The Disney Challenge REMATCH (ft. Zoella) | Tyler Oakley

– Well, hello everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley and I am here with the one and the only Zoella. – Hello! – How are you? – I’m good. – It’s been so long. Last time what did we do together? – We did the Disney Challenge. – Well, I could not let you go away with the crown without an attempt at taking it back from you. So we are back with the Disney Challenge. – Part deux. – Part deux
– [Zoe] (laughs) – Also, I’m wearing an Ariel. – Nobody give a fuck. – Kay, rules of the game are: a Disney song is played to
each of us individually, one at a time. – We take turns. – We have ten seconds. – Ten, ten seconds. – We have ten seconds to guess the song. If you do not guess the song
and which movie it’s from within the ten seconds,
it is then handed over to the other person. – To make a guess to
try to get your points. – Yeah.
– [Tyler] You get one point for a song title, one
point for the movie title, so you can get two points,
you can get one point, you can get zero points,
– [Zoe] Zero point or the other person
– [Zoe] Nil point can get points. It’s a very complicated game. You don’t have to worry about the points. Alfie does. (both laughing) – Hello. – Hey. – Hello. – So that’s my– – (singing) Gonna be the
mighty king, so enemies beware. – I never saw it. Wait, what is it?
– King of Beasts with quite so little hair.
– [Tyler] Hair. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. (laughing) – I meant scissors, so you won that. – No, that’s octopus. Press on. Okay. – Don’t touch me, you dirty girl. (“Belle” from Beauty and the Beast) – “Belle,” Beauty and the Beast! – Mmhmm, mmhmm, that’s it. – Is that it? – [Tyler] (sighs)
– I love that song! – I feel like you’re Belle. – (singing) There goes
the baker with his tray– – Uh, “with his bread, like always.” – “His tray.” – Um, maybe it’s “tray.” I knew that one, fuck! (laughing) (“Just Around the
Riverbend” from Pocahontas) – Oh. Pocahontas. “Just Around the River band'”. – [Zoe] (laughing)
– “Just Around the Riverbend!” What I love about most rivers is you can’t step in the same river twice. (“I See the Light” from Tangled) – Tangled? I don’t–
– That’s it!? Oh my god. Um, I’m going to have to guess, Hercules? – [Alfie] It’s called “I See the Light.” – Tangled! – Oh, that is from Tangled! – Tangled, I got one point! (“I Won’t Say (I’m in
Love)” from Hercules) – It’s your song again! Hercules. I’m not his guy? I’m not her guy? Oh, shoot. – Ten seconds is up. – I know, it’s Hercules, I know, it’s your song. – I Won’t Say (I’m in Love). – Yeah, I was like, it’s something about not liking guys. Dang it. (“Best of Friends” from
The Fox and the Hound) – I don’t know it. What is it? – I think, I don’t know it. (laughing) – Is it Cinderella? – [Alfie] No. – Okay, it’s… What was it? – [Alfie] “Best of Friends” – [Tyler] (gasps)
– Fox and the Hound! – Oh my god. – [Both singing] We are
the best of friends. – [Tyler] Wait.
– What are you singing? – Am I singing the wrong song? I don’t know where I got a lisp from. It’s my turn. (“Cruella De Vil” from 101 Dalmations) – [Both] Aww! – “Cruella De Vil,” 101 Dalmations. You’re welcome. – Is that what it was called?
– [Tyler] Listen. – [Alfie] Yeah, that’s first
one second of the song. – Sorry about it! (“A Dream is a Wish Your
Heart Makes” from Cinderella) – Sleeping Beauty? – [Alfie] I don’t think so, no. – Cinderella? – [Alfie] I think. – (laughing) What is it called? – [Alfie] It doesn’t say
the name of the film. “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” – [Tyler] Cinderella!
– Sleeping Beauty! It’s Sleeping Beauty! – Uh, that’s– – (singing) “A dream is a wish–” – [Both] It’s Cinderella. – You were like, “Yes!” And I’m like, “Girl, no.” (“Let’s Get Together”
from The Parent Trap) – I know it! I know it! – “Let’s Get Together.” Like, some dumb movie
that you probably like, Chim-chimney-roo, or something. (laughing) – I don’t fucking know. – Parent Trap! – Really!? That doesn’t count as a Disney movie! – It is! It’s an old school Disney classic. (singing) Let’s get together! (“One Jump Ahead” from Aladdin) – Aladdin, “One Jump Ahead.” – Dang it. I love that song! (miming instrumentals from the song) (“When Will my Life Begin?” from Tangled) – “Seven a.m., my usual morning lineup.” – That’s not what it’s called. (both laughing) – I know, I know, I know!
