Superpink to the Rescue! | 43 Minute Superhero Compilation

Superpink to the Rescue! | 43 Minute Superhero Compilation

(WHISTLING) Huh? (ALARM BLARING) (LAUGHING) I gotta work on that move. Amazing Man!
Not you! This time,
Young Chameleon Boy, you’re going
to bring down the house. (MAN WHIMPERING) (EXCLAIMS) Fly, fly, away! I sure wish I were a superhero
instead of just
a super plumber. Pinky’s Plumbing Service! If your pipes are sick,
we’ll do the trick! One moment! I am just about
to solve vorld hunger! (BEEPING) First, I will make
a supersized pickle!Undlater, I will make
some sauerbraten und some
strudel! (GRUNTS) Huh?Ach!Another boo-boo! Thisdummheitmachine
needs adjusting! Your failure
is my lunch. PROFESSOR:
You are here. The zinkmitthe clog
is here. You have 30 seconds
to find the sink! PINK PANTHER: Huh? On your mark…geffinka
get settled… Go!Schnell!
Schnell! Schnell!
Dig dig dig!
Go! Run! Run! Go! Please! Hurry! (PANTING) Huh? Kibble!Ach,very good. Now, if you have
the sink fixed
by the time I get back, you’ll get
more treats! See if you can get
the moist ones. These crunchy ones
hurt my gums. (PLUNGER SUCKING) (PANTS) Whew! I see… A circulation problem.
(CHUCKLING) (STRAINS) I bet Amazing Man
wouldn’t have
this much trouble. (STRAINING)
Come on, come on! Oh! Hmm. What I’m about to do,
I do for plumbers everywhere. -(ZAPPING)
-(EXCLAIMING) Boy, these tights come
with a built-in wedgie. Maybe I oughta get
into demolition. WOMAN:
Help! Help!
We need a superhero! Oh, squirrel hoops! What could be making zees
buildings move together? This looks like just the time
for a career change! Super Pink, away! (GROANS) This cape needs a brake job. (RUMBLING) (STRAINING) Ooh! (ALL CHEERING) Oh! Hey, Super Lady. That’s my job,
thank you. “Super Lady”? Why, I’m Super…
Oops. Uh, Super Pink! That’s me. There’s only one superhero
in these parts, and that’s me!
You know, Amazing Man. Couldn’t we form
a superhero club? You know, decoder rings,
a secret handshake? PROFESSOR: Ooh! I found ze problem
ze buildings! The moon is moving closer
to the Earth every minute. My brain says
ve should panic now! Ahhh! (ALL SCREAMING) Amazing Man,
you keep everyone calm. I’ll push the moon back
into orbit! Brainstorm!
Perhaps Amazing Man
does need a partner after all! Tell ya what, chappy.
I’ll handle
this moon business. You park the old
Amazing Mobile for me. Hey, you’re wrinkling
my costume! So long, Super Sap. Fly! Fly! Elsewhere.
The guy’s valet? (SCREECHING)
Thank goodness
for foot brakes. (GRUNTING) (LAUGHING) Now, to continue my plan to bring the moon closer
Naughty, naughty, naughty. Now I’m not going
to teach you the Superhero
Secret Handshake. (MOANING) Whoa! I don’t believe this! Fly! Fly! Away! Over here, fly boy. Thank you. Ahhh! Going so soon? (CRASHING) (GROWLING) You’ve got something green
stuck in your teeth. I do? Ugh, how embarrassing! Open wide! Good checkup! Now if you’ll excuse me,
I gotta go save the world. (ZAPPING) This doesn’t sound good. So long,
my little pink pastel boy. Whoa! Whoa! (SCREAMING) Painting, ham, heffer… Lunch!
That pickle! That’s it! (ZAPPING) (CHUCKLES) (PEOPLE SCREAMING) (STRAINING) At last,
What’s this? Some kind of snafu? Amazing Man
is not amused. Mess with my plan,
pink boy! (EXCLAIMS) (GASPS) Hey! You’re just a…
Just a big rat! I prefer Mister Rat. (SPEAKING IN GIBBERISH) And you’re too late
to stop my plan, Junior! Look! I’m making a giant maze
using the moon’s gravity! People will run through mazes
just as they forced me to do! Lab rats everywhere will sing
and dance in utter joy! (SPEAKING GIBBERISH) Suggestion. Cut down on sugar
and caffeine, Ratso. (EXCLAIMS) Whoa! (GASPS) (GROANS) (STRAINING) Ready to go
where no rat has gone before? (EXCLAIMS) (ECHOING) That’s Mister Rat! Whatever. Whoa! And now,
back to my plan. (STRAINING) Hey, stop everything. How did you…
(STAMMERS) Whoa! Ooh! A-ha! Excellent! I win, you lose. (LAUGHS) This looks like a job
for Super Plunger! (RAT SPEAKING IN GIBBERISH) Ahhh!
for saving ze vorld
from zat evil rat, the Golden Plunger! That’s it,
I’ve had it! I’ve told you! That’s… (SPEAKING GIBBERISH)
Mister Rat! Thank you. Now, if you don’t mind, I have another plumbing
problem for you. Sure thing. Hope you have some more
of those tasty treats. Ready,geflunken!Setz!GO!Schnell, schnell, schnell!
