The Exam | Mr. Bean Official

The Exam | Mr. Bean Official

You may open the envelopes containing your papers. The exam starts… Now. Oh,Mommy Two minutes, ladies and gentlemen. After the end, will those who answered the green calculus papers please put them in the green box. And those who answered the white trigonometry papers please put them in the white box. Stop writing, please. I said “Stop writing.” WILL YOU STOP WRITING?!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “The Exam | Mr. Bean Official

  1. Roshidul Sk says:

    Wonderful ….

  2. Mohan ingle says:

    It is so funny man.???

  3. vegitto blue says:

    After many months I have laughed hard by seeing this episode

  4. Adis Genga says:


  5. natsumii says:

    my history teacher forced us to watch this

  6. Awad Alanzi says:



    It's very hard for anyone to replace Mr bean, a great artist, i love u ♥️?

  8. FUTURE BoT says:

    Watching this before the test I have after an hour

  9. RED OXYGEN says:

    You make me laugh even when I am stubborn Mr Bean.???

  10. locaL hacks says:

    You are The Mozart of comedy

  11. مريم مريمkisa zwina says:

    ناري مي كرشي كيفكرني فشي وحدين?????

  12. السيد ياسر -sayed yasser says:

    ilike been

  13. Raju Raju Ajax says:


  14. Shakeel Mp says:

    Psycho bean fan

  15. arq 1 says:

    How many of you have today exam?

  16. Hanok Tamu says:

    This clip remind my school days…. I used to do the same as mr.bean does here??

  17. gokul indian says:

    Those who disliked are unjust

  18. Jamal Abdul says:

    Your mommy won't save you.

  19. Kenneth Wood says:

    This show hasn't been on TV in years. But it's never going to get old

  20. Karen rojas says:

    Ouuuug su carita 4:48 ???

  21. AshEz ChAUhaN says:


  22. Benju LC says:

    It's funny because it's relatable.

  23. Usman Ijaz says:

    Great job???

  24. Hélder Chilongo hC says:

    This is funny Y love This guy

  25. NYI YAN MOE HTET says:

    I heard the invigilator laughing at 01:47–01:48 and 02:30–02:45.
    02:11: Blankly Staring without a grin
    04:32: Also blankly staring without a grin
    05:32: Stop writing, please.
    05:38: I said stop writing.

  26. NZ AX says:

    Mr Bean fail??

  27. Vignesh Sharma says:

    Childhood fav????

  28. Jane Lennox says:

    heh they don't show the earlier bit. Poor guy went into write trig and they gave him a calculus exam. The only stupid thing he did was to not raise his hand and say "Dude, can i have the correct exam pls?"

  29. PHAIZA ZA'ID says:

    Raise you hand ?️ if you like Mr bean ❤️®️

  30. Rafael Chaves says:

    Esse final foi épico ?

  31. 楊Catherine says:

    2:36 Me in my school test.

  32. Navya Namratha says:

    I lve this episode.bean ur act is so good.

  33. Thanos YT says:

    R.I.P MR.Bean
    My love in no Love

  34. abbas gamer says:

    اشتركو بقناتي

  35. ZUBER SHAIKH says:

    Just one like is not enough for this man

  36. āsās J says:

    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
    أستغفر الله العظيم وأتوب إليه

  37. Lucas Ivann says:

    Who 2021?

  38. The Stately says:

    Who disliked that
    Are u crazy man ??

  39. Fahad Fahim says:

    Funny as ever..??

  40. Chirayata Chatterji says:

    reminds me of my childhood days when it used to come in pogo…
    really nostalgic ??

  41. Vision .S says:

    What is the exam on lmao?

  42. SAJIB FITNESS says:


  43. rahul yogi says:

    ek number number ek number chutiya h bean ganduuuu

  44. Pawan Kumar says:

    Upsc has been cracked by MR.bean

  45. miguel mancera rodriguez says:

    †???(2019) DIOS †???


    Me encanta cómo sé desliza hasta él examén de su compañero ??????????A ver si pilla algo ???????????

