Superman vs Batman The Flash PART 2 in real life SuperHero Kids

Previously on SuperHero Kids Oh what’s this? Superman no! You will be destroyed! Hahaha! (Superman is making strange sounds) What is he doing? I don’t know, I think that little thing messed with his mind. What did you do to Flash? I destroyed him! It seems like the source of his evil is coming from that red thing. Maybe if I get it away from him I could cure his evil. Clever Let’s see how you do against my minions! Uh oh Surrender! Hmmm, you beat my minion. But let’s see how you defeat Bad Baby! Ahhh! Bad Baby! Oh no! Bad Baby wants a bottle! How about fighting two Bad Babies! Huh, maybe having the babies fight for me wasn’t a good idea. I’m going to hide this in a place where no one will ever find it. Finally, you’ve been knocked out for awhile. Wait, did I turn evil? Yeah, you knocked out The Flash and created a baby army. Oh no! Is Flash okay? Yeah, he’s fine. I took him to the hospital and he will be better tomorrow. I’m glad that’s over.

David Anderson

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