The Evolution of Spider-Man (Animated)

The Evolution of Spider-Man (Animated)

One part radioactive Spider-Bite and one part
departed Uncle Ben is the perfect recipe for any Spider-Man, but just how much has he changed
throughout his live-action films? Climb on and let’s untangle this together. Peter Parker first appears in 1977’s TV
series The Amazing Spider-Man and it’s film trilogy counterpart. He dons an ill-fitting red and blue suit with
circular mirrored eye-holes and an emblem that resembles an ant. He also wears a metal belt and bracelet, which
shoots his webbing. While this series ran in the States, a Japanese
film and TV series had its own web slinger: this time a motorcyclist named Takuya Yamashiro. After encountering an alien from the Planet
Spider, he receives a bracelet that injects him with his Spider powers, along with Spider
weaknesses. It also holds his suit, which is similar to
the American version, but with thinner, bright white eyes. The bracelet shoots out a rope and net instead
of webs and can summon a flying Spider-Car, as well as a Spacecraft that can turn into
a giant flying robot. Flash forward back to America in 2002, a nerdy
Peter Parker appears in Spider-Man, and in this trilogy only, he produces organic shooting
webs. He first wears a bulky sweater and baklava
to wrestle, and eventually upgrades to a form-fitting suit, with raised-grey webbing and triangle-shaped
eyes. Even though this Spider-suit would become
damaged it would return in Spider-Man 2, this time with a slightly larger and differently
shaped Spider-Emblem. The suit takes yet another beating but would
reappear again in Spider-Man 3, this time enhanced by a black symbiote from Space. It darkens the suit, modifies the emblem,
and makes Spider-Man a bit irritable. Eventually he tires of the symbiote and takes
it off, but it quickly finds another host. While there were more sequels planned for
the series, instead it was rebooted in 2012 with The Amazing Spider-Man. This time around, Peter Parker is taller and
more lean. He wears a red mask, sunglasses to fight blond
criminals, then upgrades to a thick and predominantly blue textured suit with a longer emblem and
smaller yellow lenses. In the sequel: the suit drops the texture,
adds more red, and the eyes are brighter and more enlarged. Despite setting the scene for the story to
continue, this series would be scrapped in favour of putting Spider-Man in the Marvel
Cinematic Universe. Initially appearing as a small child in Iron
Man 2, Spider Man’s official reappearance many years later depicts a younger Peter Parker
gifted an A.I. Advanced suit by Tony Stark. This advanced suit has animated eyes, a retractable
wing-suit, a hidden parachute, a flying drone emblem and special webbing abilities. When it’s taken back by Tony Stark, Parker
instead wears a sleeveless hoodie and goggles to face-off against the Vulture. In Avengers: Infinity War, Spider Man upgrades
to the self-assembling red, gold and blue Iron Spider Armor. It has enhanced durability, helps Parker breathe
in space and has four extra Spider-legs, all of which will surely help him battle Thanos. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Hey true believers! Thanks for subscribing, commenting and liking. And if you love these videos consider supporting
the Patreon like these fine folks, excelsior!

David Anderson

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