Go, go, go! Get that plumbing problem! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (WITH GERMAN ACCENT)
Hello geniuses
of the Super Smarty Society. I, Professor Von Smarty… (VACUUM MACHINE WHIRRING) -(CHUCKLES)
-Out! This meeting is for geniuses,
not janitors. They both start with a “J,” but the similarity ends there.Undnow, I show
youmeinmasterpiece.MeinEgg, genetically engineered
to be ten thousand times the size of a normal egg. Giant food will one day
feed the world! Of course, I shall have
to invent giant forks
knives to eat the giant food.
But that’s progress. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) (SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Man, I just vacuumed
that stage. (MARTIAL ARTS YELLS) Whoa. Hey. Whoa! (THUD) Let go ofmeinegg,
you ninja nincompoop. That egg was
likemein Baby. I nurtured it,
read to it, even took it to
amusement parks. Relax, Prof, Super Pink will catch
the bad guys. Super Pink? (SNORTS)
You’re just a janitor. What can a janitor do that a genius can’t? I can tell you exactly
where to find that egg thief. (GASPS) Amazing! Was it his funny accent? The aroma of teriyaki
on his breath? No. He had his name tag
sewn into his pants. (CAT YOWLS) Here we are. Chef Sumo’s House of
Chow Mein. I shall break in
search for clues. Hey, I’m the superhero. (MIMICS PROFESSOR’S ACCENT)
I shall break in
and search for the clues. I’ll fly to the roof
and drop through the skylight
superhero style. (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (SCREAMS) Super Pink, say something. Watch it with the slapping,
okay? How’d you get in here? The front door was open,
monkey brain. Ah-ha, another clue. Forty-two vats of soy sauce, 500 stocks of celery,
10,000 chickens, one real big pot. Well, rotate
Glockenspiel!Das ist einshopping list. Correct! And where would
a super villain
go to shop? You fool,
do not buy these noodles. They are full price. Did you learn nothing
in ninja home economics? PINK PANTHER: Ay! Here’s a lesson
in economics, chubs, crime does not pay.
Ee-yuh! Ha! Now I show
that silly superhero whateingenius can do. (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) Ha! Whoa! MAN: (OVER PA)
Clean-up on aisle two,
aisle nine, aisle 45.
It’s no use, Super Pink. Sumo got away
through the express checkout. And he had more than 10 items. That’s…criminal. Here we are, Prof. Farmer Bob’s Chicken Ranch
and Giblet Emporium. The only place in Chicago where Sumo could get
10,000 chickens. You really think so? There isn’t a single
shred of doubt in my keen
superhero mind. There also isn’t a single
chicken on the… Wait! (MIMICS CHICKEN CLUCKING) (GASPS) Amazing! You communicated
in chicken language. No, I was talking turkey, just sounds like chicken. (ROOSTER COCKLES) PINK PANTHER: Quick, Prof,
they’re getting away! (CHICKENS CLUCKING) (GASPS) I see that once again, science must lend
helping hand. Prof, let me shake
your helping hand. (SCREAMS) (GASPS) The egg. Talk about a lucky break. Shh, don’t say “egg break”
what I have planned
for your egg. (LAUGHS) Don’t go away.
We’ll be right back. MorePanthercoming at ya. (SUMO LAUGHS) So, brainy scientist
and skinny superhero, can you guess what I will do
to your precious egg? Of course. The soy sauce, the celery,
the chickens! He’s making egg drop soup.Ja,it is strangely
brilliant. But why bother? It is written that he who makes
the biggest bowl
of egg drop soup shall rule the world. Yeah, right. I’ve read that
fortune cookie, too. Oh, what a pickle.
What should we do? (WHISPERS) You’reundgenius,
Super Pink. (SOY SAUCE SPLASHING) Nothing’s slipperier
PLAYING) -Awesome!
