SuperHero Hulk, Thor and Captain Marvel Team Up Against Thanos to Save Kids Fun TV!

SuperHero Hulk, Thor and Captain Marvel Team Up Against Thanos to Save Kids Fun TV!

Ninja Kidz should be here any minute. Muhahaha! And SuperHeroKids too. Ha ha ha! That must be them! I’ll get it. Thanos! That’s right. Come on. What? Hello Fun Squad! What?! Give me the Gold Play Button. No way! Never! Oh really? Hand it over or else! Or else what? Or else this. NOOO! Super heroes assemble! Marvel! Hulk! Thor! Ahh! What!? Thor? Hulk? Marvel? How’d you get here? You’ll have to take the Gold Play Button. We are super heroes, and we protect this YouTube channel. Hulk mad! Hulk smash! Ahh! Charge! Ha ha ha! Ah! Whoa, where are we? We not at home anymore. Hahahaha, they’re gone. I was just going to take your Gold Play Button. But now I think I want your YouTube channel also, ha ha ha. Now, time to go do something fun. Thanos must have sent us through a teleport. We’re not at the party! NOO! Oh no, what are we going to do? Hulk, my man, just take a deep breath. Hulk, do you need a hug? Ah! Hang on, hang on, no need to get emotional. AH! Chill. I got the security camera on my phone. Let’s see what Thanos is up to. What’s up Fun Squad? If you thought watching Kids Fun TV and the Fun Squad on YouTube was epic, Wait till you see what I can do. Hahahaha! Ah! Oh no! Now he is creating videos on our YouTube channel? What a mess! Hulk getting madder! Must get home! That’s right, Hulk. We need to get home. Alright fans, I’m going live, and I’m ready for Q&A. Who’s first? We have to warn our friends before they meet Thanos! They’re on their way to the party! What!? What happened? SuperHeroKids! Where are we? Hope! Noah! Wait, didn’t we just walk through your front door? Why are we outside? How did you get here? What happened? We knocked on your door. It opened. Then we went through the door, and it was black for a second. Then we, we were here. That’s weird. Is this your golden Play Button party? Oh no, Thanos must have turned the front door into a portal. Thanos!? Thanos crash party. Hulk want to smash something! It’s okay, Hulky. Smashing is good, but breathing is better. AHHH!! On second thought, smashing might be better for you. Just do it at a distance. AH! So what about that about Thanos? Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh yeah, Thanos tried to take over our golden Play Button, and now he’s taking over our YouTube channel. Ah! Ah! Ah! No way! That is so not cool. Yes, next question: am I going to run away from the Nerf blasters? No, no, I’m not scared of those. My infinity glove is way too powerful. Well, we have to get him back. We have to save your channel! Thanks Noah! We’ve got to save the channel and the Gold Play Button. Ah! Ah! AH! I’ve got my power ring! Yeah, me too! You better watch out, Thanos. All powers on deck! Jumpy, jumpy Thanos! Woo! Woo! Woo! Wait, what’s that? Hi-ya! Whoa, Ninja Kidz! Why aren’t we in your house? Is this the party? Thanos trick us. Send us through portal. Thanos?! He take Gold Play Button. Ruin party. Hulk mad. Look. See. Alright, Fun Squad. How about some fun right here? Weeee! Yeah! Yeah, did you see that? Did you see that, Fun Squad? Yeah! Oh! Oh no, he’s going to ruin your channel! Hulk mad! Hulk smash! It’s okay, Hulk. Calm down. Hey, where are the others? Follow my giant fist. Let’s go. Ninja Kidz! SuperHeroKids! Fun Squad! Did you guys come through the portal too? Yeah and we have to stop Thanos! But how are we gonna get there? We’re stuck here. We don’t even know where we are. We don’t need to know where we are. We just need one of these. WHOA! What? How did you do that? I just bought a traveler stone at the medieval market last week. You can just buy a portal at the medieval markets? You can buy anything there, if you know the right people. That’s a little creepy. Everyone gather around. Let’s make a plan. Hey! Guys! Let me in! Hey! Hey! Guys, I have an idea. Hope and Noah, you distract him with your powers. Got it. Yeah and then… [Whispering] YEAH! Let’s get your golden Play Button back! Hulk want party back! And the Gold Play Button! [Action Music Yes, we made it! Made it where? Back to house. Thor, what’s Thanos doing now? I don’t know. Let’s see. Oh, hello Fun Squad. I’ve had so much fun uploading on this YouTube channel. I almost forgot the whole reason why I was here. The Gold Play Button. Looks like he is about to open our golden Play Button! Let’s see. Oh, I can’t get it open. I guess I’ll have to take off my powerful glove. He just took off his powerful infinity glove! Let’s see what it looks like inside now. SuperHeroKids get ready! We’ll go right! We’ll go left! Now! Thanos, you’re going down! Oh yeah! We’re in position. What’s Thanos doing now? Hm, let’s check. Finally, the Fun Squad’s Gold Play Button in my hand. Muhahaha! Looks like he put down the infinity glove. Now’s our chance to get it! Huh? What’s that? Shh! There it is. I think it worked. I hear him coming! What the? Hey, what’s going on here? No way! It’s the infinity glove! Thanos is busted now. Oh, yeah. Who did that? There he is! Let’s go! Come on. Sh! Sh! Quick! He is coming. Alright, Thanos, that’s it! Let’s go ninjas! Ah! There he is! Let’s get him! Ah! Give it up, Thanos! You’re surrounded. We’re serious! You don’t want to get roasted, do ya? Come on, Thanos. Try it. I dare you! Give it up! Never! Wait, what? Hey Thanos! Are you missing something? Where’d it go? What happened to your powerful glove? The Gold Play Button was so tempting you actually took it off? NOO! [Slow Motion] NOO! Ah! Nooo! Now! Ah! Ah! What the? Hey! What’s going on here? Thanos is dumb dumb. I don’t need my powerful glove. Ah, ah, ahhh. Um, oh, ah, ah. Ah, noo! Where’d he go? We almost had him! Oh, I’m so sorry. Wait, what? Noo! Ah! He disappeared again! Hello? Did you guys come here to party or to fight? Thanos is now stuck in a different universe. And we have his glove. Party party party party! Well, we can’t make Hulk mad. PARTY! Woo! Yeah, party! Go, go, go! Yes, Gold Play Button. Party time! I can’t wait to see your Gold Play Button. Me too! You mean this Gold Play Button? Yeah! WHOA! Hulk save Mommy. Whoa, whoa. Whoa, what happened? Hulk? What are you doing here? Mommy! Thanks so much to Ninja Kidz and SuperHeroKids for being in our very awesome video. Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE below!

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