The Cast Of “Thor: Ragnarok” Plays Superhero Would You Rather

– I’m going to first to
lubricate my articulators. – [Chris] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – You know what that is? – It’s a travel sweet of some kind. It’s a lozenge. – A travel sweet, that’s
certainly a Britishism. I’ve never heard that in my life. (superhero music) (vocalizing) – LOL, lots of– – Love. – Llamas. – Legends, lots of legends. Welcome to– – Lots of legends. Welcome to Buzzfeed, lots of legends. – One little paper, two little answers. – All right, here we go. (laughing) – Would you rather be
stuck on a deserted planet with Hela or Loki? Well, you’re here, and how
could I possibly not say Loki, of course. – Hela. – Me too. I guess on a deserted island, there’s only so many things you could eat, – [Mark] Right. – But like, I don’t wanna dine with Loki. – Hela. – Hela. – ‘Cause we’d sort it out eventually. – She’s evil, but then. – You know what, people change. – Would you rather get
a deep tissue massage, – Tissue, I like how he says “tissue.” Tissue? I hardly know you. You say massage, or mass-age? – Mass-age, yeah. – I like that too. – Either from the Hulk’s bare hands, or from Thor’s hammer? – It’s gonna be the Hulk’s
bare hands for me, I think. – I’d have to agree with you. And I’m not being biased,
but the idea of Thor’s hammer hammering away at my muscles– – Chris keeps his hammer in his bathroom. – That’s what I heard. – So like, that’s gross, I
don’t want that on my bod. – Thor’s hammer, I mean, how
does that feel in a massage? Hot stones, but cold metal instead. We’ll try both. – Would you rather turn
into the Hulk in the middle of your wedding or in the
middle of your honeymoon doing you know what? – I think part of the
Hulk’s problem is, I think– – He can’t find anybody
to you know what with, that’s why he’s so angry. – Evocative images,
though, coming from these. – These are wildly sexual. – Honeymoon, honeymoon,
honeymoon, honeymoon, sure. – I think I’m gonna turn into
the Hulk during my honeymoon in enough time to annul the marriage. If the person doesn’t accept me for who I am,
– For who you are. Or who I can become sometimes, then I want to know right away. – Would you rather have
Doctor Bruce Banner as your primary care
physician or Doctor Strange? – I wouldn’t trust anyone
called Doctor Strange. (mumbles) Or Doctor Butterfingers. “Oh, yeesh, you gotta see my
doctor, Doctor Shakyhands.” – That’s right, Surgeon
Badcuts, or something. (chuckles) – Neither of them are
qualified for the job. They’re not general practitioners. – Really? What is, Bruce Banner is a– – He’s a scientist. – Physicist, or scientist, or something. – He’s a physicist, yeah. I mean, I’m just gonna go logically, Doctor Strange knows more about the body than Doctor Banner. He was a surgeon. – Doctor Strange. – Would you rather Netflix
and Chill with a permanent– Netflix and Chill. – Oh, is that you know what? (giggling) – With a permanently shrunk ant-man, or a permanently Hulked-out Hulk? – I mean, you’re not chilling
much with a Hulked-out Hulk, are you? – No, you’re stressed out the whole time. He’s just an oversized three-year-old. – He’s just trying to smash you. – Golly, I’ve got a two-year-old, and I know exactly what it’s like. – And I’ve got two three-year-olds. – Look, it’s not a competition. – Love Paul Rudd, but
I’m gonna take you, bud. – Sorry Rudd. (laughing) – Would you rather have
to say, “Hulk smash” before you kiss anyone, or
before you can use the bathroom? I don’t know. – I’d feel more comfortable
whispering “Hulk smash” to myself as I was
walking into the bathroom. – I just don’t know. – I wouldn’t yell it. – For me, I think it’s
the bathroom choice. – Yeah. – Restroom break, boss? – Yeah, Hulk smash, Hulk smash? – I’d rather say “Hulk smash”
before I kiss somebody. – That’s really romantic. – Hulk smash? – Oh, oh, Hulk smash, okay, okay, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh, quick, quick, quick, right over there as to the
left and down the hall. See, he follows through on a scene. – Would you rather have a human-sized body with a Hulk-sized head, or Hulk-sized body with a human-sized head? – Hulk-sized body with a human head. Yeah, probably that. (chuckling) I would be the Hulk– – They just described you. – I’d rather have a Hulk-sized
body with a human-sized head. – Really? – Yeah. – No question, I think you’d
have a human-sized body with a Hulk-sized head. – Why? ‘Cause you’d be falling down all the time, it’d be so heavy. – Oh, those Funko Pop
things that they make of us. – [Mark] Yeah, those. – Those things are so cute! – Yeah. – Big-ass head, just like– – That’s true. – I don’t know what I’m here for. – That’s true, like a bobble head. – Would you rather have to
arm wrestle for your life against Korg or Thor? Why don’t you answer this question, bro? – Funny that you should ask me, bro. – But he’s got clammy hands,
so I don’t want to touch them. – Clammy hands, where have they been. – Ew. – Look at those guns, you. – No, no, no. – You’d be fine against anybody right now. – I’ve lost arm wrestles
against Thor, repeatedly. So I know the answer to that
question, for me, it’s Korg. – That’s it, we’re all out of questions. – All right, we’re getting
kicked off the show. – Okay, goodbye. – I’ve enjoyed this no end. That’s it. Thank you everybody, thank you guys. (laughing) What can we do? Oh, I think it’s under there. – [Both] Ahh! – You trickster, you trickster. (upbeat music) (whooshing) (squeaking)

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