-Legsome! (SCREAMS) Now it’s just you and me. Say your prayers, Sumo. (MARTIAL ARTS YELL) (THUDS) Oh, now, really time to sleep. (SNORES)MeinBaby! Uh-oh. Yee-haw! I haven’t had this much fun
since grade school physics. So, in recognition
of your special genius, I hereby make you
an honorary member of the Super Smarty Society. (AUDIENCE CHEERING AND
APPLAUDING) Huh? Daddy, Daddy. Huh?
What an ugly little creature. Daddy, Daddy.Nein, nein. He’s your daddy. Go kiss him.
Play with him. Cuddle him,ja. Let him change your diaper. Daddy, Daddy. (SIGHS)
I just love happy endings. (PULLEY SCREECHING) (LAUGHS) (GRUNTS) PINK PANTHER: Okay, Wiggler, you won’t squirm
out of this one. WIGGLER: Super Pink. Raise those scaly hands. Anything you say. (LAUGHS) (BANGS ON METAL) PINK PANTHER:
Okay, now I’m mad. (HEROIC MUSIC PLAYING) It’s time to take out
the trash. You’re going in for recycling. The end. My best story yet. Attention, comic book readers, the new Super Pink is in. CAPTAIN CHAOS:
Well, hip hurrah. (APPLAUDING SLOWLY) Boring, slow, and… (YAWNS) …dull. Who let you
into this comic convention? -Critic.
-Wannabe. Litterbug. The public wants
heroes like me, Captain Chaos. (CHEERS) Not some puny patty
waste called… LESTER: Super Pink, this your latest issue? All right, Lester. Today is your lucky day. Loyal fans
get a Super Pink yo-yo. A yo-yo? (CHUCKLES) Don’t make me chortle. Hey, you’re dissing
my man in pink? You need
a real superhero, lad, with real muscles. Just feel my chin. Ouch. Ouch, ouch. Ow. Ow. Look, there’s Snappy Johnson, ace photographer
forSuperhero Monthly. You, you’re perfect. Ah, she sees me. Perfect for the cover
of next month’s magazine. You with your favorite
superhero. That’d be me,
Captain Chaos. No way.
I choose Super Pink. Think about it, lad. I’ll give you
lots of neat stuff. You can even ride
in my official Captain Chaos blimp. A blimp? Well, that’d be slamming. Cookies, Lester? Oh, sure, he can bake, but can he do with this? Kid, bottom line,
who’d you rather look like? A monolithic, super-muscled,
marketable hero like Captain Chaos? Or a thin, skinny Super Pink? I prefer to think of myself as lean and wiry. Choose, lad, wimp or blimp? Aw, gee.
I don’t know. Hey, come on,
don’t be a lightweight. Go for the muscles. Um, I guess I’ll go with the, um, blimp. That’s the spirit. Lester, it takes more
than an oversized bag of hot air and his blimp to be a hero. Sorry, Super Pink. Oh. (SAD MUSIC PLAYING)Et tu,Lester. (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING) This isn’t working. I need dynamic action. Danger. (FANG YOWLS) -(BLOWS RASPBERRY)
-Hmm? Oh, no, somebody save Fang. Stand back,
I’ll handle this. Now, we’re talking. A rescue. I want you to get
my best side. (HEROIC MUSIC PLAYING) So place your lights. Look, Super Pink’s
saving the kitten. (GRUNTS) Time for my Captain Chaos laser lens. (LASER ZAPS) Whoa. (GRUNTS) Aw, Super Pink, talk about blowing it. Meow. This time,
wait until I’m ready. (BLOWS WHISTLE) Late again, CC. Time for my Captain Chaos power puff cuff. (PINK PANTHER SCREAMS) Huh? Yipe! -(TIRES SCREECH)
-(CRASHING) So Snappy wants
a dramatic rescue. I’ll give her a rescue. (FANG YOWLS) Where’s Fang? Hmm. Uh, you got me. Now, where could he have gone? Good gracious, look. (FANG MEOWING) (TENSE MUSIC PLAYING) I’ll save your kitten. (CHILDREN CHEERING) Okay, sister, here comes
your dynamic cover shot. (HEROIC MUSIC PLAYING) Hey, I got a blimp to catch. Huh, forget it. You messed up twice already. Better let Captain Chaos
handle this. (GROANS) (METAL CLANGS) This is great. We’re talking Pulitzer. Oh. Ha! Piece of cake. Oh. This is (GRUNTS) a little snug. (FANG YOWLS) (FANG GROWLS) CAPTAIN CHAOS: No. (GRUNTING) Oh, no, the blimp’s
gonna crash into that building. LESTER: Worse,
it’s heading for my apartment. Super Pink, do something. But, Lester, I’m just a wimp. Maybe it does take more
than muscles to be a hero. Okay, you little stinker. Stand aside, Super Pink’s back in town. (GASPS) (METAL CLANGING) (GASPS) (SCREAMING) (HEROIC MUSIC PLAYING) (CHEERING) Yes, lean and wiry wins. (GRUNTS) Super Pink,
I’m sorry I ditched you. You’re a real hero. (CHEERING)Superhero Monthlyis here and catch this cover. You finally got his good side. But here’s the real story. (CHEERING) This calls for a celebration. Cookies for everyone. (CHEERING) What can I do?
