Superman Earth One – Complete Story | Comicstorian

Superman Earth One – Complete Story | Comicstorian

You guys liked Batman Earth One, didn’t you? Well, the Earth One Universe is rather vast there’s multiple superheroes in this universe from the main DC universe. You have Batman, you have Superman, you have the Teen Titans – you have Wonder Woman. And I believe there Green Lantern coming out soon. Don’t hold me to that. But! We’re going to keep giving you some of these Earth One storylines on a, maybe, weekly basis. So lets give you the origins of Superman in Earth One. Our story begins with young Clark Kent boarding a train to the big city of Metropolis. In the back of his head he thinks about his mother, Martha, asking; Why not just fly there? As Clark steps out into the city he thinks – Cuz’ this is different. This is more real. After getting unpacked in a hotel, he decides to take in some of the sights with a walk through downtown. Even in the big bright city, there are still some dark people within it. As he turns down an alleyway, a man with a gun appears telling him to hand over his wallet, watch, and phone. His eyes begin to glow red. He can fix this right now. He can end this. He tells the man he should put the gun down and just walk away. The man laughs. “OoOohh, scary contacts! Big freakin’ deal.” No sooner does the man say that, that Clark fires a blast, knocking the man down. Then he vanishes. Clark knew that he was.. different. All he wanted was to just fit in. Lead a normal life. He tired out for the local football team and even there he was still better than everyone else on the team. The largest man on defense stood in front of him. And Clark just ran right through him. But still, there was something missing. So the next day, Clark stopped by the Neodyne Industries looking for a job. The recruiter told Clark that they’re not hiring any interns or trainees at the moment. So… Clark stops him telling him… Actually he applying for Applied Research and Development. The recruiter says that the only their company only hires the top 5 PHD graduates from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. The men behind the glass are the highest paid researchers on the planet. And Clark asks What are they working on now? The recruiter tells him that they just spent the last decade coming up with coming up with a way to derive electricity directly from salt water. And there are only two equations from figuring that out. Clark looks into the lab and asks how long they’ve been working on those two equations. And the recruiter says About three years. The gaps are noted on the big screen out there. He then takes out a notepad and begins to write a formula. He then tells the recruiter to hand this over to the researchers. The recruiter takes the paper telling him that he’s not sure what it’s supposed to mean. And Clark tells him.. just do it. Few seconds later inside of the lab the recruiters and the researchers begin to talk and then they stop. And then the researchers jump up giving each other a high five. The recruiter comes back telling Clark not to leave. Whatever he does DON’T move from that spot. And as night falls Clark sits in his bed on the phone as Martha asks how the job search is going. He tells her; Really well. He barely got started and he already has some great prospects. One of them is a enough to take care of them for the rest of their lives. Martha says that she doesn’t need much. She’s got a house, her retirement, her memories of Johnathan, and him. So there isn’t much she could even need. Martha goes one telling him that it’s nice to bring up a son who just wants to give back. But the real question for her son is; Is that what you want to do? So trust her when she says that anything he decides, as long as he’s making himself happy. The next day Clark floated around thinking of what and where he could go. There are so many options for someone like him. And as he passes a coin newspaper machine he see’s one labeled the daily planet and he drops his coins in. A short while later, at the the daily planet, the editor in cheif Perry White looks over Clark’s resume However before he could fully read it the reporter Lois Lane walks up to Perry asking why did he

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Superman Earth One – Complete Story | Comicstorian

  1. Some Guy says:

    Clark’s a scientist here, too? Not sure I like that.

  2. arey256 says:

    Did he ever do any other earth one stories?

  3. Mask Face says:

    I want all. I want Batman volume 2, Superman volume 2, Wonder Woman all volume n Team Titens all volume.

  4. wex says:

    cover superman,superman,superman…………………….

