The Breath of Life – 2D animation – Official Trailer

The Breath of Life – 2D animation – Official Trailer

What is our place in this world? This world of magic and mystery The Wheel of Life So this is what you need my help with What should we do when we know the deepest ancient truth and watch as the rest of the world goes insane Trying to solve all the problems of the world with one cruel but extremely powerful rite Should we reveal the truth to everyone? You’re actually going to burn the sacrifice? Are you the same Varlahm I used to know? You’ve always been obsessed with the rite and you already have your sacrifice, poor girl Your magic is really really powerful Your girl is pretty… too pretty to be sacrificed… So you’re not afraid at all travelling alone with me? I have my ways to protect myself You have no idea what you’re getting into Welcome back home Anyway, why are you guys always fighting? Maybe the colors of our magics don’t match What happens next in every story? We’re all gonna die! Can we just start the sacrificial rite before we all kill each other? Master, you’re so bad! You’re so bad! You can conquer your damn world if you want, I’m out No! You know too much! What is this ancient knowledge about the origins of magic? What is this power that we feel deep inside of us? What could put an end to this madness?

David Anderson

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21 thoughts on “The Breath of Life – 2D animation – Official Trailer

  1. Arthur Herring says:

    If you'd like to help this trailer get seen, and aid youtube algorithms, please leave a comment and tap like. It goes a long way. Also – please expand the trailer description to learn more about this project. Thank you!

  2. oOCielito LindoOo says:

    Definitely a super creative project! Looks awkward sometimes, but obviously art styles differ from project to project. Hope everything turns out amazing! The story/trailer is definitely an interesting one

  3. TriforceOfEverything says:

    I subbed cool trailer

  4. The Great Gabsby says:

    This is fantastic! You have my sub ?.

  5. Mary Bettencourt says:

    I hope more people see this! Good work!

  6. Short Story Universe says:

    This looks amazing. Totally impressed. Mind blown.

  7. Jonathan Ross says:

    #Bring back 2d Animation to the Western World

  8. bina says:

    This looks amazing ❤️

  9. Viridiana Cortes says:

    Not perfect, but still creative and ambitious. Work with what you have, I’m proud of what people have shown to be capable of even with little resources.

  10. Jrod Jrod says:

    Love the style

  11. Lillymoonstar says:

    This is art.

  12. sixrogers says:


  13. Jannelys Alvarado says:

    This looks cool!

  14. Ramune Icepop says:

    Very interesting!

  15. Lolar Moon says:

    This is so beautifully drawn, and such a creative idea! It looks a bit stiff, but otherwise it's amazing! Beautiful shading, colors, light, and character design! Absolutely beautiful. I could see it as a comic book.

  16. Bree M says:

    1.07 Why they put Mariah Carey in the film..

  17. Katia Tannus says:

    This animation tho ? it looks like a storybook illustration

  18. J e n says:

    Definitely looks like a lot of hard work went into this!?? great work

  19. Kayla Houvenagle says:

    No idea what this is, but it looks gorgeous

  20. Katherine Alvarez says:

    Umm…so it kind of looks like paper cut outs from a really cool storybook. So that’s cool.

  21. hello I'll says:

    This is interesting!!! I can't wait to see if pan out!

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