The Eagle And The Turtle – Aesop’s Fables – Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids

The Eagle And The Turtle – Aesop’s Fables – Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids

What are you thinking about? I would like to fly just like you do. Why turtle? why do you always want to fly? Huh, because, walking is boring. I’m very slow, you know. But you haven’t answered the questions I’ve asked you. Answer them, my turtle. Ahh Yes, I did. I want to fly because, Because, you don’t want to walk, because, you think it’s always boring. Just tell me why you want to fly ? Oh, Isn’t it the same ? No keep trying again. Ahh? I want to fly, because it’s not fun being on the ground, you know; because, I take too long to get to any place and I get tired often. Here we go again. You told me what you don’t want. Try again. Uhhh.. I want to fly, because I want to feel free. I want to see the stars. I want to see everything from above. I want to be just like you. Oh ! If I could just fly at least for a minute. Come on. Eagle, teach me how to fly. But you don’t have wings. So how can you fly ? I could be you. you you know. Hmm How much of money can you pay me for this ? Ahh I will pay you a hundred gold… coins. Okay? Okay, very well, you have convinced me now. Hmm. I will grab you by my feet. Don’t be scared. Oh, ohh wait. Ohh….This is so funny. Oh…oh, this is wonderful. ahh Hahahaha, I’m really happy that you are enjoying the ride. Ahh, thank you. Oh, thank you ,eagle. Thank you very much. Oh, Now it’s time to get down on the ground, Okay? No, wait. I see a bunch of turtles over there. I want them to see me. Ahh Wait, why do you want them to see you? You wanted to fly just for the fun of it, right? Yes. But I’m sure that, they are going to be jealous seeing me. Jealous of you? They’re your friends, You know. And true friends don’t get jealous. Huh, but I’m unique right? Don’t be such a vain person yo turtle. Huh, it’s the truth. They will envy me. They will never get to fly like I do. Listen, I don’t like the way you’re talking now. I’m starting to get tired of you now. so go and fly on yourself. No! Don’t do like that. What about the money ? I don’t care about the money. If you want them to see you up in the sky, then show them that you can fly. Have a nice trip okay? Have a nice trip. That must have hurt a lot. Yes, I did. But I am glad that my shell saved my life, you know. Huh, I feel sorry for you If you can hardly walk in the ground, what were you doing on the sky? I learned my lesson. I have to be happy with what I have. So my dear kids, We should be happy with what we have. This is the Moral behind the short story.

David Anderson

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44 thoughts on “The Eagle And The Turtle – Aesop’s Fables – Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids

  1. Anuj Khare says:


  2. kamishamp22 says:

    Da hell is up with the way they talk!

  3. AJXIX says:

    Lcl ladle

  4. abdelrani MOUSSAOUI says:

    Bbcbvb''w'0 .. . ..oufhb. '

  5. Rachel Murphy says:

    I was learning about eagles


    I Like. This Movie

  7. HyperNova Galaxy says:


  8. Pearl Salvacion says:

    Lol!i laughed so hard!!!!!

  9. James Jones says:

    funny but horribly made

  10. Eli L. says:

    This is so wrong … 18+ and the accent and speech is extremely stupid and awkward

  11. VGghh Lhffj says:

    The hell they talk , my son makes fun of how they talk

  12. Carolina Vasquez says:

    yikes I almost put this in my lesson plans

  13. DatBurn says:

    weird… voices.

  14. K I D S I N C O Free Playscripts for Kids! says:

    Good animation!  Is it possible that you give , credit for the script?  The complete script is at:

  15. salmanulfarizi nadammal says:


  16. shine4hm2 says:

    eagles don't make those screaming cries, that is red tail hawk vocal on this video.

  17. Enrico Rafael Quintero says:

    Weird voices I'm a kid

  18. Enrico Rafael Quintero says:

    I'm just having fun with their voices hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  19. Enrico Rafael Quintero says:

    Why does the turtle always say well you know

  20. savagekoolaid21 says:

    This is stupid

  21. Nawaz Mahmud says:

    this is your good story

  22. Roman Rangel says:

    i kind of like it

  23. jaded says:

    You talk so slowly

  24. jaded says:

    And you have bad grammar and try to get rid of the accent, 'kay? Next time get american or british actors to voice your stories instead of Indians

  25. Deseree Cummins says:


  26. Brady Nguyenu says:


  27. GameplayerHD 123i says:

    this is funny😁😁😁

  28. happy happy time says:

    Poor turtle

  29. GANGMEMBERCG says:

    stupid ugly eagle

  30. Brandon Threet says:

    I Don't Care what people say they will pay p.s. I love turtles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anthony Anthony says:

    This is a hidden gem 😭

  32. Jamaal Harmon says:

    didnt he die in the other story lol

  33. Lonesome Doot says:

    remember kids, be happy with what you have and never try to do greater things bc it just isn't meant to be

  34. Splatter Paint 707 says:

    ai guant mai frienz tu bi yeloz of mi :v

  35. Phoenix says:

    saw this shit in school today this shit can give me nightmares

  36. Headhopper19 says:

    lmao " but they are going to be jealousing me. they will embee me…" hahhaha

  37. Vanilla Dazzle says:

    I know I'm a stickler for details but that's a tortoise not a turtle.

  38. Ben Melili says:

    the story is very nice

  39. Anthony Hussey says:

    Why do all the animals talk in a Gujarati accent? However the version I read my son from a book is much better. The tortoise doesn't get dropped, he gets scared and the eagle takes him home and says "you have no feathers, you have no wings, you are not meant to fly; keep your log and your apples and be happy with who you are" .

  40. Mari Mercedes Victoria says:

    Why does the turtle keep on saying you know?

  41. GAMING NINGA says:

    Boom hahaha ☺️☺️

  42. Jesse Kail says:

    This is hentai…

  43. Hayhoe Ranks says:

    This is my favourite video

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