  5. Ash C says:

    This is basically the Man of Steel movie

  6. Khandar William says:

    Man of Steel 2013

  7. andrew Gradilla says:

    Looked like Brightburn in the thumbnail lol

  8. JackSG says:

    The thumbnails reminds me of bright burn

  9. dubbz dubbz says:

    Who's here before and after brightburn

  10. Ahmed Adan says:

    superman part 2

  11. please dont use my acount thank you says:

    Clark lukin like Alex mercer

  12. McJBaptiste says:

    Batman volume 2

  13. King jay 1 says:

    Teen titans

  14. Brock Trimble says:

    Super man

  15. かっクイ君 says:

    DC are so ran out of ideas that all they do is remake Justice league’s member origins. I pity all those other heroes that in the DC

  16. lIMZEY says:

    Oh shit that was awesome keep it up man! #BestVersionOfSuperman

  17. Fortnite Demon says:


  18. madero2025 says:

    I'm glad Clark's mother didn't say that the "S" symbol stands for hope.

  19. James eddine says:

    Why he look like Alex mercer from prototype ?

  20. BB S̶k̶e̶l̶e̶t̶o̶r̶ The Lord of Destruction says:

    Wish they made a Superman who was just Clark with powers no super suit…

  21. Sir games Alot says:

    I like earth one

  22. Creaper Captain says:

    Teen Titans #1

  23. Ace Prime says:

    I like this Superman.
    The artstyle and story are really good.

  24. SonicPAJ says:

    Those Mech Suits are rather Eva looking.

  25. Dio Brando says:

    Green lantern's earth one is best by far!

  26. why do I exist says:

    Super man vol. 2

  27. Ken Staten says:

    Teen Titans vol one

  28. WAYNE MEDIA says:

    Does earth one have justice league

  29. Filippo Fittipaldi says:

    I like the Movie explanation of the "S" and his costume. Martha sewing the costume from indestructible cloth seems implausible. (I know, and a flying man doesn't?) Also I like that the "S" is not an S but the symbol for hope. Other then those minor quibbles I loved the story and the voice acting.

  30. Spooderman Can do anything a meme can says:

    Is it just me or does this remind you of man of steel

  31. Thot Patrol says:

    Jimmy took a clear photo of a speeding object

  32. IP Needly says:

    Well Stars I guess I'll go by U. Again.

  33. Trickz Tremor says:

    is this ment to be bright burn?

  34. Coolio Ash says:

    The mecha head looks like an eva unit head

  35. Ender Yılmaz says:

    7:04 i'm saying this years we need to unite in one fucking language

  36. The Dark Knight says:

    The clothing Clark was wearing in this comic was straight out of Alex Mercer from Prototype.

  37. Adrian Castillo says:


  38. The Black Cat says:

    I kind of like the idea of Clark Kent as Chemist instead of a journalist. Plus, journalism is not exactly about searching for the truth anymore.

  39. Civic Sage says:

    Superman 2

  40. Anthony Naranjo says:

    2:20 – “Teamwork, yeah!”

  41. leon powell says:

    next up. superman than wonder woman and batman. THANKS YOU.

  42. rei-sama says:

    teen titans

  43. rei-sama says:

    what did we learn

    don't duck with superman

  44. AlphaHunter says:

    That's an equation for the change in Enthalpy (heat) from a reaction which involves Hydrogen Peroxide, not salt water. Also, kJ/mol is for Gibbs free energy, delta G, but it's a comic so I'll quit my whining.

  45. my juicy mind of secrets says:

    1 ship i thought it was 2 because super girl

  46. Tide Detergent says:

    so… this is Alex Mercer before he became dead?

  47. Lord Sabuki says:


  48. Spicy Sauce Uchiha says:

    A good way to make Superman darker. Take notes New52, Zack Snyder.

  49. Gambit Ben says:

    what was Tyrell going to say? don't know about the what??

