Superhero Movies That Will Completely Blow You Away In 2019

Superhero Movies That Will Completely Blow You Away In 2019

Superhero movies have been the biggest thing
at the box office for the past ten years, and they don’t show any sign of slowing down
in 2019. Here’s everything you need to know about the
upcoming comic-inspired blockbusters that are set to blow you away! With a runtime of just 75 minutes, 2007’s
animated Superman: Doomsday film barely resembled the groundbreaking 1994 Death of Superman
comic book saga it was based on. Fortunately, it taught Warner Bros. a lesson:
fans want the whole story of Superman’s climactic, bone-shattering battle against
the monstrous Doomsday, and now we’re going to get it. That began with the all-new animated Death
of Superman, which debuted at Comic-Con International in 2018, and expanded the story to feature
the full Justice League taking on Doomsday before Superman arrived. It went down so well with critics that its
follow-up, Reign of the Supermen, is getting a full-on theatrical release as a two-day
double-feature event. Like its comic book counterpart, Reign of
the Supermen features four pretenders to Superman’s recently vacated throne, the Cyborg Superman,
The Eradicator, Steel, and Superboy, a teenage clone described as “Superman if he’d been
raised by the Kardashians.” Get ready, it’s set to hit theaters on January
29th, 2019. If there was any doubt that the upcoming Captain
Marvel film would be set in the ‘90s with plenty of tributes to the favorite cinematic
hits of that decade, it was taken care of when the first trailer was released. There’s a scene where star Brie Larson crashes
through the roof of a Blockbuster Video, right into the Action section, and it doesn’t
get much more ‘90s than that. In the comics, Carol Danvers has a long history
that dates back to 1968, and she’s gone by several heroic codenames, including Ms. Marvel,
Binary, and Warbird, and even had her powers permanently stolen by Rogue from the X-Men. Since 2012, she’s taken on the identity
of Captain Marvel and become a fan favorite, and now she’s poised to star in the Marvel
Cinematic Universe’s first film focused on a female superhero. That doesn’t mean she’ll be alone, though. Since it’s a flashback story, moviegoers
can expect to see the return of a few familiar faces, including Korath the Pursuer and Ronan
the Accuser, last seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, and a younger Nick Fury and Agent
Coulson in the earlier days of SHIELD. “What is this?” “It’s a SHIELD logo.” “Does announcing your identity on clothing
help with the covert part of your job?” Throw in the fact that Carol was positioned
as Nick Fury’s secret weapon at the end of Infinity War, and we know exactly where
we want to be when Captain Marvel hits the screen on March 8th. The word “reshoots” became a dirty one among
DC fans after the disasters that were Suicide Squad and Justice League, but that hasn’t
stopped Warner Bros. from recalling the Shazam! cast for some last minute tweaks. This time, though, director David F. Sandberg
has insisted that the tone of the movie, which star Zachary Levi described as “Big meets
Superman,” won’t be altered. That’s good news for DC fans who are desperate
for something lighter. Judging by the trailer, Shazam appears to
be following more in the footsteps of the colorful adventure of Aquaman rather than
the grim darkness of Batman v. Superman. There are plenty of jokes, lots of action,
and best of all, Levi actually acts like an enthusiastic, excited kid in the body of a
superhero. “That’s crazy, right?” “What are your superpowers?” “Superpowers? Dude, I don’t even know how to pee in this
thing!” After debuting in 1940 as the original Captain
Marvel, Shazam quickly grew to be even more popular than Superman, and hopefully, this
movie will show a whole new generation of fans why when it hits theaters on April 5th. It’s the ultimate wish-fulfillment fantasy
of kids who want to be superheroes themselves, with a ton of magical action thrown in for
good measure. Traditionally, three DC Universe Animated
Original Movies are released every year. It’s been this way since 2009 when Wonder
Woman, Green Lantern: First Flight and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies came out. For 2019, though, the studio confirmed that
it plans to drop a total of four films, including one based on Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s acclaimed
Batman storyline: Hush. Originally released as a 12-part, year-long
epic, Hush gave readers a mystery story with a seemingly simple solution, but with enough
complications to bring in Batman’s entire gallery of foes. With memorable moments like Batman having
to take down Superman after the Man of Steel was possessed by Poison Ivy, the Dark Knight’s
relationship with Catwoman being taken to the next level, and the introduction of the
sinister madman called Hush, it’s been a fan favorite since it was released. Avengers: Endgame is coming out on April 26th,
almost a year to the day after Infinity War was hit theaters. After the brutal downer of an ending that
saw Thanos committing galactic genocide and killing off half of the MCU’s superheroes,
though, it feels like we’ve been waiting a lot longer than a single year to find out
what happens next. In fact, we didn’t even know the name of
the movie until the teaser finally came out, but giving it the title “Endgame” is far
from the only ominous thing we’ve gotten from the trailer. We’ve seen a world where Tony Stark is recording
his final message to Pepper Potts, perhaps paving the way for her to take on her own
suit of armor as Rescue, where Hawkeye has gone rogue and changed his identity to Ronin,
and where it looks like the only way the heroes can stop Thanos is with the help of… Ant-Man? “Ant-Man? Ant-Man! I know, I know you know that!” When this guy is your only hope, you know
things have gone seriously bad. With the Fox-Disney merger now cleared, Marvel’s
