The DARK TRUTH About Jasmine In Aladdin | Disney Theory

The DARK TRUTH About Jasmine In Aladdin | Disney Theory

Disney’s live-action Aladdin dives much deeper
into Jasmine’s backstory revealing the dark history of the young princess’s mother and
some hidden clues as to who was responsible for her untimely death. Yippee-ki-yay movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m revealing the secret truth about Jasmine’s mum and Jafar’s nefarious
connection to her past. There will be discussing a few spoilers for
Jasmine and Jafar’s backstory, so just be aware if you haven’t seen the film yet. And don’t forget my Aladdin giveaway is also
running, so be sure to subscribe and leave a comment for your chance to win. The live-action version of Aladdin modifies
a number of things about the story in Disney’s original animation. The crucial change for what we’re discussing
here is the conversation between Jasmine and Aladdin when they first meet. Aladdin says the princess “should get out
[of the palace] more as the people haven’t seen her in years”. Jasmine, who’s in disguise at this moment,
tells Aladdin that the princess isn’t allowed to go outside because “ever since the queen
was killed […] the Sultan’s been afraid and [Jasmine’s] been kept locked away.” Aladdin replies that since then it feels like
everyone in Agrabah has been afraid and that the people of the city didn’t have anything
to do with the queen’s death. In fact, he mentions that she was particularly
loved by everyone. Now, it sounds like the death of Jasmine’s
mother caused quite a stir and something about it made the city’s population fearful, meaning
it very likely wasn’t an accident, but rather people suspected it of being an assassination. Jasmine’s mother was originally from the kingdom
of Shehrabad, which in the world of Aladdin is located in South Asia, and her wedding
to the Sultan of Agrabah was an arranged marriage that united the two countries to form an alliance. Princess Jasmine’s dual heritage means she’s
half South Asian and half Arab and it’s why her outfits in the new movie are inspired
by South Asian clothing designs from her mother’s side of the family. Against this backdrop, in the new movie, we
also get a scene where Jafar is arguing with the Sultan that Agrabah should be forming
a military alliance with Prince Anders of Skanland. Jafar claims that Agrabah’s enemies are amassing
against them and he’s annoyed when Jasmine turns down the potential marriage alliance
with Prince Anders who by the way brought cannons with him to show off to Jasmine in
a scene that was cut from the movie. The villainous Royal Vizier is keen to start
a war and he specifically mentions Shehrabad, Jasmine’s mother’s homeland, as a target. When the Sultan tells Jafar that Shehrabad
is Agrabah’s oldest ally and that they shouldn’t be dragged into war with them, Jafar replies
that they used to be their ally. It sounds like something happened that broke
the close bond between Agrabah and Shehrabad, and that event is very likely the suspicious
nature of Jasmine’s mother’s death. Before she became queen of Agrabah, she was
probably a princess or other royalty in her homeland and so her murder would have sent
shockwaves in that part of the world. In the live-action film, Jafar’s backstory
is also built up a lot more than in the original animation. And in a scene set in the dungeons, he gives
a classic villain monologue explaining what he’s done to get to where he is today. Just before he dispatches one of his minions
down a well, Jafar reveals that he spent five years in a Shehrabad jail and he also talks
about “all the bodies he’s buried.” So, let’s connect all of these details together. First of all, Jasmine’s mother died in mysterious,
suspicious circumstances. Then we’ve got the fact that Jafar was previously
imprisoned in Shehrabad, the South Asian kingdom where Jasmine’s mother is from. And he’s now scheming to convince the Sultan
that Agrabah should be preparing for a war with Shehrabad. I’d say that it’s very likely that Jafar plotted
and carried out the murder of Jasmine’s mother, and that he did that for two big reasons. By getting rid of the Sultan’s wife, it made
Jafar’s rise to power much easier as it would be simpler for him to get closer to the king
and influence him, either just with his cunning plans or with his hypnotic snake staff. On top of that, Jafar seems hell-bent on trying
to start a war with Shehrabad and an effective way to provoke their people into that would
be by killing their princess in suspicious circumstances. Jafar’s personal reasons for wanting war are
twofold. First, he’s probably itching to get revenge
on the kingdom for incarcerating him for five years. We don’t know exactly what he was doing in
Shehrabad that got him locked up, but he did reveal to Aladdin that he’d been a thief so
perhaps it had something to do with how the evil sorcerer got his magical snake staff. In addition, starting such a war might create
the necessary chaos that would enable Jafar to overthrow the Sultan completely and take
charge himself, for example if the Sultan died in the war or if the war was too unpopular
with the people of Agrabah. Maybe he’s like Littlefinger from Game of
Thrones, and thinks he can end up on top by climbing ‘the ladder of chaos’. And there’s actually an intriguing hint as