  50. Joseph Jones says:

    Teen titans next thanks this was fun to listen to and watch

  51. Insert Funny Name Here says:

    This is how the man of steel movie should have played out! Amazing comic. Thank you for what you do ❤️

  52. Jason Caldwell says:


  53. King_malik775 says:

    Superman vol2. PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPL😤

  54. Nektarios Te says:

    Superman v2 nice work

  55. Mario Falcone 91 says:

    Dang this should be made into a movie

  56. Dee Pee says:

    There are no words in this comic. Chinese version maybe?

  57. The Wu-Tang Batman says:


  58. Gemoroda says:

    more earth one anything please

  59. Iam Ace2354 says:

    I'm in favor of any year one stories if they're as good as this one. Color me impressed.

  60. Benny Acevedo says:

    …did you guys ever do volume 2?

  61. darrell *14 says:

    Looking at this now the thumbnail looks like the boy from brightburn

  62. Byron Martin says:

    Great story

  63. Navi, The Real Fairies Queen Former YANG. says:

    SEO writers is fan of [Prototype] series.

  64. cartoon guy says:

    Dude your voice of Perry is so good

  65. Chur Bro says:

    The Dailey planet? Sounds like jjj's TV show in marvel

  66. Oscar Rodriguez says:

    People saying this is brightburn only b/c of thumbnail but watching the whole video it isn’t

  67. Bob says:

    Teen titans vol1

  68. Trevor McCormick says:

    Why does Clark Kent look like Alex Mercer from Prototype???

  69. big black says:


  70. FweddZ 212 says:


  71. ZY Swanson says:

    teen titans

  72. joebadniss says:

    Loll Clark is One punchman/Saitama
    10 minutes or less 🤣

  73. Jason's Life says:

    Wow, this makes me love man of steel even more.

  74. James Greenrod says:

    That is beyond a doubt "THE F**KING BEST" Superman Origin i have ever experienced bar none.

  75. Hisham Williams says:

    Give me more EARTH ONE NOW

  76. Hot dog Water says:

    I don’t think realism has to be so dreary

  77. Alejandro Robles says:

    Superman has a bad ass jacket in this comic

  78. william garcia says:

    So is this like brightburn

  79. Daevon Robinson says:

    Teen titans

  80. Derrell Barnes says:

    When we getting more earth one content

  81. mundane hatred says:

    One of my favorite Superman stories of all time, and imo one of the best

  82. Brandon Walling says:

    Superman part 2

  83. Crispy Marshmellow says:

    I just imagined tyrel as Tyron from the backyardigens fighting Superman

  84. We Like Comic Books says:

    Thanks for posting.  Nice work.

  85. Uzodike Ebube says:

    please more superman earth one

  86. DanTe says:

    not much difference from the traditional origin story

  87. random stuff says:

    Its a Good comic i just dont like super man

  88. JJ TUBENS says:

    Hey benny, when is Superman Earth 1 volume 2 coming out?

  89. Seraphim401 says:

    Love Superman.

  90. jim glass says:

    Tyrele..took ten minutes to learn…….came to destroy…….black guy?

  91. Cooper Watkins says:

    Bro, this superman, is a real person in this. Like he tries to limit himself but only as much as any of us would. He us relatable.

  92. Cooper Watkins says:

    Eart one superman is way better.

  93. Panther02 says:

    Damn Superman is Handsome asf in this Comic lol No Homo

  94. Yo Tengo says:

    Super man Vol.2

  95. williss11 says:

    Ugh I absolutely hate Lois lol. Sometimes being too smart isn’t a good thing. But I’m pretty sure lois is just a attention seeker

  96. LudicrousKid says:

    4:53 That image of Clark sit floating in front of the tombstone looks really cool!

  97. Super G says:

    So its still the same as the original

  98. Stephen Shuckerow says:

    Superman volume 2

  99. Proton Jicari says:

    Volume 2 of all please!!

  100. Dimitri Romulus says:

    Nice more super man

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