and you know it! [Both arguing] I’m the fastest! I’m faster! No! [Superman] You can’t fly! Why do they call me “The Flash,” huh? ‘Cuz I have a lightning bolt! I’m not just fast, I’m lightning! Oh! Seriously!? Seriously!? [Both continue to argue] [Sneaky chuckle] Guys! I think I heard something! [Sweeping] Oh thank goodness, it’s just the janitor. Hey Wonder Woman, maybe you
could settle something for us. [Whooshing] I’m faster than the two
of you put together. [Boys laughing] I’m not kidding! One of my powers is super speed! Look it up! What!? I guess we all have
the same super power. Maybe so, but I’m the fastest. Prove it! No problem! I could beat the two of you in my sleep. [Both] You’re dreaming… I challenge both of you to a race, then. We all know that Doctor Bad
Guy was spotted in the area. You two race. Oh sure… “I’m on watch!” You know she’ll lose. [Boys laughing] Fine then! I’ll school ya both! Let’s get started! Everybody. Line up… I’ve got this. I’m gonna win. No way. Wait. Where are we racing to? The Statue of Liberty. Okay, but no cheating: no flying. You ready?! Three! Two! One! Go! [Lively music] Come on, boys! My grandma could beat you! You guys are as slow as snails! You guys can’t catch up with me! Is that the best you got?! You guys are so slow,
I’m not even running! I could even beat you
while doing the worm! [Boinging] What? Holy cow! How is he doing that? Holy cow! Holy cow! Are you guys tired? Do you need a nap? Hey guys, we’re almost
at the Statue of Liberty. Oh, I’m winning. [Lively music] [Boing] [Whooshing] Ahhhhhhh! [Camera shutter] I won! I won! I won! No, I totally beat you! I beat you both! Let’s check the camera. [Whoosh, whoosh] [Myterious music] Now to test out my newest invention on the superheroes. No way! I can’t believe it was a tie. [Laughs] [Mystery music] Here goes nothing! [Cackling] I demand a rematch! Okay, let’s go! [Echoing] [Zapping, computer whirring] [Sparking] [Thump] [Mysterious music] Seriously guys? You want
me to beat you again?! Okay everybody, line up. Ready? Let’s do this! Three, two, one, go! [Lively music] [Whooshing] What’s happening!? I’m running slow! [Excited gasping] It worked! It worked! [Amazed laughter] [Whooshing] What the…? You guys are back already? What?! Why am I so slow?! Flash, so hilarious…
Pretending to go slow? No guys, I’m not joking around. It’s like I lost my super speed! I’ve got Flash’s super powers. Now it’s Superman’s time. [Cackling] [Zap] [Electricity sparking] [Thump] Three, two, one, go! [Lively music] [Whooshing] [Both] What!? Guys, did you not hear me say go?! Oh, so now you’re both joking with me. No, Flash wasn’t lying! There’s something wrong
with my super powers, too! I feel different, like they’re gone. Two superheroes down, and now to get the girl. [Laughs] [Zap] [Computers whirring] [Thunk] [Bad Guy music] [Gasping] [Maniacal laughter] I’ve got ’em all right here,
my machine worked! Ha ha ha haaa! You didn’t know! I wasn’t the janitor! [Gasp] Not Doctor Bad Guy! I was the crazy, mad scientist all along! [Villainous laugh] Now you’re powerless! [Laughs] What!? I thought he was the janitor! Holy cow, he took our super powers! Thanks to my newest invention you’ve lost all your powers! Wa ha ha ha haaaaa! Not if I have anything to do with it! Get him! Charge! [Shouting] [Sneaky laughter] Your super powers are gone! Ha! You’ve got no
power, it’s all mine! Ha ha ha haaaa! Ahhhhh! How is this happening!? You’ve all lost your strength! [Sneaky laugh] I can’t believe this is happening! The world will now be mine! [Cackling] Guys, what are we gonna do? We don’t have any power to stop him! [Guitar music] I’ve never been this exhausted. I don’t have any speed to stop him! Wha ha ha ha haaaaaa! How are we gonna stop him
without our super powers? He may have gotten our super powers, but not our brains. We’re gonna have to use the
power of our brains, guys. I can’t believe he got away! Or did he? [Sly music] Wait, what? Where’d you get that? I slipped a tracking device in his pocket while we were fighting him. Nice thinking, Flash! See, we can do anything
that we put our minds to. Now that we know where he is, let’s put our brains together and come up with a plan. Come on, guys. [Alarm sounding] The tracker says we’re getting close, he must be in there! [Bad Guy music] Now that I’ve finally taken the superheroes powers, I can do anything! [Laughs] I can take over the world! [Maniacal laughter] So I know I can take super powers with this machine, but can they be transferred
to another person? Hey, there he is! What’s he doing? Before I experiment on myself, maybe I’ll try it on this guy first… [Sneaky music] [Click] [Zapping] [Gasping] [Whooshing] It’s working! [Hysterical laughter] Yes! Oh…. [Rat chattering] He’s flying! [Laughs manically] Hey! That power belongs to me! What are we gonna do? While he’s distracted watching that rat, maybe we can steal the machine. Great idea, maybe we
can get our powers back. [Sneaky music] All we have to do left
is hit the reverse button on the machine and then
we get our powers back. Look, Flash! There’s a
shrink button on it, too! [Loud gasping] What are you doing here!?
How did you find me!? Quick, push the shrink button! No! You have no idea how
to use that machine! No! [Zap] [High pitched yelling] Stop that right now! [Children laughing] [Squeaky Voice]
No! Nooo! Oh, you’re not so tough
now that you’re tiny, huh? How are you gonna rule the world now, huh? [Squeaky Voice]
You make me big again! Stop that! See, we used the power of
our minds to beat this guy. We can do anything we put our minds to. Quick! Press the reverse button so we can get our powers back! [Squeaky Voice]
No! Nooo! No! [Zap] Hi-ya! Ya, ya, ya! Hi-ya! [Zap] It worked! It worked! I can fly again! [Whoosh] Hey, Flash. Let me give
you a little bit of help. [Click] [Zap] Yes! Yes! It’s working!
I have my power back! [Whooshing] Let’s go. But… What are we supposed
to do with Doctor Bad Guy? [Squeaky Voice]
No! No! I don’t like this! Nooooo! He’s harmless that small.
Let’s just leave him. Bye-bye, Doctor Bad Guy! [Whooshing] [Squeaky voice] Hey! HEY! Don’t leave me like this! Don’t leave me, you
can’t leave me like this! You make me bigger right now! You make me big now! Oh! [Gasp] [High pitched screaming] Don’t forget to like and subscribe below! And comment down below, and tell us which super power was the best. [Boys laughing] [Rat Speaking] Share this
video with all your friends! Bye!

David Anderson

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