  47. lili lili says:

    Ich während der physique prüfung??

  48. ابومتعب أبو متعب says:

    هههههههههه انا عربي بس ف التعليقات

  49. ابومتعب أبو متعب says:

    احسن ممثل

  50. Ramachandran Natarajan says:

    Genius mr bean

  51. Ramachandran Natarajan says:

    Super scenes

  52. Ramachandran Natarajan says:


  53. Ramachandran Natarajan says:


  54. Jeffrey Williams says:

    Can I be honest? This has been recommended before the week of final exams.

  55. Raphaël D says:

    it seems very inspired by Louis de Funès.

  56. Annabell Turner says:

    Lol all laugh at mr. Bean and I only have eyes for the pink plastic panther??????????????

  57. MEJLUK says:

    please subTo me ?

  58. Ata EfeGamer says:


  59. Nick van Betuw says:

    1 word: relatable

    Anybody else had that feel good moment at the exams by only filling in your name correctly? ???

  60. Max B says:

    That's me on any other test

  61. Sanku Paul says:

    Awesome so much funny ?, felt really nice watching it ❤️ ?

  62. Blue Shell says:

    Exams ain't nightmares, papers due in three hours are

  63. Panther Claw says:


  64. KINGofkings49er says:


  65. Arthur WEIDENHAMMER says:

    Comment in your Here from Rosey

  66. Marcus Fredriksson says:

    How typical, the lack of information at the beginning of the test (green vs. white paper) led to Mr. Bean cheating on the wrong exam. 😉

  67. Ruwail Ali says:

    To be fair, the invigilator should have stated at the very beginning that there are two question papers in that envelope.

  68. Engilbert Preza says:


  69. Blaze Time says:

    Это я на ЕГЭ через пол года

  70. Sukhpal Saini says:

    Mr bean you are great you are awesome

  71. matrixx says:

    why was my exam recorded!!!??

  72. Mr. Comic Fritz says:

    I remember watching this as a kid! So many memories!

  73. David S. Aldás A. says:

    Tomorrow I wil have an exam and youtube recommend me this ??

  74. Harsh Rana says:

    Mr bean prepared for trigonometry. But the paper he picked was of calculus.

  75. NICTATOR says:

    Didn’t realise Mr. Bean met James Cameron during his exam 0:34

  76. Mônica Tonelli says:

    bobo atletico musica que Brazil nao pessoa por isso tu

  77. MrRav1247 says:

    0:23 illuminati confirmed

  78. alessandro66628 says:


  79. Little Johnny Marston says:

    Me during exam

  80. C King says:

    Did he pass? ??

  81. Arda Ata says:

    Alles klar

  82. Alexander Ip says:

    8.1k are Victims of Mr. Bean

  83. Death 1979 says:

    Yes recommend me this one day before my exams fills me up with so much confidence

  84. Kawaiivee says:

    Alternative title: "How to cheat on the writtent portion of the Chunin Exam"

  85. Hợp Phan says:


  86. The Tarchira LTD 24. says:


  87. imad Mole says:

    Hahah What a man??

  88. Xapiś Ksalowaty says:

    Will you stop writing !? ?

  89. Марина Медун says:

    Обожаю мистера Бина!!!!

  90. Tomas Kilian says:

    To be fair that is me during exams

  91. Con Bcrich says:

    Aftermath: MR bean got an A+ in trigonometry. Years later he then went to America to learn Astrophysics and got a full time job at nasa


  92. Sportovní Výšklebek says:

    Legendary ???

  93. Kyle Rook says:

    He stated in an interview that he choreographs everything he does.

  94. 김병균 says:

    December 2019?

  95. Love Pajamas says:

    I’ve felt like that on some exams but without the white paper at the end.

  96. Joshua Merida says:

    Me when taking a test in school

  97. imnctzen701 says:

    this is so me next week on my finals in programming

  98. Novellus kyrell says:

    How does he keep his paper that straight?!!!

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