The guy needed a job. ANNOUNCER:It’s that
manly mound of muscles,
Captain Triceps!Faster than
a microwave oven…
-Cool!…able to capture crooks
with a single finger!
(CHIMING)Three times stronger than
your average superhero!
Don’t miss the next
super exciting episode!
Huh? Oh! Hmm. Hmm. A-ha! PINK PANTHER:Aw, man!I can’t wait to get home
and try on my new costume.
I’m gonna look so good.Huh?
Oh, wait a minute.
Oh, no, man!
No money for the bus.
What I need is…A money machine! Ha! AUTOMATED VOICE:
For car loans,
press number three, please. Uh, armored courier
coming through. Hey, excuse me.
empty the machine. Hey! I was next. Don’t move!
This is a stickup! And you, put up your mitts. Give me all your money. AUTOMATED VOICE:
For robberies,
press number five, please. (ATM BEEPS) (CASH REGISTER DINGS) Our getaway car
is getting away. Uh, sorry, boss. I didn’t have no change
for the meter. We can always
hitchhike, man. And you call yourselves
gangsters. We’ll have to boost
another car. My baby!
Oh, they’ve stolen my baby! It’s only a cheap
two-cylinder model. No, no! My baby boy is asleep
in the backseat. Poor little Tommy! Who can help him? Oh! No problem.
Pardon me, citizen! (LOUD RUMBLING) (KISSES) (MOANING) I’ll save Tommy! -He’s super!
He’s pink!
Yes, I’m… Super Pink! (GROANS) Pink, pink, and away! (CAR SPUTTERING) Stop, criminals!
There’s no escape. PUGG: Uh, look,
boss, a pink guy. Now he’s a flat pink guy.
(CHUCKLES) Hey! How about keeping it down
up there? Hey, where’d that
rug rat come from? Uh, from the backseat, boss. (GRUNTING) Are you guys racecar drivers
or what? No way, punk. We’re
self-respectin’ gangsters. Wow! Real gangsters! What till I tell my friends! Hmm.
your shortcuts. Here’s a tip…
Whoops! No pockets for money. (PUNCH THUDDING) (GROANS) (STRAINING) (VIDEO GAME BEEPING) You’re a wiz
as this game stuff, kid. Yeah, my friends
call me “Fingers”. What a coincidence.
My name used to be Fingers. Uh, breaking into this museum
ain’t gonna be easy, Louie. Zip it, Pugg! My superior criminal mind is
searching for a solution, man! (BREATHING HEAVILY) (GANGSTERS LAUGHING) (VIDEO GAME BEEPING) There just ain’t no way to get to
the Scrimshaw Diamond, boss. Oh, yeah? What do you think, Fingers? No problem. Just go through here
and then shimmy over there and you’re in. The kid reminds me
of myself at his age. Fingers, the first rule
of being a gangster is, when you see someone
who’s talented, con ’em… Uh, I mean, work with ’em. (CAR STARTS) (THUD) (STRAINING) Oh, man. What would Captain Triceps do
in a spot like this? Yes! Okay, Fingers.
Do your stuff. All right, boys. Hey, what are you
doing, Dogfather? Kid, you just learned
the second rule of being a gangster. Never trust nobody. (GROANING) (BREATHING HEAVILY) (HEROIC INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) Pink, pink and… (SCREAMING)
You’re under arrest! I’m surprised
you’re not under arrest for dressing like that. (GRUNTS) Oof! Smooth, Dogfather. Another perfect heist. Rule number three,
Dogfather. Crime does not pay. I hope there’s not gonna be
a test about this stuff, boss. The Scrimshaw Diamond,
Officer. And not a scratch on it. Nice work,
whoever you are. Name’s Super Pink. Always glad to be of service to my fellow upholders
of goodness and… Ooh, Super Pink! How can I ever thank you
for saving my baby? How about letting me
breathe? Super Pink, from now on,
I want to be just like you. Pink, pink and away! Oh!
He’s always doing that.

David Anderson

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