The Cast Of “Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil” Finds Out Which Disney Villains They Are

The Cast Of “Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil” Finds Out Which Disney Villains They Are

David Anderson

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45 thoughts on “The Cast Of “Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil” Finds Out Which Disney Villains They Are

  1. Zoey Del Rosario says:

    Good content

  2. ScarlettP says:

    Elle is so beautiful like omg 😍

  3. khaled mostafa says:


  4. wigconic says:

    Am i the only one who loves Maleficent 😍

  5. Shannon Dean says:

    the fact that they don't link the quiz in the description . . . why
    it should be like second line

  6. rahma mahmoud says:

    I just opened the video to see if Angelina Jolie was here

  7. Paige Vlogs says:

    I love maleficent

  8. Lyla Smith says:

    Elle is so beautiful! Queen

  9. dramatic and sarcastic says:

    Wow, Sam Riley's voice….

  10. 현원용 says:

    i clicked on this video for angelina

  11. Shannon Dean says:

    i think my favourite thing about these quiz videos is that we don't have to hear the same 3 boring interview questions over & over

  12. Sashi says:


  13. Vanshika Patel says:

    I think they forgot about Angelina

  14. Israel Álvarez says:

    I was expecting Angie 😢

  15. Zaki Edits says:

    The new prince Philip was so Ugly

  16. Lee C says:

    where’s the link to this quiz please?

  17. 3lement2010 says:

    Elle is so gorgeous. She legit looks and talks like a queen

  18. Planeta Karina says:

    imagine Elle Fanning doing ASMR. her voice is so soothing

  19. D. L. says:

    Chiwetel has literally already been a Disney villain.

  20. Neojin says:

    Elle looks like a real life doll

  21. heavydirtysoull says:

    sam is hot wtf

  22. Ginette Parada says:

    Diaval 🥰

  23. Lourdes Rojas says:

    You should leave the link to the quiz down below☹️

  24. Shreya SP says:

    Who's here for Angelina Jolie and was disappointed??

  25. gacha리나 says:

    But for reals though I just came back from watching the movie

  26. Zack says:

    PLEASE put the quiz in the description with these videos!

  27. Valena says:

    Where’s the queen herself, Angelina Jolie???

  28. Taylan Ertan says:

    None picked ''I'll make a man out of you'' ?! Really?

  29. wow doge says:

    elle is such a sunshine!!!

  30. tnyjt says:

    OF COURSE she'll get her mother lmao

  31. Melle Mads Woestenburg says:

    2:51 “i think Maleficent would be jealous if i hung out with any of the others”. Does this mean Maleficent really does love Diaval?! MY SHIPPING HEART!! 😍

  32. Sweet Famillaran says:

    Where is Angelina? Let Angelina do this game , please

  33. Flower Power says:

    I've seen it

  34. Livia Jean says:

    Love Elle

  35. ツSolo says:

    You've done Elle dirty with that thumbnail…

  36. Gamer123766 says:

    I'm so glad they considered Narnia in!!

  37. David says:

    Chiwetel is one of the most underrated actors in this world

  38. Breianna Cochran McWane says:

    Came here for Sam Riley.

  39. deinz says:

    sam likes randy newman but forgots his name

  40. blóma says:

    i missed sam riley content so much

  41. Darcy Leej says:

    I love so much Sam Riley's voice

  42. anoja31 says:

    They're all so cute ;-;

  43. Janhavi Kumthekar says:

    When Chiwetel who voices Scar doesn't get Scar

  44. Otniel Romeo says:

    Does Harris Dickinson even have feelings?
    He never seems to smile or show other emotions LOL.

  45. Army Once1315 says:

    Invite twice or I’m not going to watch this show no more

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