SUPERHERO GADGETS in REAL LIFE ⚔ 5 Teen Titans Items vs Fruit Ninja

what up what up it’s Chad Wild Clay and you
guys have been requesting Teen Titans like crazy so today we’re gonna buy five
real yep ins that the Teen Titans use test them out in real life and stick
around because I’m giving you guys a $100 Amazon gift card you gotta watch
the whole video though because throughout the video I’m gonna be
putting a little clues on how you can win that so stick around right over here that’s V let’s give them
a good luck there’s you without makeup huh so V does not want to show her face
until we go outside so should just be wave your hand V there you are okay all
right so Vy who’s the first person we are looking at for Teen Titans what
web in I know nothing so you have to tell me oh he knows nothing she’s gonna
be real helpful guys so the first we are looking at actually the first
Teen Titan we are looking at is Robin he is the leader and one of the five
founding members of Teen Titans Robin Robin from Batman Robin okay he’s
actually the main character yep yeah that’s right no more sidekick under
Batman right and guess what he uses collapse of laughs so we have used
this collapsible both staff before but karate Mart has a new and improved
version is it hey we did not get the pink one Robin does not use a pink claps
a little both staff so let’s order this thing and check it out you also don’t like both staffs wrapped in
plastic right you have here at is get out looking at my ceiling lights are you
ready to be what what may this new I believe it extends easier and it
collapses easy class Bob all staff 2.0 that’s right so it’s metal there there’s
one part that collapses I do love this rubber grip it’s like a diamond rubber
grip here there we go stays in better ok yeah much better much better last one
was a lot harder to close good job karate mart good improvement I gotta give
you guys a clue on how to win that $100 Amazon gift card step one be subscribed
I mean this is a thumbs up supposedly that subscribe button let’s just go with
the thumbs up be yeah give this video a thumbs out and that is step one to
winning that Amazon giftcard $100 and the next Teen Titans we are gonna test
out is ravager oh yeah it’s a girl B maybe you should
be ravager huh code name Rose Wilson she uses her real name’s Rose Wilson yes and
she uses guess what dual banana sores oh yeah well before I go shopping for
these items we gotta give you another clue for the Amazon 100 gift card right
V what is the next clue of e pretty close you gotta have that belt B now B
it’s subscribed but then you also gotta have the bell symbol on so make sure the
Bell symbol is on down below and it is ringing cuz that makes you a
notification ninja so that means you get here quick and you hang out with us in
the comments section we hang out with you chatting away during the first hour
of every upload have that Bell symbol on and that’s part two of winning that
Amazon $100 gift card anyway let’s buy these sores and check them out sores dude good one good one B yes Deadpool
also uses dual sores so does ravager this is actually like a strap here you
throw it on with a backpack kind of cool it’s the CWC backpack all right here’s
one of the sores that uh it’s a little bit dirty because we did some shopping
with it and then here’s the other store pull that out this is a cool like
backpack type thing though and scissor to long straight towards exactly just
like that’d be the next Teen Titans character we’re looking at is Starfire
another girl there’s a lot of girls in this group oh she’s the alien princess
from a distant world she’s also Robins main love interest
me too I’m like um Daphne from scooby-doo you’re right
so the she uses let me guess starfish that’s not fire pretty close
actually apparently she can shoot green laser
projectiles and can fly what she what she can shoot green laser projectile mom it something she Bonit
out green stuff maybe since she does a green projectile we could do like green
ninja start karate Mart has these throwing starts which come with some
green ones so why don’t we just go ahead and order those B and that’ll be great
for Starfire right right let’s get them star fires ninja starts have arrived
let’s open these up I don’t know it’s a surprise so we get one PC in here I don’t I don’t
see a computer in here what it says one PC guys and there’s no computer there we
go that’s what I’m talking about snowflake what we’re trying to beautify
my ninja yep ins V she’s always trying to make things pretty it looks like
Christmas ornament yeah Christmas time and these are Christmas colors yeah
should hang these from the tree you should Christmas ornaments dangers
Christmas ornaments so these can be hanging from your tree and then when
intruders break into your house you just run to your tree grab these and comes
down your chimney and you think he’s an intruder Oh a jerk oh no that was Santa
grab bag oh yes no you then you have to take over his
job got to make all those delegates these are a sharp man
I just like we’re like this I was like oh they kind of dug into me a little bit
they don’t get my awesome CWC merch a little bit I got to be careful there top
right-hand corner guys if you want to get that oh man these her super job I
keep every time I pick them up I like accidentally like touch a point
and it’s like ow hey these are hero says hero 440 steel china hero 440 it’s a
type of steel I believe oh and hero is cuz I’m a hero so they knew when they
were shipping this to me who they were going to so I call we better engrave
hero they were shipping it to me what it’s a zero ah just kidding anyway those
throwing starts are gonna be perfect but karate mart sent me something else that