merry mutants are destined for the MCU. As a result, X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be a
swan song for Fox’s hit-and-miss X-Men franchise. It hasn’t been an easy road to get here,
though. The initial release date was bumped to buy
time for extensive reshoots, and there were rumors that Disney might just can the movie
entirely. When it comes out on June 7th, it’ll be
the second time that the X-Movies have tried to adapt the legendary Dark Phoenix Saga,
and fans alre already worried that it’s going to be botched all over again. Only time will tell if Sophie Turner will
fare better than Famke Janssen as the doomed Jean Grey, but if this really is the end of
Fox’s X-Men, then anything could happen. Oh, come on, you didn’t really think Spider-Man
was dead after Infinity War, did you? Whatever happens in Endgame, Tom Holland will
be back in action as Peter Parker on July 5th, and while he’s not quite fading to
dust on the moons of Jupiter, he’s still going to be pretty far from home. With Peter and his classmates embarking on
a trip to Europe, it seems Spider-Man will be taking on Mysterio, and maybe even Hydro
Man, in places like Venice and London. Mysterio, a movie special effects genius turned
super-criminal con man, is an interesting choice for a villain. “Who is that guy?” “He’s like Iron Man and Thor rolled into one.” “He’s no Spider-Man.” Like the Vulture, who took center stage in
Homecoming, he’s one of Spider-Man’s classic Sinister Six, and the hints that he’ll be
discrediting Spidey by acting as a rival superhero rather than a villain could lead to some really
great fun. Don’t expect Jake Gyllenhaal to hide his
handsome looks under Mysterio’s classic comic book bubble helmet for too long, though. The New Mutants was sold on the idea that
it would be a twist on the familiar tropes that we’ve seen in superhero films: it’s
a horror movie that just happens to star characters from Marvel Comics. Director Josh Boone seemed like the perfect
fit, and his passion for the project made Fox want to take a chance on him. Unfortunately, according to reports, the studio
wasn’t impressed with what he turned in. Instead of its scheduled release in April
of 2018, The New Mutants was pushed back ten whole months to February 2019. The official reason, according to The Hollywood
Reporter, was that the studio wanted to avoid overlap with Deadpool 2 in certain overseas
territories, but then it was pushed back even further to August, fueling rumors that there
was something other than a simple scheduling conflict going on. Considering that the source material contains
some of the most legendarily scary stories to ever be featured on the comics page, we’re
hoping they manage to nail it. At first glance, the Fatal Five seem like
a pretty unusual set of villains for an animated Justice League story. Created by teenage writer Jim Shooter in the
‘60s, the quintet of bad guys were originally villains for the Legion of Super-Heroes, a
team based in the distant future of the 30th Century. Knowing all of that, it won’t surprise you
that they’re a weird bunch of characters, including the Emerald Empress, who gains her
power from a giant floating magical eyeball, and Validus, who shoots lightning bolts out
of his exposed brain. On August 6th, it seems that they’ll be
taking the fight to our very own 21st century Justice League, which might be a stealthy
way of introducing the Legion of Super-Heroes to the ongoing line of DC Universe Original
Movies. While they haven’t been regularly seen in
comics for a few years, they’ve built up a dedicated fan-base over the past 60 years. Of course, this could just be a story of the
Justice League taking on a bunch of ultra-powerful baddies that even most comic book fans haven’t
seen them tangle with before. That alone makes this one worth checking out,
especially since it’s going to be available on DC’s streaming service the same day it’s
released to the rest of the world. He’s arguably the most iconic villain in comic
book history, but the Joker has never been given a truly definitive backstory in print
or on the big screen. For many fans, that’s even part of his timeless
appeal, but for those of us with a little more curiosity, Warner Bros. will be offering
up a story of the Clown Prince of Crime’s earliest days on October 4th, 2019. With the help of director Todd Phillips and
three-time Academy Award-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix, Joker will tell the story of the
man who ultimately becomes Batman’s deadliest arch-nemesis. The film is rumored to be a mixture of Alan
Moore and Brian Bolland’s classic Batman: The Killing Joke graphic novel and Martin
Scorsese’s classic King of Comedy, and was confirmed by the Warner Bros. 2019 Editorial
guide as, quote, “an exploration of Arthur Fleck, a man disregarded by society, [and]
is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale.” We know that this will be the fourth DC Universe
Animated Original Movie released in 2019, but Wonder Woman: Bloodlines still remains
something of a mystery. Since there’s no existing Wonder Woman comic
with that title, Bloodlines is set to be an original story, but all we have to go on so
far is an “ominous” teaser poster for the October 22nd release, featuring a crumbling
temple, possibly hinting at the destruction of Themyscira. The success of the live-action Wonder Woman
movie meant that bringing Diana Prince back to the animated DC universe was a no-brainer. The Amazon last appeared in a DC Universe
animated film back in 2009, and while it was critically acclaimed, it didn’t exactly
fly off the shelves. In fact, as longtime DC animator Bruce Timm
revealed back in 2018, the slow sales actually made Warner Bros. can a planned Batgirl movie
based on the Batgirl: Year One comic. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
movies are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and hit
the bell so you don’t miss a single one.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Superhero Movies That Will Completely Blow You Away In 2019

