My name is Csaba Szigeti, I’m from Hungary my height is 192 cms, my weight is around 105kg today we will have a photo shoot with Gilles Crofta it was amazing one of my best photo shoots ever I saw the first photo on screen, It was much better than what I see in myself the gym and training is one the most important things in my life I’m 30 now, and I started when I was 16 so in the beginning, I just went to the gym and I just trained no supplements, no training programmes after 10 years working out, i was around 25, I decided i want to get more serious training, foods, supplements, everything I train much hard, and eat clean it’s improved a lot, I’m still not satisfied it’s difficult, because I look in the mirror I’m always searching the weakest parts but I’m not satisfied with it but it will come this is not just my hobby, this is my life I’m still not satisfied but it will come

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “THE BODY OF A SUPERHERO

  1. Itty Bitty Muscle says:

    he seems like a humble dude too. that always makes such a difference.

  2. Z a i ب i says:

    Omg incredible

  3. DEV BIJNORI says:

    Lovely bro lovely

  4. Attri Fitness says:

    Cleae cluster body

  5. ed fred says:

    He has a small dick wtf

  6. Egele Tuilagi Brown says:

    Best body ever ..

  7. Onkar Sawant111 says:

    Sergiconstance body type

  8. Siu Juno says:

    Does anyone know if he has a boyfriend? With Kevin Warhol?

  9. Nuril Huda says:

    Inspiring body building….

  10. dro sky says:

    wooo no wonder girls be looking at me everywhere i go

  11. Kalash Operator says:

    100% natural 😂

  12. Awais Memon says:

    One word. Perfect

  13. Андрей Пептюк says:

    It's amazing body. Next champion coming

  14. eldi birting says:

    10 years of training.. So start now guys and be like him at 10 years from now

  15. J. Kingsmith says:

    I’ve been working out to look aesthetic like this guy

  16. Lek Toma says:

    Biudiful 💞❤️

  17. Mani Matter says:

    One of the best natural bodybuilder

  18. xajid khan says:

    Wow. Amazing physique


    Wow so nice the gym

  20. Ashok Abole says:

    Super hero body Hot lovely

  21. Alfredo Trujillo says:

    Aren't his numbers pretty much Arnold Schwarzenegger numbers in terms of his size? 6'3" and 230 lbs

  22. sidharth singh says:

    I'm pumped up after watch this video❤

  23. doña tecla varela corneta says:

    Like si ablas español:v

  24. abbasi fahad says:

    He looks intimidating but so humble… Respect man..

  25. S Bedollar says:

    Nice, but does anyone know the name of the song?🎵😡🎶

  26. Akmal Aliff says:

    Small penis

  27. VisioN-ClaW says:

    He is narrow so not exactly super hero but still impressive

  28. Daily Updates says:

    I think he eats 100 egg whites a day

  29. JOÃO LUIZ TAQUES says:

    Lindo… sou teu fã!

  30. Minh Phạm Duy minh says:

    Uhinnkmk jjkjnjjhi

  31. Ruben Abenir says:

    Well not sure what to say what i just want to say is he has a very sculptural and attentive abs i was going to say woo to many did i see wait what did i say ?!?!?!?

  32. sandeep. rawat says:


  33. aspen2430 says:

    ullu ke patthe ne banaaya hai ye playlist….which asshole has created this playlist?

  34. Fan Tuber says:

    He's Hungarian just like me!

  35. sidharth singh says:

    3:19 "This is not just my hobby this is my life" best one 👏👏👏

  36. wang qin says:

    I want background music

  37. Last Macho says:

    He eats clean…hmmm

  38. Jude P says:

    His Muscle Fiber WTF Insane

  39. vellstorm4705 says:

    All i want to know is his DIET #1 & his work out Regime #2 !!!!


    Wow so nice nice

  41. Ashok abole says:

    Super hero body Hot love you

  42. Olimpo 2016 says:

    Body of a SuperSteroids.

  43. Dark says:

    Chris bumsted has a better body than him you can't be the best at something at this world…

  44. Rossco Valentinoino says:

    First couple of minutes is basically footage of him wearing a variety of children’s pants.

    He’s an absolute beast though so who am I to criticize

  45. TheElm1ster says:

    Gareth Bale con esteroides.

  46. len boi says:

    He will be at least 6.7 ft tall

  47. Ceejay Santiago says:

    I admire his humility more of his body .

  48. burt miranda says:

    Looks kinda like Bale lol

  49. shuman says:

    Super heroes are fictional ,this man …He is REAL!

  50. Giduturu Siva says:

    Fantastic shape

  51. Seabass McGee says:

    But can't perform like one because he trains like a bodybuilder 🤷‍♂️

  52. Ilyass Touil says:

    Looks like gareth bale

  53. Francisco Gutierrez says:


  54. Tenzin Gobom says:

    Damm he's tall

  55. Tanay Ghosh says:

    Very much similar as arnold Scherzinger…. And very good physic…

  56. g qq says:

    Gareth bale

  57. Vandit Panvelkar says:

    Gareth bale?