to what Jafar might have done to Jasmine’s mother in the original animation in the single
scene where she was mentioned: “I don’t know where she gets it from. Her mother wasn’t nearly so picky. Oh! Ah, Jafar. My most trusted advisor.” Notice how just after the Sultan talks about
Jasmine’s mother, Jafar arrives and his menacing shadow falls over the Sultan. Knowing what we now know from the new movie,
I think we can read a lot more into the original scene from the animation. Now, there is also another interesting maternal
connection that the new movie introduces in a little moment where Jasmine picks up an
oud and starts playing a tune. Aladdin recognises it immediately and tells
Jasmine that his mother taught him that song and Jasmine says her mother did too. Some fans have speculated this means that
Aladdin and Jasmine’s mothers are one and the same, making Jasmine and Aladdin siblings. Curiously, there is that funny scene in the
animated movie where Jasmine has to pretend to be Aladdin’s sister after she’s accosted
for taking an apple from a merchant’s cart to give to/for a hungry child. “You, uh, know this girl? Sadly, yes. She is my sister. She’s a little crazy.” “No harm done. Now, come along, sis. Time to go see the doctor. Oh, hello, Doctor. How are you?” One possible explanation for the shared mother
theory is that Jasmine’s mum had an affair or gave birth to Aladdin before she married
the Sultan which would make Jasmine and Aladdin half-sister and brother. However, I think it’s very unlikely Disney
would imply this, as it would make Aladdin and Jasmine’s relationship incestuous going
beyond Luke and Leia’s kiss in Star Wars and more full-on Game of Thrones. The most likely explanation is that the song
Jasmine plays for Aladdin is quite simply a popular one and so was known by both their
mothers. Another possibility is that the song is from
Shehrabad and that both their mothers have some connection to that country. In fact, the real meaning behind this moment
is to show an additional emotional connection between Jasmine and Aladdin, on top of the
way in both movies each of them says they feel trapped. “You’re always scraping for food and ducking
the guards.” “You’re not free to make your own choices.” “Sometimes you feel so…” “You’re just…
…trapped.” For Jasmine, her character arc in the new
movie is much more about taking forward her mother’s legacy and helping the people of
Agrabah. At one point, Jasmine mentions that her mother
would be unhappy at the state of Agrabah today which is why Jasmine knows she would be the
best ruler for the kingdom. Originally in the animated movie, Aladdin
also shared a strong emotional connection to his mother. That was deleted from the 1992 film, but was
developed further in Disney’s Broadway version of the story, in particular with the song
“Proud of Your Boy” which was initially written for but ended up being scrapped from the animated
movie. And to learn more about all of the other changes
in the new live-action film, tap here to watch my full video on that and there’s also a link
in the video description. Over the years, Disney has been criticised
for its habit of killing off the mothers of many of its characters, and in Aladdin, it’s
not just Jasmine whose mother is dead, but Aladdin is also an orphan. One theory is that after Walt Disney felt
responsible for the death of his own mother, the studio informally adopted a kind of “no
mothers” policy in many of the stories they developed. “Do you have daddy issues?” “I don’t even have a mom.” “Neither do we!” More recently Ron Clements, co-director of
the 1992 Aladdin, said that the main reason for dead parents in many of Disney’s stories
is that the original fairy tales on which the films are based also have missing parents. And it seems that Disney may be starting to
address this issue. The live-action remakes seem to have gone
out of their way to introduce new backstories for the protagonists’ missing mothers. Beauty and the Beast added a new song for
the Beast called “Days In The Sun” in which we learn that the prince’s mother had died
from an illness. Likewise, Belle’s mum is revealed to have
died from the plague soon after her daughter’s birth, and there’s a new song about her called
“How Does A Moment Last Forever”. And in Cinderella, we learned that Ella’s
mother also died from an illness and it was on her deathbed that she asked her daughter
to promise to have courage and be kind. In addition to that, Although Elsa and Anna’s
parents are [mainly] absent in Frozen and Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph admits she doesn’t
have a mum either, some of Disney’s recent animations such as Moana and Tangled do have
mothers for their protagonists. So, do you like the changes Disney made to
Jasmine and Jafar in the new Aladdin movie? Let me know what you think in the comments
below and subscribe to enter my Aladdin giveaway! For more details about all the other changes
in the new Aladdin, tap left for my full video on that or if you want to learn more about
Disney’s live-action movies, tap right for my full playlist with more videos on Aladdin,
Mary Poppins, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella. Thanks for watching and see ya next time. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers!

David Anderson

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