  1. Looper says:

    Which one is going to surprise us the most? Maybe Shazam? Or will it be Captain Marvel?

  2. Nightshade Novels says:

    The dark tone of BvS was never one of the problems. The problems were the script, the costumes, the director, and the even lousier cast.

  3. Jeffrey Jones says:

    Titan is not a moon of Jupiter in Infinity war. I thought that too once.

  4. Michael C says:

    Funny DC says they are gonna stick to solo movies after Aquaman blew up. Yeah that's because suicide squad and justice league sucked, Horribly. If they had Christopher Nolan do either of those movies it would have actually been good

  5. Metalb00 says:

    even the death and return isnt long enough, should of been a trilogy

  6. Mason McDixon says:

    Dark Phoenix should have started when she was; already and X men, would have saved time to jump into the mental turmoil hope it turns out good, it was one of the best X men stories. I do not understand the New Mutants being so dark (usually kind of the lightest of the X groups ) looks more like a horror movie but it is just a 2min trailer so we shall see. Joker lol do not have a clue some places say it is not Joaquin playing him so not sure it will do much better then Venom did. The others to me look like winners automatically

  7. wayne h says:

    i liked justice league

  8. Denise Allison Stout says:


  9. Edward Kim says:

    I hope Kevin Conroy is in Hush

  10. AllStar fan says:

    How about Hellboy

  11. アレクサンダー・ダークアイア says:

    WTF, Captain Marvel did not become a fan favorite among comic book readers. In fact she is the most disliked character currently in Marvel Comics. Honestly, if your going to do a video talking about characters from Marvel Comics get your facts correct or you just become another CNN/Buzzfeed fake news propaganda video.

  12. ShiftyLizardStore says:

    Carol Danvers is a fan favorite, in what alternate reality?

  13. Margaret Smith says:

    I weep for your lack of film terminology usage. You cannot call a film a blockbuster BEFORE it has even been released, and if you were referring to the comic books that inspired them, that is even more cringe-worthy as the term "blockbuster" was literally credited to film (never to comic books) from the long "block busting" lines of movie-goers waiting to get in to see "JAWS" in 1975. You are either woefully lacking in the most basic film knowledge, or you are shilling for these movies — either way, shame on you. Some of these movies may indeed become blockbusters, and indeed I hope they do, especially Captain Marvel, but lets not get ahead of ourselves, Looper. 🙂

  14. BEN GHANA says:

    Shazam looks way too gay to be taken even a little bit serious. And before anyone even think it, yes, I'm homophobic

  15. BEN GHANA says:

    I'd rather see a Bat Girl, who would seem more believable, than a Captain Marvel, who just looks too outrageous, and way over powered.

