The Boys (Amazon) Trailer #3 HD – Superhero series

The Boys (Amazon) Trailer #3 HD – Superhero series

The greatest superhero team the world’s ever seen The Seven Is there anything I can help you with? I’m not gonna piss you about chewy. I heard what happened to Robin. You aren’t alone, son Supes lose hundreds of people each year to collateral damage I can’ stop I can’t stop ROBIN Man I swear. I mean the boys having Spank the Bastards when I get her ?? Can you control her please
You need to unclench your asshole
What are you two carrying on like a bunch of fucking twits? We’ve got a fucking job to do Ha-ha-ha i’m invisible stupid motherfuckers I’m the world ‘s greatest superhero. I can do whatever the fuck I want We’re on the verge of annihilating these wankers – I’m done !
Boy what’s Sporty Spice up to ? Who ? Sporty fucking spice what is she up to ? I don’t know. And Baby ? Not even page 6 of the Daily Mail. You see when they’re aparts they’re all absolute fucking rubbish But ! You put them together, now they’re gone into fucking Spice Girls The point is we need each other were fucking in the wall Jesus he gives the worst pep talks. He really does I-I can’t do this.
You just pull the fucking trigger We’re the seven Earth’s most mighty motherfucker, please please please no, please Pardon my french fuck those fuckers

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “The Boys (Amazon) Trailer #3 HD – Superhero series

  1. BrianOzkade says:

    superman+captain america in one character. and they call this an original. total RIPOFF

  2. Neron Freenberg says:

    One I did not understand?

  3. Nxet says:

    So the A-Team

  4. Glenn Mark Besueño says:

    Capt. SuperAmerica?

  5. Glenn Mark Besueño says:

    Wonder widow?

  6. Kevin Chen says:

    great description by the way

  7. Invincible Warrior says:

    guys watch this……its Bass Boosted

  8. turtleboy35 says:

    Gives me Watchmen vibes

  9. KASAMAGO network says:

    So fun n funny..

  10. Suraj Saroj says:

    Flop movie

  11. Ahmad Naqiuddin Haziq says:

    Wtf is eden hazard doing here

  12. Chino _ says:

    I’m completely lost

  13. The shy says:

    Me and the boys roaming the street.

  14. Erik Burns says:

    I hope it ends better then the actual comic because BOY was that a disappointing end. Like 5 time worst the Game of Thrones.

  15. end me pls says:

    M E A N D T H E B O Y S

  16. it's me says:

    Is that "super American man " 🧐🧐

  17. Dicco Loggins says:


  18. Aniket Katdare says:

    Wtf was that shit… Fucking epic

  19. Конрад Михельсон says:

    Прикольно деваху разнесли…. только руки остались. Представляю сколько разнес людей флеш, когда начинал тренировки. Только, конечно это осталось за кадром.

  20. solid072 says:

    Seconds and you can see this is just shit

  21. The Responder says:

    Me and the boys staring in our own movie

  22. Angel Guillen says:

    That fucking asshole, saying I can't stop, mother fucked killed his girlfriend, oh I can't wait how this guy kill him, I read a few comics but the series 🤘

  23. Music function lui says:

    The boys but there's a girl

  24. Cartooon THAT says:

    might watch it.

  25. Philippe St-Jean says:

    Ok just a question : It's a superheroes series or superbadguys series ? I'm sorry You can not do both at the same time to make a mature series and then it's me where is the second time this year that we re-use the song Wannabe by The Spice Girls in a mature series ?

  26. Vinay Prakash says:

    When you see a guy missing his Head in the Thumbnail…..then "Click it"

  27. Stupid 350 says:

    1:00 captain America beta version

  28. Justbrowsing4lunch says:

    Frank and beans!!!

  29. TFFC says:

    me and the boys watching our knock offs

  30. Shaun Milfler says:

    Finally something much better than netflix shitshows and shield and arrow and super sanic boy

  31. Fable Rolle says:

    0:13 though Lmaoooo

  32. Amir Khan says:

    Please hindi dubbed sir this movie

  33. Arturo Grima says:

    Eomer has an interesting team

  34. Marvel fc says: avengers new trailer

  35. BAAM 25th says:

    It's that guy from the good mummy movies.

  36. Craig Harvey-Gurr says:

    Never meet your heroes.

  37. Alberi Junior says:



    im sacred about what amazon can do about the best super hero comic ever!

