The Amazing World Of Gumball References To Top Songs / music

The Amazing World Of Gumball References To Top Songs / music

POP UP Sound I Wanna Be Free by Mr. Robinson Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out For A Hero Refund the World by Gumball and Darwin “We Are The World” Featuring Micheal Jackson & Other Top Singers Christmas is Cancelled by Gumball, Darwin, and Anais 2nd Allegretto Movement Of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 7th Symphony Baby Justin Bieber “Baby” She’s The Best by Victoria Liedtke Joe Esposito “You are The Best” Life Can Make You Smile by Gumball Pharrell Williams “Happy” We Are Family by the Wattersons Sister Sledge “We are family” Never Gonna Let You Go by Gumball and Darwin Celine Dion “My Heart Will Go On” 99 Bottles of Age-Appropriate Beverage On The Wall by Gumball, Darwin, Anais and Richard 99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall I Say Banana by Banana Joe James P Johnson “Charleston” The Wicked Song by Teresa Gallagher Sound Of Music “My Favorite Things” Ketchup Rap by Gumball Blackalicious “Alphabet Aerobics” Double, Double Toil and Trouble by Idaho Shakespeare’s Macbeth How Low Would You Go? Michael Huey “Want A New Drug” The Everything Song by the Wattersons (excluding Nicole) from the episode “The Fuss” For He Is A Jolly Good Fellow Happy Birthday To You Frederic Chopin’s Funeral March We Wish You A Merry Christmas We Wreck ‘Em by George Flea Market Montgomery Rap By Sammy Stephens Banana Dance by Gumball Trashmen In Tune “Surfin Bird” Love Me Forever by Rachel John Whitney Houston “I will Always Love You” It’s Sussie by Brian Sears, Nicolas Cantu, and Fergus Craig The Brady Bunch I’m Singing by a showerhead and several residents of Elmore Summer By Olaf From The Movie Frozen Filth, Filth, All Around by Teri Kyary Pamyu Pamyu “Pon Pon Pon” I Prefer All My Food Fried by Richard Brenda Lee “Always On My Mind” The Hurt I Feel by Pluto Adele “Hello” Relax “You Are The Best” From The Movie Karate Kid The Golden Girls Season After Season THE END

David Anderson

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71 thoughts on “The Amazing World Of Gumball References To Top Songs / music

  1. K'hari Jordan says:

    I am the ninth person to like this video ^^vv but the first 1 to leave a comment I guess.

  2. liliana ramos says:


  3. cherry kingdxm says:

    The Awkwardness is just killing me

  4. Crusoe says:


  5. Egg says:

    6:36 although it sounds similar, the song actually parodies the ghostbuster's theme, not that one.

  6. Kieran Sugden says:

    5:05 I think its actually not the Charlston, But a different song which I dont remember the name of but it goes "You say tomato and I say tom-ah-to, you say potato and i pot-ah-to, tomato, tom-ahto, potato, pot-ah-to, Lets call the whole thing off!"

    I say this because of the 2 words beign repeated and then it has a similar part with the "banana, ban-ah-na.."

  7. POLYBIUS PINK says:

    whose the blue haired girl in the thumbnail

  8. hi.its.georgia says:

    Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby

  9. מולכו שירלי says:


  10. Aqua Peri says:

    Not only does it parody that, it also a parody of the GhostBusters theme.

  11. the1andonlysans - Bloons, Animations, and More! says:


  12. ElnachoBueno 888 says:

    sabía que la canción del s.r Robinson era parodia de yo quiero un heroe

  13. ElnachoBueno 888 says:

    creo que el ultimo era muy obvio no?

  14. Noobtition says:

    1:44 my favorite part in this video

  15. oppsie absis says:

    I’m surprised the parodied a song called “I want a new drug” XD

  16. RichTV Pokèvids and Anything says:

    So cool you played all my favorite songs

  17. Paola Salazar says:

    Awesome video I would like to see more content from you oh and how is that Carrie she doesn’t look like that??

  18. Dog Fabulous says:

    5:45 that’s how mlp wuz made…

  19. mini shrek says:

    WHY WOULD YOU ADD IN THAT?! ???????????????????? 1:51 – 2:08

  20. Jarrod Smith says:


  21. klance the meme says:

    I need a healer! Im holding out for a healer till the end of the game?

  22. Elmore Ducks says:

    Part 2 of song reference coming soon…. ?

