Tangled Tevin | Doc McStuffins Arctic Rescue | Disney Junior

Tangled Tevin | Doc McStuffins Arctic Rescue | Disney Junior

[Doc]“Tangled Tevin.”Come on, Lambie,
let’s play a game! -Watch this!
-Baa-eautiful throw, Tevin. Thanks, Lambie!
Throw it back! [Lambie] Okay! But it’s kinda hard
when you’re moving so much! [giggles]
I’m just so excited to play! Come on, throw it! That toy dolphin
is wigglier than a warthog
in a wrestling match! Tevin, catch! Unh! Oops! Oh! Ohh! [grunts] Chilly, you shouldn’t throw
stuff overboard like that. Why not? Help! Tevin’s
caught in the net! That’s why. Throwing stuff in the sea
can hurt toy marine life. It’s gonna be okay. We’re going to pull you up
onto the deck so we can get you
out of this. Here’s
some scissors, Doc. Thanks, Hallie. -Try to hold still.
-“Hold still”? Okay, this is me
holding still! [giggles] This is too risky. If he
doesn’t stop moving, I could accidentally pop him
with the scissors. We need to calm him down. We’ll hum a lullaby,
and then you can go to sleep.♪ Dah-dah-dum ♪♪ Dah-dah-dah-dah-dum ♪So sleepy. [yawns] That was so fun! Let’s play another game! Well, that didn’t work. Let’s try something else
to calm him down. Everyone, we’re going to play
a game called “Freeze Dance.” -The rules are simple.
-[upbeat music] You dance to the music,
and when the music stops… -[presses stop]
-…you freeze! I’ve never played
this game before. Let’s do it! On your mark, get set… -dance!
-♪ ♪ [music stops] Got it! Okay. Hey, I’m free! Freedom flip! Thanks, everyone. I promise never
to litter ever again. And if there’s any way I can make it up to you,
buddy, just ask! Okay. Let’s dance! -♪ ♪

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    Surfs Up!

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