Super Mario vs Sonic the Hedgehog Animation – Multiverse Wars!

Super Mario vs Sonic the Hedgehog Animation – Multiverse Wars!

Where did I go wrong? Here you go! I don’t need charity! Plumber! Charity was when Nintendo took you in… You ungrateful 32-bit failure. That’s it! Mamma…mia Time to shave that mustache clean off! You’re just like Sega! Always bowing down to the competition! You’ll be flattened on the road like most of your relatives! Maybe, I’ll make a suit out of you! You…sadist. Lousy Sega mascot! You’re an embarrassment to the great nation of Japan! You are… ITALIAN!!!! That pyromaniac will burn the Mushroom Kingdom! Where will I find a job if he does that? Wahoo! Nintendo number one! Looks like I’m Nintendo’s new mascot!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Super Mario vs Sonic the Hedgehog Animation – Multiverse Wars!

  1. Mike Bettencourt says:

    Hi! The newest episode of Multiverse Wars featuring Sonic vs. Shadow is now available. You can check it out here: If you'd like to contribute with subtitles in your native language for non-English speakers that would be a great help! Your name will be added to the credits of the video if you'd like. Thanks for watching!

  2. Caitlin Johnson says:


  3. • QᑌEEᑎ ᖴᖇᗩᑎᑕEᏚᑕᗩ • says:

    Poor Luigi ?

  4. Grzesiek G says:

    He mean sonic

  5. Darlyn Perez says:

    Que. Feo. Pero. Muy. Feo. Mario

  6. Luke O'Donnell says:

    Mario would beat up Sonic to death. Mario collects coins while Sonic collects rings. Could you do that again this time when Mario kills Sonic? I would like to see it happen.

  7. Quick Man20 says:

    64 633 023 visits and more!

  8. defensivefob says:

    Why didnt mario just use starpower

  9. DeAndrae Sewell II says:

    Is Mario dead

  10. MORE AND MORE THINGS!!! says:

    0:32 MARIO playing Pokémon Go

  11. T.K.O MEGA ANGRY5000 says:


  12. Candida Pastrana says:


  13. Tato Ricci says:

    5:13 cit at one punch man

  14. DreamXpzzz says:

    Sonic for life

  15. Mario Jasso says:

    yo apollo a sonic

  16. Manishimwe Kibubu says:

    Omagosh watcfuck

  17. Manishimwe Kibubu says:

    Omigsh sonic vs mario ????????????????

  18. ANDRE GOMES says:


  19. pro zen says:

    sonic can easily avoid marios punches watch the intro for sonic unleashed and mario has the star power up and sonic has his dark form .just saying

  20. PaperTazerJr says:

    i hate sonic he was being so mean

  21. Mikele Marku says:


  22. Umair Qurayshi says:

    0:54 bUTT, also felt bad for the goomba. 🙁

  23. kole islol says:

    🙁 why did sonic have to win

  24. Veronica Leblanc says:

    I like Mario better

  25. Xsanthias077 says:

    Super Sonic Dragon ? Fist!!! Piccolo definitely wouldn't survive

  26. Shae Bain says:

    Damnnn mario has one thick a—

  27. Hexiny y zorro y samir maestrl says:

    Vamos mario!!!!!

  28. Kenneth De Jesus says:

    0:53 Mario is thicc!

  29. Kimberly Arianoff says:

    Sonic wins

  30. nerf jer57 says:

    Why ar you dont play smash bross for thise

  31. Zian Zane says:


  32. IceCreamYesDarkBowserNo2018 says:


  33. ChaoLover :3 says:

    Who else came here from Tails Reacts?

  34. 8 Paws Clayton says:


  35. Grady Livingston says:

    In reality, Mario wins.

  36. Edmilson games says:

    odeio você pra sempre disgraçado

  37. Stefano Bondi says:


  38. jindra rajčovač yt says:

    6:57 look's like you ruined nintendo.get like if you want part 2 mario's revenge

  39. maddie jenner says:


  40. Candy Castle says:

    Sonic YEET

  41. Abraham Pelayo says:

    You should make galaxy sonic versus Mario

  42. juan felipe gonzalez cuervo says:

    Sega es igual que Nintendo siempre pelean hasta el final

  43. Luke O'Donnell says:

    Can you do Pikachu vs Incineroar? And let Pikachu win the fight.

  44. Matheus 129 says:

    No liked 0 stars

  45. Azure Hero81829 says:

    Sonic can always win over Mario

  46. Yveltal Master says:

    Bruh u don't just get the chaos Crystals out of nowhere. U must COLLECT

  47. Yveltal Master says:

    Never ever will Sonic be the best. Mario is number one

  48. Red heart says:


  49. Luke O'Donnell says:

    Could you do Mario vs Sonic again? This time let Mario win this fight.