  23. Ashley Dreemurr says:


  24. Fantdm Fan of Dan says:

    Kids: 99 age appropriate beverage on wall, 99 age appropriate beverage take 1 down pass it around 98 age appropriate beverage on the wall

  25. Lex says:

    And Pon Pon Pon will be stuck in your head the rest of the day ?

  26. Elmore Ducks says:

    Part 2 here- ?
    Pls watch and support

  27. Izaiah Florés says:

    "I am the Great Might Poo and I'm going to throw my -"

  28. Sam Ala says:

    I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the Vermin Man song is an homage to the Maypole song from the original 1973 Wicker Man

  29. Karafooroo Art says:

    I knew that the downer song sounded like happy bit 1000 times faster

  30. Fantdm Fan of Dan says:

    2:35 the female version of this song

  31. Xx LUCKY ME Xx says:


  32. CMCynic says:

    And I thought Jojo had a lot of music references

  33. awsomness Productions says:


  34. Sam Silverman says:

    Never Let You Go is pretty much a mix of My Heart Will Go On, Greatest Love of All, and the lyrics of Backstreet Boys

  35. Katherine Pérez says:

    I love this ?✨

  36. Jesus Arreola says:

    you missed the song "a new start" from episode "the kids"

  37. JMJ021 says:

    6:20 sounds like "fee nothing more" from Blood Money

  38. David Soto says:

    Damn you look hot in the picture

  39. M1of23 GAMES says:

    What about THE OLLIE

  40. maddie mohr says:

    1:51 MY EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Grazia Grimaldi says:

    I already know that in the ''singing'' of the song,by terry was ''pon pon''

  42. Spiral Universe says:

    The first one kinda reminded me of the Sonic Underground theme

  43. Fireball Animations says:

    8:36 Should’ve Been The Original Banana Song

  44. jmeezle says:

    michael jackson i love him i miss him

  45. Amber The Gacha Comic Maker says:

    On We Are The World song my sister danced that since kindergarten

  46. StevenIsHere! says:

    8:51 !

  47. Abiyyu FH says:

    7:30 keep it netral, everything song

  48. Abiyyu FH says:

    9:18 the weirdo, sussie

  49. Naruto says:

    Funny how I was looking for Chopin’s funeral March. I saw it on ribs – cyanide and happiness and now I’m finding it on an amazing world of gum ball video something I watch almost everyday

  50. robloxnewuser1111 says:

    am i the only one looking for darude sandstorm

  51. The Average Gamer says:

    5:58 to me sounds like Bezerk by Eminem


    Saw MARIO in gumball

  53. SuperCC says:

    Listening to this and finally figuring out the references to most of the songs makes me feel ashamed that I didn’t notice after 8 years especially for the songs that are very nostalgic for me. Don’t mind me I’m just gonna facepalm for eternity

  54. Cha says:

    9:05 actually that song is by Dolly Parton not Whitney Houston

  55. Yo boi the why not shrek says:

    The cartoon’s intro reminds me of Earth Wind & Fire’s September

  56. Gael Macias says:

    After watching life is fun and watched The Amazing World Of Gumball episode that had the life can make you smile i was all like oh my gosh did they copy TAWOG

  57. Theking12 says:

    5:21 now Ariana grande's song 7 rings

  58. Invisible yikrz says:

    U forgot sound of the police

  59. Invisible yikrz says:

    10:25 ninja left the chat

  60. Bagdar Of life says:

    my favorite was the adele hello 11:18

  61. Miguelangel Rodriguez says:

    Make a part 3, also at the last song Why did you put in the song of origin then the song that it's trying to parody Or reference

  62. Nathan says:

    I was looking for we will rock you when Rocky says "It really does sound like trash".

  63. RCV says:

    The banana dance was from tawog? Noway…..

  64. Georgia Buckingham says:

    6:36 you better correct ur ghostbusters mistake or ill change ur alarm clocks alarm sound to baby by Justin beiber

  65. Michael Myers says:

    “I Want a New Drug” is a good song, I’m happy Huey won the lawsuit.

  66. Agata Szefler says:

    7:57 OMG Frederick Chopin! He's from Poland! I'm from Poland! WOW! :O ?

  67. GumballisTHICC says:


  68. GlitchFever says:

    What about the reference to the sound of the police?

  69. Nina N0OTH says:

    I want new drugs

  70. Kuba Grotowski says:

    "The mother" by mr small is actually a parody of "come to daddy" by apex twin and its fucking creepy

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