Super Hero Cat (Official Music Video) – N2 the Talking Cat S2 Ep18

Super Hero Cat (Official Music Video) – N2 the Talking Cat S2 Ep18

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Super Hero Cat (Official Music Video) – N2 the Talking Cat S2 Ep18

  1. FluffyPandaSeal 22 says:

    This is still my favorite song ever IT'S OLD BUT GOLD

  2. Lily G says:

    N2, my hero. I love you, R.I.P N2. Those memories will forever be in history.

  3. GendiGo says:

    Literally the song of my childhood

  4. Black lotus says:

    i need to kill my self now

  5. YoursMinesours 11 says:

    2019 anyone

  6. Nayeli B. Castro says:

    This is soooo funny

  7. Maximum Music says:

    I remember in 2012 and listing to this while i cleaned. I have been subed for 7 years

  8. sippinwhiskeys says:

    Cool n2 I like to be preepy too

  9. thor cones says:

    RIP N2

  10. Logan Bowles says:

    I love all of your songs

  11. Unga Bunga says:

    I loved this so much when I was little.

  12. Meow cat Cat says:


  13. Meow cat Cat says:


  14. siriana says:

    HONDEN WEG KATTEN YAAAA and leer zingen met je softie stem sukkkkel

  15. Danille summers says:

    N2 will be a super hero in are dreams

  16. LucaTheDud says:

    I remember listening to this a few years back.

  17. kgazo6 says:


  18. kgazo6 says:


  19. tina henderson says:

    I love you so much N2

  20. Eren The Broski says:

    I remember when n2 died and I was in tears. I'm back to look at memories

  21. Weston Meacham says:

    If I could do any thing I would bring back N2

  22. Jverry Julián Echeverry says:

    Jajajaj que ternuraaaaaa

  23. David Mendoza. says:

    Miss you brother N2.

  24. Missye _ says:


  25. Jayce Bruce says:

    I remember when this first came out

  26. Daisy55 says:

    I miss him so much ??????????????????? he will be missed Preppy cat

  27. Hannah Hoffman says:


  28. Ciara and samantha Kunda says:

    R.i.p. i luv n2’s songs

  29. ReaganTheGamer says:

    Funnyest thing ever

  30. Rexy Fat and Sexy says:

    Good lord

  31. Rawan Almodares says:

    Soo i’ve watched this video with my cousin when i was 5years old . And actually I’m really happy that i found it again .

  32. shonuff Robinson says:

    Rip n2

  33. driss Akka says:

    Het is mij poes waarom mij hij lijk er mij poes die is ook zwart mij ook groene ogen en mij poes heet mickey

  34. Priscilla Galindo says:

    I made a book about N2

  35. Beauty Tiger22 says:

    n2 deserved to live way longer i think n2 is super cute im gonna cry now gets tissue

  36. magic unicorn says:

    N2 is better than lil pump rip N2?

  37. Stone Heads Group says:

    I remember seeing this back in 2013 or 2012, now revisiting this I've seen that the cats are sick, (correct me if I'm wrong) If so rest in peace. I would replay this video a lot when I was younger

  38. mekster 101 says:

    legend says in another universe n2 died and was reborn, and he had the secret infinity stone and whoped thanos ass. to the rescue. n2. 😀

  39. Don’t mind me I’m a piece of Garbage! says:

    Lol I watched these so much as a kid

  40. Salamander Man says:

    Still groovy

  41. Terri Mercer says:

    I love your videos

  42. emily is not cool says:

    I miss N2. I used to love watching him when I was bored and using my laptop when I was younger. I remember being sooooo heartbroken when he passed :’( he lived a wonderful life but he’s in a better place ??

  43. Livy Bug says:

    Hey super hero cat . I have a cat that looks just like you! She's a girl I love your channel it makes me laugh your channel is apart of my heart ??

  44. Loki LaufeySon says:

    even in 2019 its still the best song ever. long live N2

  45. Warrior Cat Fan #1 says:

    Streaky’s gonna be jealous

  46. Last Hope trwstb says:

    N2 we will miss you

  47. LongShooting Show says:

    Rest in peace
    He will be missed

  48. samuel badlik says:


  49. J C says:

    Omg I miss this so much. (Rip N2)

  50. Jessii 'n Bea says:

    I remember…. When I first watched this 6 years ago…. I love you N2…

  51. springtrap x mangle the real one says:

    I think I'll need a drink a few of them
    Rip n2 he well be deeply missed ????????????????????

  52. Duff Truff says:

    When I was five I thought the effects were so cool

  53. Grady Byron says:

    I love watching n2

  54. Zippy Hat says:

    Awww… I came back here to relive some memories from my early childhood. This was so nostalgic… R.I.P. N2. Your fans will always love you ?

  55. Vollen Nanthine says:

    I love this song is cute

  56. Haley Melero says:

    i hope n2s living a good life in heaven ):

  57. Haley Melero says:

    i miss you n2 ):

  58. Omri Waisman says:

    I used to have 2 cats. I lost one. 🙁

  59. Jaime Castaneda says:

    is talking kitty cat your friend?the other black cat because it seems so i love cats

  60. Sean Castaneda says:

    Come back we need your saving ;(

  61. anna anfilofiev says:


  62. Lynx Draws says:

    My childhood cat ? RIP

  63. patrick schreurs says:

    boss cat

  64. ✮FlutterShine&PenWonder✮ says:

    I love this

  65. Tyler Johnson says:

    N2 vs Sylvester

  66. Monica Rodriguez says:

    Did isn’t cat nip like weed for cats

  67. Mittens says:


  68. KimiGaming says:

    Me: Peacully listening to this lovely song
    Comments: Spoils about N2 is dead
    Me: Sadden, continues to listen while mourning N2's death

  69. Y Perm says:

    Man I feel old listening to this song

  70. meow emo says:

    This looks like selvester

  71. MiniBlackTigers says:

    N2 you ate your fuel so you crashed. Don't eat fuel!