  58. Michael Francis says:

    Wow what a hunk and rod 💚💜💙💛👬

  59. Anmol parlekar says:

    Super body Bro, Love from India.

  60. great world says:

    Super..yar… Lookk like super hero…

  61. Steeve Heimanu MAI says:

    Waou 💛❤🖤💙💚💜

  62. daiki s says:


  63. Ernesto Andrés Giraldo Gómez says:

    My God! He has a perfect muscle body! He is spectacular!

  64. saya setujuu says:

    Great simetry

  65. Music Lover says:

    No tattoos.  Proof that he's smart.

  66. HEALTH and FITNESS-Torogi ak says:

    perfect body👍👍👍

  67. rich b says:

    If I had a body like that I would be too busy fucking to have a body like that.

  68. GoldenEra 4ever says:

    I have a physique just like this guy…after extreme photoshop…but just like him.

  69. Wilfred Deslauriers says:


  70. Denis Lee says:


  71. عبدالله الدباغ says:

    Its 190😭

  72. Jasper DiLincoln says:


  73. Toxic Tucc says:

    Natty or not lol

  74. Suxrob Alu says:


  75. Габит Омаров says:

    Действительно очень Красиво смотреть на это….И понимаешь Не удиветельно ,что щас стало так Много Геев в Мире…😏

  76. Walid Bellouze says:

    Her name ?

  77. Ssjred and rose Ssj gamer says:

    Nice height and body too!

    Wish that he’s natty

  78. DiamondFace ErrThang says:

    Good shape… credit where it's due!

  79. Amilcar Deras says:

    Csaba Szigeti, dude I got news for you. You have the body of a Greek god. Whatever it is that you are doing don't change a thing. I honestly wish I had a body like yours. Keep up the great work and don't ruin your body with a 'roid gut. Wish you all the luck in the world in whatever you want to do in the future.

  80. yo Momma's Drawls says:

    His Traps and his caved in upper small pecs are his only weakness

  81. De noir says:

    형이 여기서 왜 나와..?
    벨 아미 최애..

  82. Hung Duong says:

    WIsh I could suck him.

  83. Andrés Monteagudo molina says:

    Menudo cambio

  84. Cussy Richards says:

    I think he's natural. 105kg at 6ft 3in at what looks like 10% bodyfat is not that big at all. I know natural genetic freaks who are 5 inches shorter than him and are that same weight at roughly 12% bodyfat.

  85. Sam Na says:

    If u think he’s natural. Y’all are insane lol

  86. nono nunu says:

    Is he the pornstar or just another person. ???Bec if not the ressemblance is uncanny.

  87. Caves says:

    Ag man my bloated blue balls are bigger and more super heroic than this. Lol just kidding yeah man gotta hit the gym!

  88. iwan prastiyo says:

    Wow thats cool.

  89. Hop The Border Productions says:

    Um… You can't tell me that body at 1:19 isn't natural.
    In comparison to other nattys.. those shoulders are narrow as hell, and he looks Skinny buff.
    Steroids blow you up, but he is truly showing his Ectomorph status here, his bone structure is not his fault and he looks awesome though
    But he looks extra lean, Not steroid Lean. I say this all that time, "If steroids looks like this, Than give up. The only non steroid bodies out there look like crap, Seriously think about it, The only bodies you jealous %%%%%%% will accept is a crappy body" The only bodies you guys accept as natty are the bodies that are not exceptional, Get buff yourselves and train correctly and eat correctly and see what you get, If you still can't do it, check your T levels. I did because I gain and hold onto to muscle Quickly and for a long time, So it came back surprisingly in the TOP 1% of men, The levels were 1,400 ng/ , My doctor said no that can't be right and laughed, So he sent me to 3 different clinics from different companies in California and guess what, They came back even higher LMAO. It kind of feels liberating to know that there are a few people out there that just have amazing genetics and those who don't like to get pissed at the rest of the few.
    No matter who you are..It will take hard work. Some just arrive at the destination sooner.

  90. Jason Striation says:

    Looks like the pharma grade 💉 from Russia is working just fine

  91. Barry Forten says:

    Well.. Arnold Schwarzenegger is my superhero..

  92. Christian Ardianto says:

    My name Csaba Szigeti im from hangerey. My head is 192.

  93. Drako Axel says:

    n Steriod absolutely.

  94. inuyasha says:

    He got that classic physique.

  95. Russian Walker says:

    I saw his dick

  96. J. n. l. says:

    A body of superhero is the body of a very very very tall MAN, like 220cm. or taller. 🔝💪
    This guy is fantastic, impressive, defined… but no superhero.

  97. PEPE TRUMP says:

    I like how 4/10 girls only go for guys like that

  98. anonymusopina1 says:

    All 100% natural 🥇

  99. GOUNDER SHANTI says:

    He has looks too

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