is also green it’s a surprise I don’t know what it is it’s this they said it’d
be perfect for this character let’s find out what it is I haven’t opened it yet
actually the first time opening it right here hopefully it is something green
hopefully it does go with this character it is these are cool that is a cool
color cuz it’s my favorite color green look
how sharp of a point that comes to tiny tiny little sharp point tiny little
sharp be were you do with my green cool night oh that almost landed on these foot guys
that’s why you never play around with cool nights I like to live dangerously okay
I don’t pick that up now that it stand into my foot pull it out of my foot now
it’s ready to go and the next Teen Titan we are gonna test now is beast or
be part of like the Beastie Boy fan yeah be good even know who the Beastie Boys
are tomorrow he actually reminds me a little bit of like the Hulk doesn’t he
he’s green here the green skin yeah like an elf elf crossed with the whole yes
yes exactly he’s a former member of the Doom Patrol
and one of the five founding members of Team Titan and his yep ins he uses
whatever he has handy including his teeth and his claws so I think the best
thing to use for him would be a pair of awesome claws and karate mart has some
new claws actually bud splatter combat claw for $18.95 it’s got bud splatters
on a beat so I don’t even need to get your own bud on there it’s just like
comes with bud already it’s perfect nice I wonder what type of bud it is I
hope it’s like Oh sounds like a good donor type o-negative my favorite one of
my favorite bands no now no one knows that band for sure all right well it’s
all in a room and splatter some bud but before we open them view the step 3
in the final step to winning that amazon $100 giftcard is commenting yeah
leave a comment down below and that’s it well they should say something he looks
great without makeup no I don’t want thousands of comments saying that just
let us know below what is your favorite and we will be picking the
winner in the next episode or the next what am i a TV show we’ll be picking the
winner in the next video so make sure you watch our next video to see if you
want that $100 gift card hey you say like Zomba warp or something zom warp I
guess these are great for defeating zombies as well great it says do
doughnut doughnut eat oh I love doughnuts also silence just to just
whisper through the door and the screams he goes I’m back
no I’ll teach him a lesson just didn’t step in here please you almost stand
your hand into this you’re lucky I stand a stance acupuncture Wolverine a coupon
that’s right this is actually Beast Boy acupuncture these 14 Titans yeah and
these are some news chickens up bud splattered claws look at the bud
on those Nast mm-hmm Supes totes nests be careful yes we’ll get some more bud
splattered on these cheese bud well your inner why don’t we just chop some
stuff up huh and the next Teen Titan we or Justin out
is Raven what I think Raven looks like V Red Bird I mean a black bird so yeah
they got Robins and they got Ravens so she’s got like purple hair and stuff
like that she is a half a half demon hybrid who was one of the
five founding members of Teen Titans Wow three female yeah dude that’s a female
that’s great usually like one token that’s true just like in our group Oh should we get some more females for this
group V no I mean for Justin but not for you we just think it’s a female and I
don’t oh yeah your apology hard I was trying to make a joke and then I didn’t
know where to go with it so so that’s what it turned to anywho Raven will
sometimes use magic and sometimes create like black spike tentacles or
projectiles to attack enemies so let’s try something a little different since
she does like back magic type stuff let’s go with a new black that I
saw a Kramer it has that eye really want to try and so we’ll just
pretend that this is a perfect web in for Raven okay
it’s a little bit of a stretch but it’s gonna be fun
check these out be forked sores with dabbers oh they are like Forks yeah
$38.95 oh are you angles RV sighs dabbers yeah I guess there’s only one
way to find out Add to Cart oh don’t be jelly we got a
web in for you oh oh there’s tape on it how do i if only I had something sharp
around here to cut this tape with me I’m very excited to see these actually does
these look freaking cool that’s for the next video I accidentally
ordered her what this was actually I was ordering this for a different video
interestingly it came with two dabbers as well and I’ve got my not so cute huge
sore look at that so it’s still black but it has like a copper edge I’ve never
seen a sore with a copper edge like this or is it bronze what color is this
V copper copper yeah really cool sore Raven would be proud to use a sore like
this one sheet copper is like a very in color for the fall – oh my gosh
so we’re so fashionable – sure yeah the pocket yeah right in here yeah that’s so
cute that is cool he always called my ninja yep ins cute they’re not cute
they’re Debbie there we go I like it a lot
this is a beautiful sored it’s pretty sharp too a for a sharp point I’m like
Cyclops now isn’t that so Raven That’s So Raven
that’s actually a real a real TV show I know that’s why I’m saying it okay maybe
I’ll just figure that up on the spot that is So Raven okay guys well let’s
really go get Raven let’s go to a rave oh let’s go to a rave with our raven
soared Mean Green Team and not green the team fighting machines cuz we are Teen
Titans Teen hey we’re still teens right me enough to be in teams let’s change
our theme for you kill me now do it Jimmy no do it amigo we got a new Arnold impersonator here the winner you should do the voice of one of the
