The Evolution Of The Terminator (Animated)

The Evolution Of The Terminator (Animated)

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Gibson’s Babylon Twins, the first book in a new apocalyptic series. The year is 2020, multiple companies have retained control of the Terminator franchise and
as a result, the timeline has been fractured. With each fracturing, a new
batch of terminators hit the silver screen. Our only hope is to summarize the
evolution of the Terminator and make sense of this sloppy franchise. Skynet first sends a T800 to 1984. He sports beige pants, black boots, a patterned tee,
and a bulky grey jacket. While he’s nearly impenetrable, he can be burned and as such, his hair shortened and his eyebrows are singed off. He then wears a leather jacket, grey shirt, and covers up an eye wound with wide glasses. His
mission is to hunt down Sarah Connor, the mother of future resistance leader, John Connor. But he’s hit by a truck and engulfed in an explosion. revealing his wobbly t800 endoskeleton, That gets blown apart and crushed in a hydraulic press. A new t800 appears in T2, this one wears leather pants, smaller boots, and both a
dark and light grey shirt. His hair is shorter his glasses are smaller. He’s been reprogrammed to protect John Connor from the T1000, A liquid metal Terminator with the ability to form sharp weapons with his and and morph into other forms. He’s impervious to typical weaponry. but can be frozen and shattered, Although he can quickly piece himself back together. Ultimately he’s defeated when blasted into molten steel, With the T800 following close behind to eradicate this timeline of all Terminator technology, Preventing Skynet’s inception. T2 Battle Across Time, introduces the early Model T 70, with the
machine gun-arm, As well as the spider-like liquid metal T1 Million, But that’s just a theme park attraction so we’ll move on. Terminator 3 Rise at the Machines,
showcases the scooter like T1’s, Includes a brief appearance of the T900,
and the t-800 is back! Ah, whoops I mean the T-850. He wears a more streamlined jacket, looks about 10 years older and briefly dons star-shaped glasses. He’s stronger, can withstand heavier firepower and has a hydrogen power supply, which is prone to explosions. This machine is in charge of protecting John Connor and his future wife from the female TX, Who’s endoskeleton is encased in liquid metal, and mostly wears a skin-tight red suit. She has an arsenal of armed weapons, Can spin her head 360 degrees, identify DNA from a sample of blood. Morph into other people, and enlarge her breasts at will. But, in the end, she is no match for the T-850s power supply suicide, Which allows John Connor and his wife to escape to safety as judgement day begins. The TV series the Sarah Connor Chronicles features the smaller T888 models, Which make use of a hidden leg compartment to hold their gun. A liquid-metal T1001, that can use her extra liquid-metal to form pet eels and
morph into a fast-moving slug. And the dainty in size T900, sent to protect John Connor. But this show is a whole can of worms, so …let’s keep going. Following Terminator 3, Terminator Salvation showcases the upgraded T1s, The hulking T600s which wear unconvincing rubber masks and tattered
clothing. The smaller T 700 endoskeletons, Moto-Terminators and Marcus a human Terminator hybrid, Who unknowingly carries a chip that allows Skynet to control him. In a turn of events, Marcus rejects the chip and opts to help John Connor in battle. Going so far as to donate his heart to save John’s life. In Terminator Genisys, the previous two sequels are entirely ignored. And this time the T800 appears older. sports a hooded jacket and has slicked-back hair. In this timeline, he was sent to raise a young Sarah Connor – Together they take
down the original film’s t800 And a remodelled T1000, then after a 33-year time jump, He appears even older and wears a green
jacket with blue jeans followed by a darker ensemble. This film’s future also
features the Terminator embodiment of Skynet, The T5000, which infects John Connor with nanorobots, turning him into the T3000 hybrid. The T3000 travels back in time to ensure Skynet survival, But the T800 forces him into a prototype
time machine which tears him apart, While the T800 lands in liquid metal,
giving him a liquidy upgrade. Taking place after T2, Dark Fate premieres yet another T800, And this one finally manages to kill John Connor. 22 years later he’s older, sports a plaid shirt Blue jeans, and a slick brown jacket. He’s also grown a masculine beard, renames himself Carl, adopts a family and is running a…. ….Drapery business? Dark Fate also introduces Grace, a human with cybernetic alterations, Who requires replenishment via various drugs to stay in top shape. In this timelines future, the animalistic Rev7 model is seen. They have tentacle like spikes on their back, and can split apart forming an additional liquid metal model, But the main antagonist, the Rev9, is able to appear human while retaining the ability to split his endoskeleton from himself. Grace, the T800 and a grizzled Sarah Connor protect Dani, this timelines future resistance leader, from the Rev 9 , which gets tossed into a giant blender, is overloaded with Grace’s power supply, and held down by Carl, disintegrating
them both. And now we just wait until Arnie needs another paycheck for the
next reboot to get greenlit. Father read us a bedtime story.
Nah, books are just unfinished movie. But this book has action! Hmmm… Adventure! Huh? Sci-fi robots!
Yeah? And romance! You had me a robots. Babylon Twins follows young twin sisters
Chloe and El, who flee into the woods with their family after warring factions
of artificial intelligences Take over the world. When their mother doesn’t come back from a mission, the now grown twins must venture into what’s left of
civilization, things aren’t as black-and-white as they thought. Use the links down below to purchase the first book in the Babylon Twin series for
audiobook, Kindle, or physical novel, to help support the animations and make
your own hounds happy! Thanks for liking and commenting on the video, huge props the patrons for supporting the channel. Subscribe and ring the bell to be the
first to know when new Tell-It-Animations are live!

David Anderson

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