Stranger Things 3 | Official Final Trailer | Netflix

Stranger Things 3 | Official Final Trailer | Netflix

You…let us in.And now…you are going to have to let us stay.It doesn’t make sense.I closed the gate.What if he never left?What if we locked him out here with us?He’d want to attach himself
to someone again.
A new host.It’s building something.No matter what happens…we have to stop him.Together.And now, it’s time.We’re going to end you.We’re going to end your friends.Then…we are going to end everyone.Our kids are in danger.We need to end this.I can fight.Better than any of us. But I need you safe. What the hell? I need you to trust me. Holy mother of God.Do you copy?I repeat, this is a code red!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Stranger Things 3 | Official Final Trailer | Netflix

  1. IM_SLaYeR _ says:

    Completed season 1 and 2 in 2 days…will watch season 3 tomorrow and waiting for season 4…

  2. Gret Chen says:

    1:08–1:16 what episode mike said this?

  3. Mazter Z says:

    Literally my favourite show ever

  4. ahrynation ! says:

    who’s here after watching stranger things , rip hop ?!

  5. Kartik Hongal says:

    Where is nancy

  6. soosenman lol says:

    Wahts the music of the trailer

  7. Aatreya G says:

    2:09 lol! Sanju baba also in strenger things season 3 ???

  8. The Cereal Guy says:


  9. Frozen Crystals says:

    I practically memorized this trailer… God help me.

  10. Sienna LaRAe says:

    Well I wanted to start watching this show but I don’t think I am cause I’m not a person who likes scary stuff so I’m not
    Don’t judge me

  11. Adelyn Avila says:

    If Dustin dies I will slam myself to a tree

  12. Gacha Weirdo says:

    Final?!?!? NOOOOOOO

  13. Joe says:

    Petition to get Jacob Tremblay in Season 4

  14. Blakey says:

    Season 4 will be absolutely fantastic!

  15. Semper Fish says:

    There's another monster, there's some overaged goonies, there's creepy adolescent fantasy with housewives at the pool, there's a gay kid in the 80's that magically didn't get beat up for coming out, there's passing the torch to a young whoopie goldberg, and then there's a chubby sherrif blasted through a portal into a Russian gulag.

  16. AbsorbedIsabella says:

    I’m so happy I watched this, I started like a month ago and 3 seasons went like that

  17. Tracy Edits says:

    0:41 What music????

  18. g Namikaze says:

    I'm from the future I already saw Season 4 .

    Yes HOPPER is alive .

  19. Rahul Jay says:


  20. Sxiyerz says:

    I'm Sorry but where the hell is the army and airforce to absolutely pepper this creature from the upside down

  21. Suraj Patil says:

    1 like for chief (hopper)big fan of him

  22. Leidi Xymon says:

    you: *after you watched the whole season 3*

    also you: wHerE iS tHe fUckIng sEasOn 4?!

  23. Sienna LaRAe says:

    Why the last scene look and sound like Jurassic worl??

  24. Miss OverT says:

    Broooo wat is this beat I’m sitting here jamming to and shii??

  25. paul ogo says:

    Stranger thing is I'm just seeing this series for the first time….

  26. Fredy End says:

    Worst season so far

  27. Roque Passos says:


  28. fost song & guitar says:

    Will there be a next sector?

  29. Kayla Duarte says:

    It couldn't wait for the new season go be here and when it can out I finish all 8 episode on the same day it came out

  30. Lipika Karmakar says:

    Was it important to seperate El & Mike…they r my fav ??

  31. Ekrem Bicici says:

    Netflix: "Skip intro"
    Me: "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!"

  32. 3OMARHD says:

    ahh shit here we go again

  33. TTS Maximus says:

    Netflix I’ve finished Season 3, how long do we have to wait till Season 4??

  34. TTS Maximus says:

    Robin: Hey DinGuS your children are here
    Steve: Not now KiDs, MomMy’s at work

  35. Prateek Maithil says:

    Please bring Hopper back please ?????

  36. TLoula MacCrue says:

    SlPOILERS DONT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN SEASON 3 YET…or any seasons lol ?. Ok so we seen 11 AND 8 so why can't there be other numbers to help out now???? I don't believe their the only 2 left. Why even introduce Number 8 and then go nowhere . I was hoping they would have showed.more and Ele.could have had help. And Alexei NOOOOO. Hope they bring back that actor as a twin ?… I can dream right lol

  37. Weird Glitch says:

    I waited 2 years for Season 3

    And I finished it in 2 days

  38. Tyler Smith says:

    Scary cool?looks great can’t wait to see it

  39. Tyler Smith says:

    Thank you so much?for making this awesome video great?job

  40. Tyler Smith says:

    Now make spy?️‍♀️kids?sponge bob land before time

  41. Tyler Smith says:

    Brother?bear dinosaur?spy families adventures of??lava?and ice age making them real

  42. bintri is god says:

    Hopper could have lived if Suzie could just give him planks constant and didn't ask for the god damn song ?

  43. St4tik GAMING says:

    Dislikes = mouth breathers

  44. Aya Umar says:

    i think… S4 gonna change the actor… they are growing up right ?

  45. Angela Gacha says:

    Well s4 of this pls?

  46. Jane Ives says:

    Season 4 confirmed for October 2020.

  47. Wallace Souza says:

    What is the music?