Teen Titans in the cartoon series did you do the voice of Starfire yeah now it
makes sense maybe he should do the voice of Robin who uses the both staff not only
any bows to have the expandable o staff once you take a step back there just and
in fact we did introduce Justin Justin’s behind the camera kick bump don’t worry
we won’t make you do a cheerleader okay are you ready that’s way bigger than yeah dude it
started to start it off this only like one foot or two long and now it’s five
feet long cuz you got excited now some of you guys might not know Justin behind
the camera here is the boat staff master Oh
and so we’re you’re gonna have him show us how this thing is done say goodbye to the bananas because
they’re gonna meet Justin’s boaster Where’s Chad? she’s like you’ve got some
sores on your back don’t mess with B or else you mess with me there you go
piggyback ride he’s giving chatter piggyback everybody’s Incredible Hulk
ladies and gentlemen yeah yes the hulking Teen Titans I know he’s not up
there is another character green guy we’ll be getting to him a little bit
later so yo you’ll be seeing him pretty soon
oh cool bonus point no spoilers Justin spoiler alert so right now we’re
looking at ravager who uses multiple yep ins including the dual banana all
right let’s see if you can actually pull these ones off we usually have trouble
with this we do John 1:1 came out or if you get in there this one’s always
really that one’s always really tight you gotta have really long arms yeah I
think it has to be like really low on your bad does yeah definitely there we
go those are pretty P shows so some bad but ninja moves of course I can the Teen Titans for breakfast
oh do you yeah will I eat watermelons like you for breakfast convention in
March and everyday then I drink watermelon juice chopped well played some guys let me get you a slice of
watermelon here it’s time for your Justin favorite superhero of all time
Patrick Stark yeah I mean I love Patrick Stark
I screwed up I meant to say Starfire oh my gosh to mixed up pastured Starfire
have you a character in Team 10 superhero these are my views of my yep ins dang let’s look
don’t show me dropping I actually caught it and stand into my hands so even
though they are in protective packaging these things are so sharp that it cuts
right through the protective package so you need to be careful with these at all
times even when they’re in the passage I’m still good guys well it’s made of
actual star that’s why it’s made of patrick stark stark fires I’ve got these Vy
what do you have french toast Vy you better watch out where V is gonna take a
deuce on you that just means you’re gonna throw it two of these I like how
green they’re yeah oh yeah and these are green too
I’m green wrong song color her on another we should have maybe sung some
Al Green huh there we go what’s a good at what’s an Al Green makes with this on
love that love and song oh let’s get it out let’s get it alright my dad my man
Jerry that whole part wrong guy but speaking of let’s get it on
I think these yep ins need to get it on yeah emoji water follows slash Patrick
stars this Wow Justin you mentioned the guy with
the green skin earlier that is beast boys that’s the one that I thought was
Wolverine inside and you were like no Beast Boy beast smear using the
Wolverine style claws but these are a little difference because they have
splattering on their feet here you go let’s try it on for size beast girl hey
let’s go beast mode on those soda ninjas the you is coming to join our
might against the bad guys we’re so outnumbered that’s right all right guys
from our back-to-school video now it is joy how do you like them apples got a
massive farm what is this a torture we’ve had a lot of birds talk about
robin but we haven’t talked about Raven out here yet
she’s the bird episode it is five bird yep ins whoa that doesn’t look great
bird-like though no it doesn’t I actually ordered the wrong web in so
what we’re going with it my favorite yep ins though because look
look oh yeah what letter me I think we need to see
beads you a vicious form yeah yes you were just being so ninja I want
you to try a different opponent this time oh really
my enemy my worst enemy your arch-nemesis yeah doesn’t like me and I
don’t like it I also don’t like it because it’s wick expired oh I hope
there’s no chunks in there it’s gonna be cottage cheese at this point cottage cheese ninja! and a huge congratulation to mod X
underscore of X X for a winning the Amazon $100 giftcard in the last video
so good luck to you guys in this video let’s see who wins huge shout-out to you
notification ninjas I’m showing your guys’s comments down here from people
who made it to the first hour of the last video and left a comment leave a
comment at the bottom of this video to be featured in the next one also that
100 hour Amazon gift card make sure you are thumbs up on this video comment it
up down below and have that Bell symbol on and you can win $100 gift card from
Amazon and you can buy whatever you want so mean your parents will let you winner
will be announced on the next video of course if you shout out to karate mart
on where I got all these yep ins use code wild clay and get 10% off your
order if you guys want some of the merch the Chad wild clay CWC merch click in
the top right corner up here or down below there’s a link to that as well if
you guys haven’t seen this video yet check it out if you’re not subscribed to
me right there right here and then here’s another really awesome video me and Vy
we’ll see you guys real soon say goodbye

David Anderson

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