  16. RiceGum says:

    While people are eating for Spider-Man:far from home in waiting for Spider-Man: Homeless or Spider-Man:Gets evicted

  17. Christopher Simon says:

    Did you really just say that captain marvel is a fan favorite? Wow that's not even close to being accurate. Get comics are canceled as fast as they are drawn. The character is terrible, so please stop lying to help Disney

  18. Frank Zoppi says:

    Yeah superhero movies have reached saturation level . Getting sick of them

  19. My Vices says:

    Who else forgot new mutants was gonna come out lmaoo

  20. Franco says:

    The biggest mistake with the the pheonix in the first and it looks to be so with the second live action releases is that they ignore the buildup and want to go straight for the better second half. Sadly the story fails when you do that.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Spoiler alert for a 30 year old comic classic<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Oversimplified the Pheonix starts out as a force of nature grafted onto a pure hearted hero who saves the universe and for a while can controll and compliments by the huge sadly the needs and power of but proves too powerfull leading to a grat disaster and potentially bigger ones then needing to be dealt with cost leading to either disaster or sacrifice.

    This was something the 90's animated series came very close to doing justice to far closer than the debacle that was x3. Unless they can make you truly care about Jean and her love for Scott and the rest of the team and that the Phoenix force is not just a mutation or on a small scale and not only distructive but a force for good as well as evil and about the downside of excessive power.

    I could go on but this got long.

    If it ever gets released I hope I'm pleasently surprised by the film
    Optimism is hard sometimes.

  21. Harlan Projects says:

    Captain Yawwwwwn

  22. The1NonlyTony says:

    The real Captain Marvel is being called Shazam for some reason.

  23. Tarell Hudson says:

    Did Cheetah have it bust open for all to see on top of a police car? We need new angles cameraman.

  24. Cameron McCoy says:

    The best thing that could happen in Captain Marvel is if they somehow tied in that bit about Rogue stealing her powers and if memory serves, leaving her in a coma?

  25. disposableproduction says:

    Captain Marvel is not a fan fav. She has had 5 comic books series cancelled, and the only reason Marvel keeps rebooting her is that they don't want to lose the copyright to DC. The audience reception to the trailer has ranged from indifference to out and out ridicule. In fact the review from an advanced screening is her character is eclipsed by her cat. Her movie will probably make its money back but not more. Shazam on the other hand seems to have audiences genuinely excited

  26. Tu Ho says:

    I’m so excited for the release of Captain Marvel because I’ll be staying at home. Meh

  27. varanid9 says:

    Captain Marvel became a "fan favorite"??? Um, just WHEN did that happen?? LOL!

  28. Efron Tactical says:

    The whole reason people liked DC movies were because of their darker more mature content.. Amd of course Hollywood wants to ruin that by turning superhero movies into comedies and romance films.

  29. Efron Tactical says:

    Mass majority of these movies look like they will be pure garbage… They will recieve the most praise though.

  30. tommydortch says:

    Re. Shazaam : But, does he act like Billy Batson (of this film) in the body of a superhero . From the previews there seems to be a lack of character continuity for the sake of goofy gags .

  31. Mr Google says:

    Superhero films are getting boring

  32. Mr Google says:

    what ever happen to all the great movies

  33. Nightfall says:

    Please no time travel for Endgame!

  34. Mandarin Beast says:

    Shazam is for kids , joke with the fans…

  35. Matz Svernfors says:

    wonder ful

  36. Thana Tos says:

    but… joker is not a superhero movie

  37. Reich Benasutti says:

    She's become a fan favorite. Nope. Nobody knows who she is.

  38. Danny Di Buono says:

    Sorry to say it, but Superman is still the number one hero of all times. He can basically take on all villains and in all superheroes too… and win. Batman is still the number one when it comes to “down to Earth” regular human superhero and is just recently thanks to Marvel that Iron Man can be almost at the same level, but not quite yet. Supergirl is technically at the same level as Superman, and Wonder Woman p, no matter what, is not as powerful as Kryptonians are here on Earth. I know you all will say that Kryptonite and Magic are too ways to stop Kryptonians, but what DC doesn’t tell you is that they basically downplay Superman (and Supergirl) so there can be actual stories to tell, but if they were real, just unk about, their brains would be so powerful that they would know what their enemies are up to, and act accordingly to stop them. In most classic stories we see Batman being able to be smarter than Superman and being able to stop him. This is just to make stories like I said, if those two characters were real, Batman would have no chance as stars Superman. Simple. If WB and DC want to do the right thing, please bring all the characters into the big screen based on the classic stories and also based on what fans like. But when dealing with Superman and Batman (and Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lanter, etc), they better be very careful what they do to avoid another meltdown, but they must bring them back, otherwise, the franchises will never go back to be what they used to be and they will continue to lose fans and that translates into loss of money. Bring the Man of Steel back again, and please don’t change story lines and actors, most people agree the actors are just fine, e issue are the directors and producers making stupid mistakes.replace them, not the actors. Hope we can see more Justice League stories on the big screen without having to go online to ask for a “Snyder version” again.