  48. Lewis Taylor says:

    Bring back Marco Polo !!!

  49. Pilar Olmedo says:

    Like si ya viste la temporada 3

  50. praveen pandey says:

    For netflix subscription at discounted rate join telegram channel–@netflixjoinfree

  51. Skinny Grande says:

    Holy mother of god

  52. Sophie Lloyd says:

    Will there be any more stranger things episoeds

  53. Alice angel Anjinha says:

    Oh my good

  54. Maeve Lampman says:

    At the end of St3 I was crying for 3 reasons
    1- Hoppers letter
    2- The Byers and El moving
    3- Having to wait a year for st4

  55. Mauhwi says:

    You can't spell Michael without El 😛

  56. Mathilde Friis Clausen says:

    Season 3 was really trash. I loved season 1, it gave me this feeling of an amazing new show. To me season 3 was just kind of a joke. It was funny with the scooptroop and stuff, but it has just gone too far away from season 1, There's no connection between them. I'm only excited for season 4, just to see if it's better.

  57. Marcus Vinícius says:

    Aí mds de novo não

  58. Water Melalon says:

    I swear they better have justice for Alexei in season 4

  59. The silent Unknown galaxy says:

    The only person I like is eleven.

  60. CA World says:

    Anyone know about season 4, will it comes in future?

  61. Arya Lamario says:

    Season 4 going to be the main cast as a high school teenager. Yes!!!

  62. Dylan Swinger says:

    Stranger Things 4:
    Status: Being Written

  63. liberator o says:

    Please bring season 4…………. Damn…! I hate binge watching.

  64. XMAN 011 says:

    stranger things 4

  65. itz chanelzz says:

    Lmao on season 4 is will gonna find a Girlfriend

  66. Colin Chan ET says:

    Best science fiction show ever

  67. Hilary Cardozo says:

    For the first time im beginning to truly see what it means when they say "The Plot kept getting weaker"

  68. Amanda Perez says:

    please mix the song jar of harts into Stanger things it is so cool.

  69. StevenPlaysGames says:

    bro this could be put in a venom 2 trailer

  70. Macey Fraser says:

    You know what im waiting for in season 4. Im waiting for Jane (El) to get pregnant with mike and then they have a kid just like her who fights demegorgans and is so funny and sassy. “Pretty” El would say.

  71. marel bricks says:

    I love the demogorgan and billy they are my all time favorite stranger things charakters

  72. velsy putri says:

    Where is max?

  73. Klaudia Krasoń says:

    Every time I watch even this stupid trailer i have goosebumps!!! This show is THE BEST!!!

  74. Matheus Da Costa says:


  75. •Sonia Am• says:

    To goose bumps ?

  76. jon bunjaku says:

    This trailer is from another dimension that‘s how good it is

  77. Super Tayllor says:

    ST4 song opitions: take on me, we are the champions, bohemiam rhapsody, some song from bon jovi and Imagine John lennon

  78. Chad Manning says:

    Lame… I don’t know how it went a second season it was dying after first few episodes of first season now it’s really bad

  79. Faris Badwan says:

    Stranger things is by far the greatest show ever made

  80. Faris Badwan says:

    I really feel bad for Joyce. Every time she falls in love with a man she loses him.

  81. MAR miaow says:

    Te lo juro estube llorando dias por este final

  82. Mohd Faizan says:

    Freinds don't lie

  83. Otacon MY says:

    I Miss the 80's era….so muchh!

  84. Jay Gallagher says:

    -And what are you going to do this July 4th?
    -See Stranger Things 3!?

  85. Larry Lang says:

    Netflix, you mean Obamaflix?

  86. Akash Roy says:

    I think in season 4 When eleven will get her powers back she will find hopper with her powers that he is in russia

  87. Carnival Skater says:

    Hawkins: We defeated the Mind Flayer!
    Netflix: pulls out uno reverse card

  88. Captaincupcake18 says:

    Mileven: ?
    Suzie-Poo x Dusty-Bun: ?
    Max x Lucas: ?
    Joyce x Hopper (I think?): ?
    Nancy x Jonathon: ?

    Will x D&D: ??

  89. Miner902 says:

    Season 4 trailer comes out… you've always been there for 353 days…

  90. digvijay waghmare says:

    Life of steve in stranger things
    Season1: got beaten up
    Season 2: got beaten up
    Season3: got beaten up

  91. Pravina Sakhare says:

    Wow????????fan hogai me tooo is series ki???

  92. J&F Hovet says:

    S1: Where is Will
    S2: What is wrong whit my boy
    S3: What is wrong whit my magnets
    S4: What is wrong whit my god damn door!

  93. kota Hudson says:

    Season 4 needs to happen

  94. Ariadna Santos says:

    Vai ter 4° temporada?

  95. Isabel Rich says:

    There were 2 parts of the trailer that made me cry

  96. Jason says:

    Oh fuck this shit

  97. AnimeIn Classic says:

    Hey Do You Guys Have Any Recommendation Like This Show?

  98. AnimeIn Classic says:

    Hey Do You Guys Have Any Recommendation Like This Show?

  99. Zifty Rifty says:

    Stranger things 3 is by far the best season of all and I'm pretty sure its gonna stay that way, duffer brothers change my mind.

  100. K Jayanth says:

    End scene stranger things title card bgm ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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