The Evolution of CHUCKY (Animated)

The Evolution of CHUCKY (Animated)

After notorious criminal, Charles Lee Ray –
nicknamed Chucky – is shot down he uses voodoo magic to transfer his soul into a
good guy play doll, giving life to the tiny toy slasher.
This is his evolution and story animated! In the first film, Chucky sports his
classic striped shirt, overalls and red shoes. It seems the longer he spends in doll form the more human-looking he becomes. With bushier eyebrows and a receding hairline, to avoid becoming a doll forever he realizes he needs to transfer his soul into Andy – the first person he
revealed his identity to. But before he gets the chance, he’s burned in a fireplace and shot to pieces. In an effort to prove he was never alive, in Child’s Play 2, the doll manufacturers rebuild Chucky from his charred remains with
larger facial features and brighter overalls. A freak electrical accident brings him back to life and he continues his search for Andy. Despite upgrading to a knife and he’s forced into machinery and loses his legs. Still determined he replaces them with a wheel cart and then gets melted by molten plastic and fed an air tube, exploding his head. Taking place eight years later,
Chucky’s leftovers are picked back up in Child’s Play 3, but when pieces drip
into a batch of molten plastic he’s reassembled and born again. This time with a chubbier more squished face. He manages to find Andy but then chooses a new target for his soul transfer. He’s ultimately sliced by a carnival
attraction, giving him a new two-faced look, and then gets dropped into a giant
fan shredding him to pieces. But in Bride of Chucky he’s put back together again and re-awoken with voodoo magic. He now has a less squished face and a prominent widow’s peak. Tiffany his human girlfriend turned doll fiance joins him in obtaining a magic amulet with the power to transfer them both into new human
bodies. But after some domestic bickering, Chucky gets shot and left in his grave. In Seed of Chucky, Chucky’s remains are cleaned up and used on the set of an in film Chucky movie alongside his co-star Tiffany. This Chucky has blonder hair and brighter clothes, their long-lost son slash daughter finds them and using the magic amulet brings them back to life. Then following a bit of familial disagreement Chucky gets lopped to pieces by his offspring. Yet in Curse of Chucky, he’s back in one piece yet again He has darker overalls, paler skin,
straightened red hair and oddly no more scars. He spends most of his time in a wide-eyed doll form secretly causing havoc for wheelchair-bound Nica and her
family. When she finds out he’s alive, Chucky explains that – as a human – he knew her family and came back to get revenge. While Nica gets blamed for Chucky’s recent deeds Chucky makes his way to his old pal Andy’s place to finally finish him off. But Andy has other plans. In Cult of Chucky, Chucky is missing a chunk of his head, is body-less and chained to a board. Cult also features another Chucky doll with large space apart eyes and a thicker neck. A recently buried one-armed variation. A short-haired version,but he doesn’t last too long. And a Chucky possessed Nica, who takes off with Tiffany leaving several Chucky’s behind to cause mayhem. And with a rebooted robotic Chucky, an upcoming TV series, and possible Freddy Krueger crossover
coming up, it seems there will be no shortage of the redheaded doll any time
soon. This video was made possible by all of you who watch, like, and comment on the videos. And a special thank you goes out to the Patrons who help keep on the
lights. For as little as a dollar a month you too can support the channel and get
behind-the-scenes snapshots, bonus illustrations, your name on the end-slate,
plus other perks and until next time Uhggg! Look out Jack! Chucky’s back.

David Anderson

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