  39. Lightbreaker says:

    Super hero live action 🙂

  40. Rain RedFox says:

    Comedy Heroes

  41. manoj kumar says:

    Iske dialogues me itna Fuck daal rakha hai, sale chodu ki aulad hai Kya…

  42. Hollywood Movies says:

    Wow superb movie

  43. bol Raja says:

    Play Boy 😂

  44. Tobi #1 says:

    WTF is this shit

  45. American Eagle says:

    Homelander: hero of the heroes! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  46. Juliano Motta says:

    Esse filme vai ser show

  47. Panjabi Swag says:

    Ohh I'm so excited for this show

  48. MR MILFMANZ says:


  49. Md IsTeyaK says:

    They copied justice league hero and avengers

  50. Jeffry Pas says:

    Cool man…..

  51. Loop Is Dedz says:

    Me and the boys watching the other "Boys" doing stuff with their superpowers in Brazil.

  52. Rishant says:

    Deadpool really changed the storyline .

  53. Lelouchzch says:

    So cool yeah.

  54. Rich As F*ck says:

    The Girls will get MAD! I want a part of this bc THEY have it! LOL Nothing inventive about those girls…

  55. Madhurjya Boro says:

    A bit of suicide squad but oh man am I excited

  56. Subhav Chauhan says:

    The boys played well…😂

  57. Sulejmani says:

    This is just my hero acadimia live action

  58. Mustafa Dhukka says:

    Wating for u

  59. Calvin Josh says:

    Not hating on this but it's VERY similar to Powers tht was on PlayStation network, cd see a similar fate in the long run

  60. sevenDCalm says:

    Copying the seven deadly sins in real life

  61. Bình Đặng Đức says:

    What song in 1:36?

  62. Munna t says:

    Make a Hindu dub hahaha


    I'm a simple man. I see karl.urban. i skip

  64. Shobhit Saxena says:

    Real isn't ….😁

  65. Zulian Silva says:

    Caramba na minha opinião ó que vai salvar neste Filme é só a Música, mais que Porcari é está meu Deus do céu????……

  66. Niraj Gupta says:

    So low budget
    • Captain America
    • Falcon
    • Wonder woman
    & Others

  67. Athar UI_Ux says:

    Hindi Mai available hogi kya yeah

  68. Muphy Bolilan says:


  69. Sk Akbar says:

    EDEN HAZARD in the movie
    😂😂 real or fake

  70. Sizo Simelane says:

    What is this? I've never heard of them… This looks AMAZING! The no bs version of everything.

  71. Can you shut up? says:

    I don't why but I'm hyped for this movie lol


    Can't wait

  73. jorgen Sen says:

    Me and the Boys will watch this movie

  74. Rudolf Szente says:

    I like the gore on this series, i think thats an improvement.

  75. Comfart -Zone says:

    R-reated ?

  76. Meza Rod says:

    Definitely inspired by deadpool 2

  77. Asciende Superius says:

    Well im here for The Girls

  78. Raj Pandey says:




  80. mohammad sameer says:

    Isko hindi m lao plzz

  81. Daught. RavenTM says:


  82. Euclides Lourenço says:

    Muito ansioso para assistir está série.

  83. vishal says:

    Shazam second part

  84. Minh Tiến Trần Lê says:

    Phim của dc

  85. syam sagar says:

    Awesome….mind blowing.

  86. Xxx game says:

    Awsome movie

  87. Mohnish Padwal says:

    Boyz Really Played Well

  88. Valera Perec says:

    Waiting for feminists and LGBT to burn their asses <3

  89. JProx01 M.G. says:

    When I saw the first trailer I thought it was gonna be about the dysfunctional superhero team but I'm so refreshed that it's about traumatised mad men trying to kill them instead. Amazon just got a new customer for that one!

  90. Javier Sanzon says:

    Super stupids and super asholes…… Super idiots

  91. Islam _______ says:

    Wasn't expecting to hear Anderson .Paak

  92. siddharth khandelwal says:

    So we have Wonder woman, Logan and captain

  93. Blake Zang says:

    best trailer song ever!

  94. Akham Pongchai says:

    Homelanders.. Are you series?0

    I wonder who gave him the role to this ugly no-lips Bitch

  95. Abir islam says:

    2:05. Who is this?

  96. Kanima says:

    A meme came to life!. . .Or better yet, movie.

  97. Faroy Sandrine says:

    Lucas hood protector

  98. acidbass poplan says:

    what is the song before spice girl?

  99. rohit arora says:

    good thing I missed out on watching this trailer as this does spoils Good Scenes, miss the time when trailer used to be less spoily

  100. Digitalwarrior 1209 says:

    Does someone know what the song at the beginning is called?

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