  39. Shooter McGav66 says:

    i’m positive “Far from Home” is before “Infinity War” like i’m 100% it’s before the snap

  40. Ruflupucus says:

    Captain Marvel already looks dull, and uninteresting. Someone messed up when they made this list.

  41. Sebastian Pietrzak says:

    borring, and even not funny……

  42. stonelane1827 says:

    DC's animated movie make the live action scripts look like they where written by a 10 year old which is a shame as they have amazing actors just lackluster scripts.

  43. dakariszulu says:

    I'm so unlucky, if I was Thanos and did the snap, my army would all disappear..

  44. Randall Bourque says:

    So Shazam…Avengers…Spiderman..Gotcha.

  45. Carlton Melson says:

    I still want to see a Mar-vell movie.

  46. Andrew Notte says:

    WW has been in tons of animated movies lately

  47. Alex Day says:

    Danverse sounded like supergirl

  48. DEI-WAN- GREY says:

    Really Cool

  49. Mist Réme says:

    Alas, the original Captain Mar’vell, who first tangled with Thanos, was a male Kree. His fight with the Mad Titan eventually led to his acquiring cancer and dying an ignoble death in the first Marvel Graphic novel. He was a popular character. Carol Danvers was more popular as Binary and mostly because of her association with the X-Men. For this film they are mixing her up with the original Marv’ell and the Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock who were the true main heroes of the Infinity Wars. Hopefully they can give Captain Marvel a personality with Carol Danvers. The characters has always been something of a generic superhero blank slate. The original original Captain Marvel, Shazam now, had quite the personality. He was funny and so he was a funny Superman which is why he sold more comics than Superman in the Golden Age. I like the direction they are taking with Shazam. I hope it does well.

    Dark Phoenix will only work if they stick closer to the original Chris Claremont / John Burn saga. Anything short of that will not satisfy X-Fans. It is a near sacred storyline to X-Fans and anything short of the original legend will not make fans happy, so I don’t know about this one.

  50. Jonas Sami says:

    How do you know these movies will completely blow us away ?? Have you seen them ? hhhhhh

  51. Chizo Bell says:

    Cpt marvel is trash

  52. Job says:

    The animated movies were annoying

  53. Gabriel Savin says:

    "The Amazon (Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman) last appeared in a DC animated film in 2009"

    Wrong. She was definitely in 2013's Flashpoint Paradox. First as Princess Diana/ Wonder Woman then as Queen Diana of Themyscira after the flashpoint.

  54. Golden Pants says:

    I hope I'm wrong but I'm thinking Dark Phoenix will be shit

  55. Ayden Murphy says:

    Why does everyone hate captain marvel like dang y’all really like coming for her when you ain’t even seen any her stuff even

  56. Qstar Atma says:

    Captain Marvel looks like a made for Netflix movie…..Long and drawn out.

  57. Rob Collings says:

    A Batgirl movie is inevitable question is who will be cast in the lead?

  58. SkillaWillits says:

    Thanos didn’t commit galactic genocide… it was mercy

  59. jason martell says:

    Captain marvel is not a fan favourite…. get your information straight.her comic sales are dismal. Journalism isn’t your superpower.

  60. 89tuber says:

    what's that at 4:22 (I understand hush is not on screen yet??)

  61. Esso says:

    Since when is Captain Marvel a fan favorite?

  62. somebaldguy says:

    I really wish DC would get their live action game together. DC animation is always a win.

    As far as Captain Marvel, I think you guys missed the mark on that one. Captain Marvel's box office projections were already reeled back by like $25mil. The only thing it's going to blow away is the potential for any direct sequels.

    MY prediction: Avengers: Endgame will be the MCU's endgame.

  63. T orious says:

    I hate when these channels continue to create hate propaganda by taking things out of context; new mutants did impress screentesters but the studio wanted it MORE SCARY which resulted in everything that’s happening w it + fox selling its properties during this time too. It’s as if they wanna ride the hate train trolls post.

