The Amazing World of Gumball – The Vermin Man Song

The Amazing World of Gumball – The Vermin Man Song

Altogether now for the Vermin Man song! here he comes, the Vermin Man he’s always ready with a trick or a scam [Aggressively plays the guitar] With his one black eye and his pointed nose and an outfit straight from 80’s cop shows he’s a liar and a rogue and a sponger and a thief he’ll take away your happiness and fill you full of grief~ Here he comes, the Vermin Man he’s always ready with a trick or a scam [Aggressively plays some kind of springy thing] He’s a no good husband and a deadbeat dad if he disappeared for good then we’d all be glad his face is gross his manner is rash if you split him down the middle all you’ll find is trash~ Here he comes, the Vermin Man he’s always ready with a trick or a scam Where’s the candy? There isn’t any. Just garbage to symbolize how rotten the Vermin Man is on the inside. [Aggressively plays the violin] Got a hole for a soul and a heart like a knife he let down his child and wife never ever marry him or ruin your life the Vermin Man~ He’s always ready with a trick or a lie or a con or a hustle or a hoax or a fraud or a racket [Aggressively bangs on a drum] or a sham or a diddle or a fiddle or a scam!

David Anderson

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28 thoughts on “The Amazing World of Gumball – The Vermin Man Song

  1. shane oliver says:

    someone should play this song to channel awesome

  2. The Space Cat says:

    I love how love is a rat too but he’s singing it so happily

  3. Leonie Carnegie says:

    I thought it was the Burden man.

  4. Platonic Waifu says:

    You gotta love how happy Nicole is while singing this. Haven’t seen her happier

  5. TheBlue Inkster says:

    I watched this on tv and replayed it here

  6. Jolie Albury says:

    Who got burned worse, Frankie or the statue?

  7. Pamela Adams says:

    Me with my dad

  8. Gaberiel Calanchi says:

    They held back nothing

  9. Unadvised Gaming says:

    The 13 dislikes are vermin men

  10. Unadvised Gaming says:

    Look I'm against rape and all but that replay button had it coming

  11. Kayla Calabrese says:

    This is actually good

  12. Dennika Craion says:

    I like the part when they clap

  13. Moonlight Serenade says:

    Did they just sing a song about my dad?

  14. Aidan Lane says:

    (crossly) I'm ashamed of you all Wattersons! It is NEVER okay to light up tons of woods and set up a fiery explosion! You must clean up this backyard at once! And your grandfather didn't like any of it, either!

  15. Jermaine Mitchell says:

    Where’s the Candy??

  16. Scarheight Gaming says:

    As Darwin says, "No one is truly evil!"

  17. jairo avila says:

    What is this type of music?

  18. nova6 colt says:

    Beautiful isn't it??????? Pyro would be proud I mean look at that it's like the wall of Fire button-shaped of a rat its so catchy

  19. Omri Waisman says:

    This song looks like at rat was a liar which the rat is not a liar (offense to Frankie) He is kinda a thief but it is sad that he left his son, Richard Watterson.
    Why does he have a bruise? Me so curious.
    Anyone curious about why Grandpa Frankie left Richard?

  20. minnie im a mouse says:

    Here Vernon man

  21. Shakeera Hernandez says:

    Like every babymama whis they could do this

  22. ThatGreenOne says:

    So how brutal and blunt do you want the song to be?
    Granny Jojo: Yes

  23. Antonella Villalba says:


  24. Alexandra says:

    I pulled this video up JUST to see his ex pull out the violin 🎻 I diiiiiiied.

  25. Advice With A says:

    The 17 dislikes are from the dead beat dads and no good husbands

  26. Regal Knight says:

    Granny JoJo wrote the best diss track.

  27. RHBR says:

    This show really is a gem when it comes to humor.

  28. Trey The new player says:

    This song is fire

  29. Leland and Jax says:

    Why are they mouses? Well this is not bad…

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