  50. Bubble Wrapper says:

    Mario is a lot better obviously sonic fans dont refuse

  51. Johnny Tribble says:

    Mario wins

  52. Rima Rima says:

    Mario is loser becuase i dont love him

  53. Axel el Troll says:

    Minuto 5:12 one punch man

  54. SK - 06MG - Cheyne MS (1494) says:

    Does sonicate Mar

  55. Jelob Generosa says:

    Nice battle between Mario and sonic

  56. Nicole Larenas Otárola says:

    De no a ver sido por la flor que se comio estaria ganando sonic de seguro sonic es el mejor de todos y por el tamaño igual que fome por poner eso spnic no necesita nada de eso enserio muy fome vuuuuuu mario vamos sonic usa la esmeralda del caos

  57. Slushy Plushy says:

    1:51 that's how paper mario was made

  58. Slushy Plushy says:

    5:32 YOU ARE ITALIAN D:<

  59. Genkai Dama says:

    Sonic wins. Hes been facing Gods since 2006. Like Solaris. Infinite.

  60. Ian Shepherd says:

    Who agrees if you do like! So when sonic turns that yellow colour it reminds me of goku turning ssj2 or 3

  61. Skateboard baby I'mcool says:

    Why did Sonic get angry? He got a coin

  62. Raptor Black says:

    В последний момент Марио просто продемонстрировал-бы кто больше бабок срубил на серии. И ёжик оказался-бы в жопе…

  63. Legends of Aqua and Pyro says:

    Did anyone realize this all could’ve been avoided if sonic was just grateful that he had mario as a friend but still cool animation

  64. Yveltal Master says:

    Mario was still alive so he's still in the battle. So this is definitely Mario's fight.

  65. francisco degollado says:

    Qué feo yo soy fan de nintendo no de sega aparte no megusta sonic porque ni usa pantalones y lo único que ase es solo corretear

  66. Marcos Chaves says:

    I want Mario Winners

  67. TeamCat YT says:

    Mari cant teleport

  68. onezelo says:

    nice (^_-)

  69. Danny Barzola says:

    This is sp cool??????

  70. Christiane Orphão says:

    #sonic aeeeeeeeeeeesonic

  71. Rubén Pastor Sanchez says:

    0.32 seg ni me molesto en ver más

  72. Maxine Huband says:

    This is why sonic is famous and a winner

    Cuz he's the best and fastest thing alive

  73. Ashdoesgames 885 says:

    Why did sonic kill mario??? At the beginning mario was just trying to help sonic ?

  74. dina Ibrahim says:

    Sonic you are so greedy to Mario??

  75. dina Ibrahim says:

    It was greatful of mario as a friend but sonic is just greedy

  76. silas gameplay says:

    O mario se teletransporta

  77. Caio Zioli says:

    Sonic vence

  78. peter gomes series says:

    Você não errou em nada Sonic vc é o melhor

  79. Ayelet Rodríguez says:

    Sonic no pelea con los buenos sólo pelean con los malos y Mario también pelea con los malos y no pelea con los buenos Mario

  80. Mia Vogt says:

    My Favorit is Mario

  81. Gamesbx 8 says:

    Very good content game and high entertainment

  82. Wajid Khan says:

    Z we hi

  83. Luiza Samsonyan says:

    Nice animation

  84. ana Agreda says:

    Tenia que ganar mario

  85. Gunther930 says:

    More people have watched this video than the amount of people that have played the first Sonic game, or even the first Mario game, combined. Think about that for a second.

  86. Bryan Mays says:


  87. Bryan Mays says:


  88. Tuğra Efe Tümtürk says:


  89. lucas carrega says:

    what are you doing Sonic?

  90. Caro Caldalgo says:

    1:34 Shout
    1:47 Girl Shout

  91. kids kids says:


  92. DanSkee says:

    sonic was just an a-hole in this video

  93. fritznel68 says:

    Sonic is the goodest person to fight

  94. Epic Anything says:

    I hate this video

  95. Crimson [HellWalker] says:

    As long as mario doesn't get a frickin vibranium armor, speed and attacks is enough

  96. Jackie Gautier says:

    Mario and peach

  97. Giuliano Bianchi says:

    Idk why mario and sonic have to battle in every animation can't they just be friends and idk, eat some waluigi's tacos XD

  98. Edinaldo Silva Andtade says:

    Sonic vence qualquer um mano

  99. crwmgm crw says:

    My favorite character is Mario

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