Super Cafe: Versus

Whaaaaaaaaaat! We are going to be in a movie together!
I know! It’s gonna be awesome! I have so many questions.
Yeah me too.
Do you think there will be a cafe? I doubt it.
What’s the premise?
I’m not sure.
They’re making everyone believe its a versus movie. Versus? Like who would win in a fight?
That’s weird. What are they gonna call it?
Well there’s only one thing you can call it I say. The Dark Knight Rises, again, and then beats up Superman. Whatever!
Sounds like the appropriate title to me. Come on! Let’s be honest if that’s how we’re
naming this movie then we should name it… Man of Steel the punch from space that
exploded batman’s internal organs dot dot dot or did it?
NO WAY! I could wipe you out like a meteor to
some dinosaurs.
Oh please! I survived an atom bomb.
You mean you tricked everyone into thinking you were in the atom bomb. Dude you got stabbed by your lady friend when she was right next to you. you punchd the Joker over and over again
and all he did was laugh. Bane broke your back! You didn’t even defeat him, that was Catwoman technically. and Alfred even saved you from your own
burning house one time Yep. I went through all of that and I’m still standing. Just call it Man of Steel total pwnage or because he’s batman.
Your ultimate get out of jail free card Dude I would end you!
No way. You’re too much of a boyscout. I’d have the upper hand easy.
Boy Scout huh! That’s a funny comparison Boy scouts are always prepared sounds
like a certain persons utility belt I know of. Oh I’ll have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve You’ll never see me coming.
Okay Mandarin. Why don’t you lose the gadgets, take off the gloves, and punch me in the
face and see if I even blink. You sure you want a bat brusing?
Oh there will be no bruising.
Oh yes there will. A Bat-breeze maybe.
Here it comes. Are you ready?
I’m ready.
You sure you want this? No dude I’m not scared.
You sure?
Alright. Here goes! I’m waiting.
Man of Steel… was not inspiring. now that’s just hurtful. You blinked! Peace I’m out, I’m batman! Super Cafe- Versus

David Anderson

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