  72. Doge Dude 1345 says:

    I look up to this channel I wanna adopt lots of cats when I grow up

  73. Nicholas Lamp says:


  74. KittyLuna a says:

    i always cry when i listen to this song..

  75. Officer Tom says:

    I find it funny how the word cat is pronounced in this video.

  76. Lori Gardner says:

    Hi I like your video am name is Jarrett Garnder ??

  77. GamingwithCuyler6 says:

    Even though N2 is gone, he is still our Super Hero Cat

  78. Eev Ee says:

    I used to watch

  79. Hammey233 Long says:

    hi this hammey233 the youtuber.your youtube chanel is preppy yes good job come the good work

  80. Great Samson says:

    Watched this in 2019. Anyone

  81. Mariana Ortega says:

    I LOVE YOU N2!!!!!!!

  82. Kaden Vasseur says:

    2019 and still miss N2

  83. Sushi Ani says:

    I remember when this came out ?

  84. -Minario 21- says:

    My cat died recently and he really looked like n2
    Im really sad.

  85. Remco Vink says:

    Team n2

  86. abshami says:

    So cute!
    I love cats!
    Specially your cat!

  87. Thotiana Msp says:

    Used to watch this when I was 5 I still cry I wish I could revive him… ;(

  88. CookiCrumbKitty says:

    I’m in 2019 seeing this and I’m sobbing so hard because he was the bomb since I was 4

  89. CookiCrumbKitty says:

    If a genie gave me powers I would revive all my favorite people and cats cause I feel bad for N2…

  90. tina henderson says:


    …… WHY …. BECAUSE ..IM.. NNNN22?

  91. Streamer[BTW] says:

    7 years ago i danced to this song in my room nonstop. Keep in mind that i was about 7 ???

  92. Cønt3nt_Cøp says:

    N2 never dies

  93. Unknown Person says:

    I was listening to it when I was 8.. nostalgia. RIP N2 :c

  94. SbstnDC says:

    Oh another rainy day

    Nothing much going on here

    Well, at least Kona's not around anymore

    Ah peaceful times, so happy

    1st Verse

    I was sitting by the window

    looking oh so hot

    Had some preppy sweaters on

    loving life a lot

    Boom the office chair

    suddenly appears

    Smoke all around it

    out of nowhere

    What was I to do

    What was I to think

    Empty with a note attached

    I think I'll need a drink

    Got to be some explanation

    As I moan and wail

    The note says bring the Tuna

    Kona's in Jail


    I'm Super Hero Cat

    Coming to the rescue said I'm

    Super Hero cat

    Coming through to save you, cuz I'm

    N N N2

    N N2 the super cat, I'm

    Super hero cat

    N N2 the Hero Cat

    Villains be aware

    Better run and hide because I'm

    Super Preppy Cat

    I have super powers

    Like a super sonic purr

    Never saw it coming

    Yes I'm Super Hero Cat

    N N2 the super kitty

    2nd Verse

    I better get myself ready

    Looking Preppy and Hot

    Should I wear the Junior Mint

    I like that one a lot

    No I got to keep my focus

    From this moment on

    I know which shirt that I will choose

    The one that says GAME ON

    Now I'm ready, in the mode

    Hope this chair don't explode

    Fuel it up with some catnip

    So excited for my time trip

    Getting second thoughts

    Maybe I should take a Nappy

    No, Got to go save Kona

    Call me Mr. Happy



    Now I'm floating somewhere

    In the sands of time

    Will I reach my destination

    Where the whiskers am I

    Passing though some gases

    That smell just like Kona

    I know that she was here

    I can smell her aroma

    Why did I decide

    to take this crazy trip

    Oh who cares anyway

    I'm eating all the catnip

    I'm running out of fuel

    As I reach my destination

    Mr. Happy I am no longer

    I'm about to crash this spaceship


    3rd Verse

    Looking all around

    As I walk around the lair

    Kona's got to be here

    I smell her in the air

    Heart starts pounding

    Paws feel heavy

    Tail starts twitching

    Oglogs surround me

    Oglogs surround me


    So uh, you got pretty sharp teeth there

    You know just because I don't have front claws

    Doesn't mean I don't pack a mean back left leg hook

    I could scratch your face really bad

    Stay off me, stay away"

  95. Black ice7 says:

    I will do all the stuff for N2

  96. Tessa Palendat says:


    I still miss N2

  97. Eckobliss 2309 says:

    I really wanted 2 play his game
    Rip n2
    I will play ur game

  98. Ovenbroken says:

    welcome back!
    i know you are here for the nostalgia

    all jokes aside though, remember when this song was the bomb? i have such great memories of me sitting at the computer jamming out, listening to things like nyan cat, badgers, i get tuna, etc.

    thank you, n2 cat crew. you really did bring such joy to my childhood. i would never have the same love for cats and the internet if i had never found you. ❤️

  99. Budgie Bro says:

    I love this song

  100. Budgie Bro says:

    Oh poor N2

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