The amazing world of Gumball – Goodbye (Arabic)

The amazing world of Gumball – Goodbye (Arabic)

🎵Your cool can reach the sky🎵 🎵But this is realy a bullshit🎵 🎵Your friendship is a bad nightmare🎵 🎵I’ll end that thing🎵 🎵stupid🎵 🎵No, I won’t say goodbye🎵 🎵Because that I’ve a headache🎵 🎵I’ll have some flu🎵 🎵i’ll kick you outside the fence🎵 🎵and i’ll put you in health reservation🎵 🎵This is your chance🎵 🎵i Won’t be scared🎵 🎵Always sleeping like a sheep🎵 🎵scared like a sheep🎵 🎵i won’t say…….🎵 🎵Goodbye🎵 🎵and if i got a scar in my face🎵 🎵i wish i could steal your house🎵 🎵that you could live with your grandpa🎵 🎵i could swat you🎵 🎵or making you work in a mine🎵 🎵or i’ll ship you by a phrase🎵 🎵or makin’ you a shawrma seikh🎵 🎵i could make your parents forget you🎵 🎵or prisoning you in a roller coaster🎵 🎵or makin’ you a slave🎵 🎵Coffe shop🎵 🎵Cofee shop🎵 🎵NO,I won’t say……🎵 🎵Goodbye🎵 🎵But i’ve to be brave🎵 🎵and you won’t be my friend🎵 🎵Waiting faith…….🎵 🎵Like a prisonner🎵

David Anderson

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18 thoughts on “The amazing world of Gumball – Goodbye (Arabic)

  1. FranL2002 says:

    La voz de Gumball parece de uno de 17 años

  2. SamuelSonic says:

    Suena mejor que el persa inoficial y el checo de CT Decko

  3. Mozarella says:

    I don't see this yet, but now I'm scared of it… 😖

  4. Vinicius Delacierra says:


  5. Yağmur says:

    Bu ne boktan aq siejisjehdkusukejme

  6. Yağmur says:

    Büyü yapıyor orospu çocuğu

  7. pop han says:


  8. Abeer Elnahas says:

    I love this song

  9. Mocha animations uwu says:

    I understand this and yes
    غامبول محشش بشكل

  10. ACE .D says:

    صوته طالع كانه واحد عمره 20 😑

  11. Alal Alalz says:

    Má agmal saut gumball 😇

  12. Zainab Has an says:


  13. Amer Alomair says:

    I'm Saudi so this version is made for me

  14. amany wahba says:

    Total rip off of the original

  15. carll says:

    Me when i commit tax fraud 😂 😂

  16. TheBoltMaster says:

    Why is gumball's arabic singing voice so much fucking deeper than his normal speaking voice? Talk about hiring a man to voice a kid

  17. youssef chaabane says:


  18. ARSENAL Makes me die says:

    I speak Arabic so I understand what they saying yeah. ههههههههه

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