– Eight seconds! – It’s from Tangled, it’s… “When Will my Life Begin!” – [Alfie] Cut! – [Both] Oh! (laughing) (“If I Can’t Love Her”
from Beauty and the Beast) – Oh, my god. Good song. (laughing) We had just talked about this! Beauty and the Beast. “If I Can’t Love Her”? – [Alfie] Yeah! – Yes! Bam. – I was the clock when we
did it at my high school. (laughing) – Insert picture here. (“Zero to Hero” from Hercules) – I had this last time, too! Um, Hercules, “Zero to Hero”! – [Both] Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll. (humming and clapping along) – What, where did that bug– (screaming) – [Tyler] (laughing) Oh my god! Oh my god, that is so rude, there’s been a ladybug
flying around and I thought– – Oh, I think it has gone somewhere! (“Once Upon a Dream” from Sleeping Beauty) – Sleeping Beauty? – Who’s picking these songs? – Sleeping Beauty. – Cinderella. It’s like when she comes
in, loses her shoe. I think that’s the name of the song. – [Alfie] It’s Sleeping Beauty. – Yes. – Enough with these dumb songs. Give me some Mulan, give me some– – Look, there it is! – Ahh! – What was that song? – [Alfie] “Once Upon a Dream.” – I’ve sang that before! (singing) I know you, I walked with you once upon– – Oh, Lana Del Rey covered that. (“Breaking Free” from High School Musical) – High School Musical! (singing lyrics) – No, that’s enough! Ten seconds is out. – (gasps) I know it! (laughing) – [Alfie] I’m sitting here like– – High School Musical… “Breaking Free”! – Soaring! – Boom boom. – Flying! – Boom boom. – [Both] There’s not a star – I bet we could do the best duet of– – Of High School Musical. – You know when they start with the… – I don’t remember. (“April Showers” from Bambi) – Is that it for ten seconds, are you fucking joking? (both laughing) – Is that it? – [Alfie] Yeah! – That’s ten seconds! – What do you think it is? Dumbo! – [Alfie] Do you not know that? There’s 20 seconds. – Is that it the whole song? – It’s fucking– – “April Showers”! Bambi! – [Alfie] You’re right. (“Something There” from
Beauty and the Beast) – Whose go is this? – Me! It’s Beauty and the Beast! “Something There.” Oh my god, thank god. I needed those points. (“Do You Want to Build
a Snowman” from Frozen) – “Do You Want to Build a Snowman Froman”! – (laughing) What do you mean!? (laughing) – Do you want to build a Froman? (“Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins) – Oh my god. “Spoonful of Sugar”, Mary Poppins. Yeah? – Yeah! – I’ve never even seen it, I only knew that because of
that new Mary Poppins movie. – Saving Mr. Banks. (“You Can Fly! You Can
Fly” from Peter Pan) – “You Can Fly! You Can
Fly!” from Peter Pan! – Wow! Wow! – Thanks, babe. – That’s impressive. (“You’ve Got a Friend
in Me” from Toy Story) – Toy Story. Shh, shh. – [Zoe] (laughing)
– [Tyler] (singing) We are the best of friends. Isn’t it? That’s what I was thinking! – “You’ve Got a Friend in Me!” – No, dang it, dang it, dang it! I was like, oh my god, I finally got it. – (singing) We are the best of friends! (laughing) – What is that song!? – You’re mixing Fox and the
Hound and that together. – Oh, I am doing that. That’s you. (“I’m Wishing” from Snow White) – Snow White? No, I wonder. I don’t know. Dumbo? This is more than ten seconds. – Cinderella? – [Alfie] Snow White. – Oh, it’s Snow White. – [Alfie] But what song? – I don’t know. – [Alfie] Can you guess? – Uh, “Look at All These Dwarves.” (laughing) I don’t know any song
titles from Snow White! – [Alfie] “I’m Wishing”. – Oh, “I’m Wishing.” (“In Summer” from Frozen) – Frozen! “In Summer”! (laughing) – Oh my god, that was close. – Oh my goodness. – (singing) In summer! – This is the last round, we’ll each have one left. – Okay, so points matter.
– [Tyler] The pressure is on. – Come on, Ariel. – I thought you were
talking to your boobs. – Yeah, I was. – Come on! – Come on, boobies! (“When you Wish Upon a
Star” from Pinocchio) – “When you Wish Upon a Star,” Pinocchio! – [Alfie] Yeah. – Yes! – Wow, you are impeccable! – Thanks. – Okay, last one! (“True Love’s Kiss” from Enchanted) – Enchanted! – [Alfie] Yes. – “I’ve Been Dreaming
of a True Love’s Kiss”! Maybe? No? – “True Love’s Kiss”? – I mean, I said those words. I said it, I said it. I get the points, they’re mine. (laughing) – They’re mine! – We are so competitive in this. I’ll be tallying up the points. – I know! – I think you’ve won
it, I think you got it. – I really need this. – [Alfie] So, Tyler. You’ve 23 points. – Oh, that’s so solid. That’s really good. – That’s good. – [Alfie] You did well. – What does that mean!? – [Alfie] Zoe. – Yeah? – [Alfie] Very, very close. – With what? – [Alfie] I just need to go to the toilet. – Oh, come on, you piece of shit! – [Alfie] 19. – Oh my god, I won! Are you lying to me? – [Alfie] No.
– Okay, good. Oh, my god. – Yay! – I am the champion. – It’s because you wore the ears. – Truly, truly. I feel so relieved. That was fun! Zoe, you are the worst. Thank you guys for watching, if you like this video, what can they do? – Give it a huge thumbs up. – The biggest.
– [Zoe] And if you love Disney which is everyone, right? – Yeah, who doesn’t love Disney? If you don’t, I don’t know why you just watched like a ten minute video. If you thumbs up, maybe we’ll
do round three next year, who knows? The final show-off
between the two champions. But if you like this video, go head on over to Zoe’s channel because what do we film over there, Zoe? – Well, we have to do
quite serious videos. – Yeah. – Took a strange turn, I think that’s pretty much all they should know. – Yeah, things got real
real real real quick, so click the link below or click her face and head on over there, watch the video, and subscribe to Zoe because
I absolutely adore her and she’s my fave. – [Zoe] Thanks.
– Of course. – It’s been real, thank you
guys so much for watching. We’ll see you guys next time. Later! – Bye! – Just around the riverband! – (gibberish) – [Alfie] Around the riverband? – Just around the riverband! – [Alfie] Riverbend.
– Oh, riverbend! You know what I meant,
you know what I meant! – Wait, we were laughing at you, and you– (laughing maniacally) – I thought you were making (gibberish).

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