  64. eidolontyr says:

    you missed brightburn

  65. Joe Nanamous says:

    Yeah we want to be in another movie watching Shazam, that looks hilarious. The best thing that could happen to the real Capitan Marvel… Not this horrible brie larson crap. The best thing that could happen to that train wreck is rogue shows up, puts that bitch back in a coma, because that bitch is going to tank the MCU. I hope everyone saves their money and goes to see the Black Widow movie instead.

  66. Karsten Von Fjellheim says:

    Hellboy, Anung Un Rama, is not a Superhero? DC is mostly demi-gods, so why isn't Hellboy on this list?

  67. Banoczki Balint says:

    Were is Spawn?

  68. Alex Nifakis says:

    Spiderman will end where Infinity Wars begins, where Peter Parker is returning on the bus ride when he jumps out. Just like ant-man and wasps ends during the events of Infinity.

  69. skull face says:

    I don't think there's any hope for dark Phoenix after those reviews

  70. pvtricky07 says:

    Spiderman wasn’t fading away on a moon of Jupiter ??

  71. Eric Blade says:

    Feel bad for dc universe,cos they can’t make a great decent live action movies,instead they make cartoons movies..MARVEL definitely rules here..Aquaman and Wonder Woman was the only two best live action movie ever..the rest sux..

  72. Robert Williams says:

    That expensify app song with 2chainz better then half the real songs out now.

  73. Alfie Tank says:

    Only way to save Captain marvel is to have rogue Steal her powers mod movie. Otherwise she Ended the franchise before it started??

  74. Mata Nui says:

    I don't know about Captain Marvel. From what I'm hearing the trailers aren't getting people excited, which is the point of a trailer. I mean Brie Larsen is pretty much emotionless throughout most of the trailers.

  75. michaeldublg says:

    Let's get something clear. The only reason I'm watching this social justice liberal woman in this movie oh, it's because it's the MCU and it's part of a bigger story.

    If this was a standalone movie, not a chance in hell would I pay for it or see it past the occasional YouTube clip.

  76. LC 716 says:

    Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel are two completely different people moron. Looper is always pretending to know whats going on

  77. KB MILLER says:

    Problem with today's women Vs yesterday's women lol the Women of yesterday are Voluptuous today's women IF your lucky might not have more tattoos than half a motorcycle gang or there mate LoL

  78. J Goodman says:

    Captain Marvel is not Marvel's first female led movie, as you say. That would be Elektra.

  79. GrahamChapman says:

    All this list blew was my hopes that the superhero movie industry knows what the hell it's doing.

  80. badbox TPK says:

    I thought Elektra was the 1st before captain marvel ……. hmmmmmm

  81. Chinh Phan says:

    "Captain Marvel has become a fan favorite." Ummm No.. She was never a fan favorite. Matter of fact she has failed multiple releases.

  82. RainbowFlowers 30 says:

    I am so excited for Captain Marvel!

  83. LaCroix xx says:

    im high af

  84. PiethagorasTearem says:

    1:52 * fan favorite *

  85. John Cheung says:

    Ads much?

  86. prince ginger says:

    erm wonder women the first full hero movie about a female lead super hero not captain marval

  87. Faisal Qureshi says:

    Can someone please name the background music used in this clip? been searching for it for ages…….

  88. Draugr says:

    Is this damage controll for Bri whatshername's racist and sexist slurs? ?

  89. mintyfresh breath says:

    captain marvel…hoped…but nope.

  90. Gemini says:

    I just hope the MCU allows an X-Men crossover and Rogue steals Captain Marvel's privilege LOL Rogue would have been a better movie anyways.

  91. jim reed says:

    corporate tools

  92. Gaming boiboi says:

    Ant-Man will expand Thanos' ass

  93. MicrosoftOfficeGaming says:

    Shazam was pretty good, not going to lie.

  94. Kuma in Kana says:

    captain marvel is the worst!

  95. Vaughn Gainey says:

    I really enjoy watching those DC animated movies.

  96. Jim Froyo says:

    Lol hit the nail on the head with Captain Marvel.

  97. ARMAGEDDONx9276 says:

    Captain Marvel….fan favorite? Cringe as hell. Why does it seem like Disney has paid everyone to be nice?

  98. Travis T says:

    C.M. is not a fan fav lol.

  99. Josh Castic Show says:

    I not impressed by the Joker movie because of the trailer.

  100. Heed My Warning says:

    so, New Mutants will be out in 2025?

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